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Engineering (ENG) Active Awards

All Awards > Michigan  > Michigan State University

Michigan State University Click on an award number in the table to view the award abstract.
Award Number Award Title Award Amount
1030377 A Positive Effect of Negative Stiffness: Wave Behavior and Energy Management $269,606
1343413 AIR Option 1: Technology Translation: Gliding Robotic Fish for Long-duration Sensing in Aquatic Environments $150,000
1250261 An Adaptive and Robust Discrete Geometry Based Helmholtz Solver and Applications to Device Design $630,999
1438105 Bioavailability of Tetracycline in Water and Soil to Bacteria for Expressing Antibiotic Resistance Response $328,419
1139773 CAREER: Development of vanadium dioxide-based focal planar arrays $359,000
0954752 CAREER: Integrated Research and Education in Self-powered Micro-sensing for Embedded and Implantable Structural Health Monitoring $406,000
0846547 CAREER: Multi-Agent Systems and Gaussian Processes: Applications in Environmental Sciences $500,729
1150376 CAREER: Integration of Prior Knowledge and Patient-specific Observations in Vascular Growth and Remodeling Models $438,368
1254662 CAREER: Optical and Nanostructural Control of Visibly-Transparent Small-Bandgap Excitonic Semiconductors for Integration in Highly-Efficient Transparent Photovoltaics $409,816
1254238 CAREER: Programming proteins by deep sequencing and design $158,436
1254453 CAREER: Strain Engineered Mixed Ionic Electronic Conducting Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Catalysts $191,011
1055269 CAREER: Toward Biocompatible, Bi-directional, and Multi-channel Magnetic Neural Implants $450,773
1350560 CAREER: Wearable, self-powered biosensors for disease detection and health monitoring $400,000
0941055 CDI-Type II: Discovery of Biophysical Mechanisms Inducing Signaling and Cytotoxicity: An Experimental Approach Enabled by Cyber Tools $1,274,629
1232109 Collaborative Research: CCSS: Cyber-Enabled Smart Systems for Seamless Secure Monitoring and Communications $250,000
1233154 Collaborative Research: Stable Isotope-Based Differentiation of Vinyl Chloride Assimilators from Cometabolizers in Contaminated Groundwater $202,318
1236393 Collaborative Research: Virus removal in membrane bioreactors: Role of virus aggregation and adhesion $230,573
1000549 Collaborative Research: Damage Compliant Inelastic Design Parameters for Performance-Based-Seismic-Design of Slender RC Columns $171,000
1407875 Collaborative Research: Design and modeling of novel superconducting circuits with coherent phase slips $117,928
1310257 Collaborative Research: Enabling a New Technology for Reconfigurable RF Front-Ends and Antenna Array Systems Through Phase-Change Materials $200,000
1068621 Collaborative Research: Fire Damage Mitigation and Post-Fire Evaluation of Steel Girder Bridges $215,000
1234067 Collaborative Research: MEMS Frequency Converters Based on Nonlinear Resonances $225,000
1408115 Computational analysis of nonlinear electromagnetics in disordered photonic systems $360,000
1335177 Coupled Blade-Hub Dynamics in Large Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines $260,000
1446793 CPS: Synergy: Tracking Fish Movement with a School of Gliding Robotic Fish $1,000,000
1306311 Development of a New Class of Thermal Transducers Through Phase-Change Materials $360,001
1301691 EAGER: Exploring Antenna-Enhanced Nano IR-Sensors $138,000
1437657 Engineered Consortia for Effective Utilization of a Cyanobacterial Carbohydrate Feedstock $299,773
1134215 Experimental and theoretical trait-based approaches to optimizing algal biofuel polycultures $328,537
1100260 GOALI: Nonlinear Vibration Absorbers for Multi-Frequency Excitation $356,000
1102316 GOALI: Reliability Enhancement of Electric Drive Systems through Failure Prognosis and Fault Mitigation $478,164
1030821 GOALI: Stress in a Porous Polymeric Membrane Separator in a Lithium-Ion Battery $269,335
1128467 High-Gain Observers in Nonlinear Feedback Control $279,007
1264772 Implantable Three-dimensional Opto-uECoG Interface for Neuroprotection and Restoration of Vision in Glaucoma $292,500
1407880 Implantable, Wireless, and Power-Efficient Trimodal Neural Interface for Electro-Optogenetic Manipulation of Visual Cortex in Small Freely Behaving Animals $400,000
1307939 Lab-on-CMOS Electrochemical Microsystem for High Throughput Characterization of Membrane Proteins $368,000
1408506 Mechanically-equivalent Response Amplifiers and Frequency Modulators for Energy-harvesting Devices $324,309
1301243 Novel Vanadium Dioxide-based Self-Sensing Microactuators: Modeling, Control, and Application to Micromanipulation $300,000
1258581 NSF/DOE Partnership on Advanced Combustion Engines- Modeling and Experimental Studies of Controllable Cavity Turbulent Jet Ignition Systems $878,530
1444991 PFI:AIR - TT: Amplified Bioelectronic Sensor for Neurotoxic Esterase Inhibitors $199,060
1362112 Planning Grant: I/UCRC for Identification Technology Research $14,080
1236120 Solving a Sticky Problem: Understanding Enzyme Binding to Lignocellulosic Biomass during Biofuel Production $299,801
1131170 Synergistically Propelled Ichthyoid (SPI): Dynamics Investigation for Improved Performance $274,994
1336622 Understanding and Modulation of Interfacial Properties within Plant Cell Wall Pores to Facilitate Enzymatic Deconstruction and Conversion to Biofuels $315,915
1435126 Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Blade Vibration Modeling for Improved Reliability $250,000

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