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Engineering (ENG) Active Awards

All Awards > Michigan  > University of Michigan Ann Arbor

University of Michigan Ann Arbor Click on an award number in the table to view the award abstract.
Award Number Award Title Award Amount
1542020 A Sensitivity Approach to Assessing Model Uncertainty for Stochastic Systems $185,967
1402845 Active Regulation of Thermal Boundary Conductance $294,441
1433066 Adjustable Risk Management under Ambiguous Decision Preferences and Data Uncertainty $253,411
1235671 Advancing Offshore Wind Power Sitting through Multi-criteria Assessment Integration $299,933
1343124 AIR Option 1: Technology Translation: Development and Evaluation of Field Prototype for Determining Excavator Proximity to Buried Utilities $162,000
1342917 AIR Option 1: Technology Translation: Prototyping a smart multi-dimensional micro-gas chromatography instrument with unprecedented peak capacity $165,592
1336375 An investigation of plasma formation in electromechanically driven free bubbles at resonance in water with applications for the treatment of water $250,000
1333260 Analysis and Algorithms for Countably Infinite Linear Programming Models of Markov Decision Processes $350,000
1334908 Anticipating Bifurcations for Identifying Dynamic Characteristics of Nonlinear Systems $325,251
1507192 Back-Channel Communication Embedded in Standard Complaint Wireless Packets $330,000
1536087 Biomechanical Phenotyping of Circulating Tumor Cells: A Window to Study Cancer Metastasis $419,993
1342121 BRIGE: Simultaneous Modeling and Calibration for Environmental Sensor Data $174,996
1329576 BRIGE: A reductionist approach to enterovirus disinfection $174,365
1414855 BRIGE: Integrated Social, Environmental, Economic, and Technical (SEET) Model for Sustainable Retrofit of Existing Buildings $118,582
0954390 CAREER: Computational Approaches for Multi-scale Design of Magnetostrictive Alloys $400,000
0954422 CAREER: Power Optimization in Autonomous Microsystems via Integrated Motion Control $400,132
1251891 CAREER: Understanding Micromechanisms of Fatigue in Shape Memory Alloys $400,000
1452916 CAREER: 2D Nanoelectronic Devices Integrated with Nanofluidic Structures for Biosensing Applications $500,000
1149401 CAREER: Biomechanical Phenotyping of Contractile Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells $449,115
1053145 CAREER: Bridging Quantum-Mechanics with Mechanics: Towards Predictive Computations of Materials Behavior $405,997
1054352 CAREER: Defining the interplay between hemodynamics and shape/size in particle localization to the vascular wall - an integrated in vitro and in vivo study $448,506
1055227 CAREER: Design and Construction of a Synthetic Fungus-Bacterium Consortium for Efficient Cellulosic Biofuel Production $412,500
1350202 CAREER: Dynamically Adaptive Feed Drive Systems for Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing $400,000
1454188 CAREER: Engineering Plasmonic Nanoantenna Architectures for Efficient Nuclear Delivery & Advancing Awareness in Nanotechnology $500,162
1351482 CAREER: First-Principles Modeling of Gas Evolution Reactions in Lithium Batteries $400,000
1254468 CAREER: Graphene Heterostructures Based Hot Carrier Optoelectronics $400,000
1351456 CAREER: Heterogeneous Delayed Networks: Data-based Design and Optimization of Connected Vehicle Systems $400,000
0846471 CAREER: Improving Postural Balance and Rehabilitation Outcomes Using Vibrotactile Sensory Substitution $492,374
1253544 CAREER: Investigation of Non-Aqueous Single-Metal Redox Flow Batteries through Experiment and Modeling $400,000
1055308 CAREER: MEMS Reconfigurable Filters for Multi-Band Low-Power Radios $400,000
1349921 CAREER: Multi-Level Occupancy Intervention, Simulation and Education for Energy Reduction in Existing Buildings $120,154
1054454 CAREER: Next Generation Photomixer-Based Terahertz Sources $400,000
1350605 CAREER: Non-traditional Materials Application for Seismic and Wind Loads $400,000
1351403 CAREER: Promoting a Fundamental Understanding of Post-Liquefaction Response and Deformations: A Next-Generation Analytical and Experimental Methodology $400,000
1351469 CAREER: Pushing the Boundaries: Advancing the Science of Micro-Additive Manufacturing $400,000
1253157 CAREER: Shock Waves and Cavitation in Human Tissue $405,449
1541486 CAREER: Smart Mobility Services: Operations and Policy $24,613
1253440 CAREER: Traveling Fires -- Do They Really Matter? $400,000
1453346 CAREER: Using Multiple Gaits and Inherent Dynamics for Legged Robots With Improved Mobility $500,000
