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Engineering (ENG) Active Awards

All Awards > Michigan  > Michigan Technological University

Michigan Technological University Click on an award number in the table to view the award abstract.
Award Number Award Title Award Amount
1300720 A Crowdsourced Knowledge Base for the Damage Assessment of Extreme Events $335,030
1234126 Biomediated Geomechanical Processes for Dust Mitigation and Monitoring at Mine Tailings Impoundments $218,912
0952218 CAREER: Dynamics of Fluid-Structure-Control Interaction in Rotating Aerodynamic Bodies $400,000
1350154 CAREER: Steerable Powered Ankle-foot Prostheses for Increased Mobility in Amputees $497,393
1451959 CAREER: Surface and Interparticle Forces for Improved Virus Removal $104,633
1462204 Collaborative Research: Computational Study of Low Volume Solder Interconnects for 3D Integrated Circuit Packaging $150,000
1538105 Collaborative Research: Improving Spatial Observability of Dynamic Traffic Systems through Active Mobile Sensor Networks and Crowdsourced Data $200,000
1128512 Collaborative Research: Integrated Vulnerability-Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Cyber-Physical Power Systems $200,000
1200061 Collaborative Research: Integrated Wind Turbine Blade and Tower Health Monitoring and Failure Prognosis $149,550
1300970 Collaborative Research: Nexus of Simulation, Sensing and Actuation for Aerodynamic Vibration Reduction of Wind Turbine Blades $288,812
1101843 Collaborative Research: Very-Near-Ground Wireless Channel Modeling: Theory and Practice $376,000
1541816 Coupled Production-Consumption Systems for Climate Change Mitigation: Designing Equitable Food, Energy, and Water Conservation Strategies $47,200
1435926 Coupling Experimental and Theoretical Molecular-Level Investigations to Visualize the Fate of Degradation of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Phase Advanced Oxidation Systems $330,000
1545804 EAGER: Dynamic Characteristics of Electrically Pumped PT Symmetric Lasers $99,527
1200038 Functionally-Active Reinforcement in Metal Matrix Composites $305,681
1402702 Fundamental Investigations for Very High Heat-Flux Innovative Operations of Milli-Meter Scale Flow Boilers $305,781
1435257 GOALI/Collaborative Research: Easily Verifiable Controller Design $169,986
1510006 GOALI: Graphene Paper Sensor for Disease Detection $349,250
1450364 I-Corps Sites: Michigan Tech Innovation Corps (I-Corps) Site Program $98,103
1445106 I-Corps: High Brightness Fluorescence Reagents for Biomedical Applications $50,000
1362040 I/UCRC: Novel High Voltage/Temperature Materials and Structures $119,998
1014818 IDR: Collaborative Research: Sustainable Water Resources for Communities under Climate Change: Can State-of-the-Art Forecasting Inform Decision-Making in Data Sparse Regions? $382,867
1235750 Increasing Solar Energy Conversion Efficiency in Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Photovoltaic Devices with Plasmonic Perfect Meta-Absorbers $299,631
1100423 Integration of Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences Into Performance-Based Engineering Using Publicly Available NEEShub Data $286,000
1024628 Meeting the NAE Grand Challenge: Personalized Learning for Engineering Students through Instruction on Metacognition and Motivation Strategies $390,050
1202443 Metamaterials: Making Optics from Scratch--Part 1 $181,215
1258720 NSF/DOE Partnership on Advanced Combustion Engines: Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Transportation Fuels under Lean-Burn Conditions for Advanced Engine Concepts $650,000
1523965 Optimal Joint Spectrum Allocation and Scheduling for Cognitive Radio Networks $145,664
1414331 PFI:AIR - TT: Blood Typing Device without Reagents: Sensing Electrodes to Replace Optics $208,196
1159425 Precipitation and Self-Interaction of Viruses by Preferential Hydration $247,736
1140152 RCN-SEES: A Research Coordination Network on Pan American Biofuels and Bioenergy Sustainability $769,996
1009617 RET Site: Wood to Wheels - Research Experiences for High School Teachers in Sustainable Transportation Technologies $403,492
1200383 Revealing the Inside of a Nanoscale Na-ion Battery: New Understanding on Sodium Intercalation in Cathodes $416,809
1230803 SEP: Sustainable Forest-Based Biofuel Pathways to Hydrocarbon Transportation Fuels: Biomass Production, Torrefaction, Pyrolysis, Catalytic Upgrading, and Combustion $1,800,000
1300286 SusChEM/Collaborative Research: Fundamental Understanding of Foaming Process towards a New Warm Mix Asphalt Technology $215,000
1541597 Travel to Attend The 3rd Laser Ignition Conference $5,000
1543702 Workshop on Challenges for Space Solar Power - Dec. 14-16, 2015, Orlando, FL $24,954

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