1351188 CAREER: Wastewater Treatment as a Conduit and Control of Emerging Respiratory Viruses in the Environment $400,000
1351412 CAREER: Wettability Engendered Templated Self-assembly (WETS) for Large Scale Multi-phasic Nanoparticle Fabrication $400,000
1404747 CDS&E/Collaborative Research: Exposing the Injection Machinery Dynamics of Bacteriophage T4 through Multi-Scale Modeling $270,399
1507928 CDS&E: Formalisms and Tools for Data-enabled Turbulence Modeling $399,986
1159345 Characterizing Engineers who Return from Industry to Earn a PhD, and Their Impact on Innovation $425,888
1436631 Cochlea-inspired Wireless Compressive Sensing Architectures for Real-time Feedback Control Applications $345,000
1101868 Collaborative Research: Very-Near-Ground Wireless Channel Modeling: Theory and Practice $847,789
1227879 Collaborative Research: A Neurodynamic Programming Approach for the Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Nanoscale Neuromorphic Systems $239,053
1434693 Collaborative Research: A Novel Control Strategy for 3D Printing of Micro-Scale Devices $336,298
1232819 Collaborative Research: An Allocation Model with Dynamic Updates for Balanced Workload Distribution on Patient Centered Medical Homes $222,000
1362003 Collaborative Research: Analysis and Solution Methods for Function Robust Optimization Models $233,174
1161123 Collaborative Research: Automatic Behavior Monitoring for In-depth Analysis of Construction Fatalities and Injuries $243,672
1536924 Collaborative Research: Collaborative Degradation Analysis for Enterprise-Level Maintenance Management via Dynamic Segmentation $163,316
1334394 Collaborative Research: Control of Reconfigurable Microgrids with Significant Renewable Power Sources $199,968
1265733 Collaborative Research: Correlating Geospatial Data Lineage and Positional Accuracy for Excavation Damage Prevention $150,000
1232436 Collaborative Research: Frequency Selective Structures for High Sensitivity/High Resolution Damage Identification via Impediographic Tomography $240,000
1502477 Collaborative Research: High-speed Imaging Guided Large Eddy Simulation (LES) Model Development for Turbulent Flames $104,999
1264551 Collaborative Research: Investigating Impacts on the Ideation Flexibility of Engineers $222,630
1235732 Collaborative Research: Large-Scale Wave Energy Arrays -- Integrated Control/Array Design in Random Seas $187,085
1232683 Collaborative Research: Mechanical Material Removal Processes for Biological Tissue in Cardiovascular Procedures $267,300
1523453 Collaborative Research: Modeling and Analyzing Extreme Risks in Insurance and Finance $89,750
1266063 Collaborative Research: Needles with High Inclination Angle Cutting Edge and Polished Surfaces for High Performance Biopsy $149,999
1462084 Collaborative Research: Performance-Based Framework for Wind-Excited Multi-Story Buildings $190,821
1362547 Collaborative Research: Project Smart-Recon: Smart Device-Enabled Reconnaissance after Earthquakes $220,876
1523287 Collaborative Research: Risk Management and Control of Dynamic Rate Queues for Healthcare and Transportation Services $209,999
1434665 Collaborative Research: Understanding Dynamic Behaviors of Tissue Welding for High Quality Electrosurgical Tissue Joints $159,969
1231314 Compact Whispering-Gallery TeraHertz Emitter $330,000
1161874 Complex Bio-Nano-Dynamics of Motor Proteins in Dynamically Controlled Fluids $319,999
1462267 Construction of Single Molecule Nanostructures by Self-Assembly and Fixation $300,000
1435222 Control of Robust Micro-Robots in Uncertain Environments $299,999
1232851 Convection in the presence of a very strong magnetic field $299,746
1446521 CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Enhanced Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure Systems by Observing and Controlling Loads using Cyber-Physical Systems $587,136
1266184 Creativity through Collaborative Human-Machine Interactions: A Formal Approach to Design Crowd Sourcing $642,574
1403777 Detection of Protein Misfolding Using Nanorod Assemblies $299,988
1132581 Developing a Spatially-Explicit Agent-Based Life Cycle Analysis Framework for Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Bioenergy Systems $309,097
1436056 DMREF/Collaborative Research: Computationally Guided Design of Multicomponent Materials for Electrocatalytic Cascade Reactions $400,000
1533557 DMREF/Collaborative Research: Designing and Synthesizing Nano-Metallic Materials with Superior Properties $498,260
1404814 Drift Counteraction Control: Theory and Applications $200,000
1300319 DynSyst_Special_Topics: Counteracting Stochastic Delays Using Anticipation and Memory in Connected Vehicle Systems $440,237
1547091 EAGER/Collaborative Research/Cyber Manufacturing: Cyber-Manufacturing Systems for Open Product Realization $179,366
1547073 EAGER/Cybermanufacturing: A Cloud-Based Additive Manufacturing and Quality System for Custom Orthoses and Prostheses $111,498
1449630 EAGER: Dose-Response Disinfection Curves for Human Norovirus with Novel Mouse Model $63,405
1451078 EAGER: Sustainability in Supply Chain: An Innovative and Systemic Approach $272,984
1548201 EAGER: Advanced Capacity Allocation Methodology: Time-sensitive Appointments in Congested Service Systems $242,072
1339609 EAGER: An Energy-Efficient Autonomous Reactor for Remote Locations to Create Carbon Neutral Transportation Fuel from Waste Biomass $181,359
1547987 EAGER: Gaining Visibility into Supply Network Risks with Large-Scale Textual Analysis $177,030
1240264 EFRI-ODISSEI: Multi-scale Origami for Novel Photonics, Energy Conversion $1,994,613
1332342 EFRI-PSBR: Biodiversity & Biofuels: Finding Win-Win Scenarios for Conservation and Energy Production in the Next Century $2,099,585
1435188 Enabling the Design of Large-Scale Complex Engineered Systems using Self-Organizing Optimization Algorithms $329,998
1463474 Energy- and Cost- Efficient Manufacturing Employing Nanoparticle Self-Assembly with Continuous Crystallinity $250,000
1160968 Equilibria, Stability, Oscillations, Chaos, and Transients in Re-entrant Lines $350,000
1509354 Exploring lateral photo-Dember effect in two dimensional atomic layer crystals for terahertz generation $400,000
1336719 Extraction of radioactive and toxic element contaminants from organic-rich shale in contact with hydraulic fracturing fluids $353,590
1231171 Feedback Control of Highly Dynamic Spatial Locomotion in 3D Bipedal Robots $400,000
1541838 FEW Workshop: "Scaling Up" Urban Agriculture to Mitigate Food-Energy-Water Impacts; October 5-6, 2015; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI $69,242
1305931 Frequency-Agile Terahertz Spectrometry for Advanced Chemical Sensing $360,000
1159279 GOALI : 21st century Pd-based three-way catalysts: Controlling structure-activity relationships through the understanding of aging dynamics and in-situ regeneration $319,999
1131249 GOALI/Collaborative Research: Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency Management of Sustainable Manufacturing Systems $212,000
1331633 GOALI/Collaborative Research: Module-Centric Approach to Integrated Adaptation of Assembly Products and Supply Chains $142,323
1160937 GOALI: Georeferenced Visualization and Emulated Proximity Monitoring for Real Time Knowledge-Based Excavator Control $299,999
1159240 GOALI: Search for a Practical Perovskite-Based Three-Way Catalyst $320,000
1300815 GOALI: Developing an Injury Assessment Methodology for Evaluating Safety Designs Focusing on Various Vulnerable Populations $298,601
1438560 GOALI: Developing Sensor-Mediated Control Strategies that Allow Innovative Treatment of Nitrogen in Wastewater $228,016
1336387 GOALI: Experimentally validated multiscale modeling of Li/O2 cathodes $399,735
1102067 GOALI: Heterogeneous 3D Integration of Electronic, Optical, and Structural Platform for Neural Microsystems $360,000
1462910 GOALI: Modeling and Control for Manufacturing Intelligence with Cloud Computing and Storage $299,997
1327316 GOALI: Next-Generation Energy-Efficient Minimum Quantity Lubrication Deep Hole Drilling $298,888
1462292 GOALI: Precision Measurement and Control of Machined Surfaces using Digital Holographic Data $224,114
1202046 GOALI: Wire Grid Color Filters for Energy Efficient Displays $300,000
1334204 High Fidelity Additive Manufacturing at the Micro-scale $299,964
1407580 High Sensitivity and Wide Dynamic Range IR Sensors Based on Electrostrictive Effect in Thin Film Barium Strontium Titanate. $360,000
1407977 High-Density Neural Recording Arrays with Monolithically-Integrated Nanopillar LEDs for Multi-Wavelength Optical Stimulation $360,000
1405870 High-Frequency Graphene Nanoelectronic Vapor Sensors for Micro-Gas Chromatography $360,000
1202126 High-Performance Vertical Nanowire Heterojunction Transistors $300,000
1463918 I-Corps: Blocking-, Censorship-, Surveillance-, and Disaster-Resistant Communication for Normal Smartphone Users $50,000
1445355 I-Corps: Cell Failure Analysis of Lithium-ion Batteries $50,000
1358550 I-Corps: Creating High Performance Electrodes for Li-ion Batteries $50,000
1445846 I-Corps: Distributed Energy Management Systems for Grid Integration of Distributed Energy Storage Devices $50,000
1464557 I-Corps: Fiber-Reinforced Elasto-Fluidic Systems $50,000
1439409 I-Corps: High Throughput Single Cell Assay Platforms $50,000
1550671 I-Corps: Indoor Magnetic Beacon Localization $50,000
1533829 I-Corps: Kirigami solar cell development for commercial applications $50,000
1536179 I-Corps: NanoOptics - Highly efficient scintillator photonic devices for national security, medical imaging and high energy particle detection applications $50,000
1464476 I-Corps: Practical and Provably Secure Random Number Generator $50,000
1523324 I-Corps: Prediction Services for a Shared Economy $35,149
1443335 I-Corps: Wearable Transdermal Vapor Sensors for Non-invasive Continuous Disease Monitoring $50,000
1539713 I-Corps: A Rapid Biomarker for Tuberculosis $50,000
1530921 I-Corps: Full Color, Low Power, Fast-Response, Reflective Display Technology $50,000
1540106 I-Corps: Implantable Brain-Computer Interface with Integrated Optics and Electrodes $50,000
1540180 I-Corps: Navigation-Grade Micro Gyroscope $50,000
1550469 I-Corps: Plasma-Based High Throughput Water Purification $50,000
1540107 I-Corps: Remote Therapeutic Patient Engagement and Communication System $50,000
1329217 Improving Decision Making and Equity in Engineering Admissions $278,678
1508943 Inferring the behavior of distributed energy resources from incomplete measurements $399,452
1343720 INSPIRE Track 1: The Mathematics of Balance in Mechanical Systems with Impacts, Unilateral Constraints, Underactuation and Hyper-sensing: Application to Agile bipedal Locomotion $800,000
1332807 Integrated Hot-Phonon Harvesting Barriers in High-Power Circuit Devices $291,175
1158638 Integrated opto-nanofluidic biosensors $365,400
1362754 Investigating the Dynamics and Control of Electromechanical Networks with Semiresonant Latches $260,000
1266088 Investigation of Electro-Plastic Effect on Advanced High Strength Steels and Its Application in Friction Stir Joining of Dissimilar Material $199,662
1537582 Joining of Dissimilar Materials through a Novel Hybrid Friction Stir Resistance Spot Welding Process $300,000
1538180 Layered Composites from Branched Nanofibers for Lithium Ion Batteries $300,000
1133439 Liquid Biofuels from Wet Algae Paste via Novel Two-Step Processes $341,000
1263889 Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) Biosensing Microarray for Multiplex, Real-time Single-Cell Immunophenotyping $349,397
1232915 Low-Cost and Energy-Efficient Vibration Reduction in Ultra-Precision Manufacturing Machines using Mode Coupling $352,258
1133793 Low-temperature Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors for Sustainable Domestic Wastewater Treatment $348,338
1362619 Managing Perishable Inventory Systems: New Algorithms and Approximations $375,001
1235688 Market Driven Emissions from Recovered CO2 Industrial Gas $277,253
1130275 Mechanics of Intraocular Pressure Increase Associated with Genetic Factors $401,920
1305667 Microfabricated Thermal Modulator for Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography $249,997
1307154 Microscale Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography $209,000
1232937 Minimal Gels of Anisotropic Colloids $329,770
1335878 Mixing of Biofuels in Surface Waters $329,985
1307754 Modeling and Analysis of Uncertain Cyber-Enabled Power Systems $166,618
1233108 Modeling and Inferring of Multichannel Sensing Data in Complex Manufacturing Procsses $336,000
1231826 Molecular Sieving in Two-Dimensional Periodic Free-Energy Landscapes Created by Patterned Nanofluidic Devices $360,393
1428069 MRI: Acquisition of Hybrid and Versatile Magnetron Sputtering/E-beam/Evaporation Thin Film Deposition System for Research and Education $303,000
1100807 Multi-axis Parallel-Kinematic Motion Systems with a Large Dynamic Range $330,694
1307744 Nanofabrication, Characterization, and Analysis of Topological Insulator Nanostructures $359,978
1407967 Nanoscale thermal processes in devices $360,000
1344372 NEESR Planning: Influence of Local-Global Synergistic Instabilities on the Seismic Collapse Resistance of Steel Columns $450,000
1128386 New Approaches for the Design of Integrated phased Arrays $360,000
1332252 Novel 3-D Measurements of Flame Index to Solve the Flame Blowout Problem $293,832
1300010 Optical Characterization of Intrinsic Properties and Fabric of Coarse-Grained Soils $408,194
1536444 Optimal Design of Biomarker-Based Screening Strategies for Early Detection of Chronic Diseases $200,000
1462060 Optimization of Individualized Medical Treatment for Improved Population Health $375,001
1536188 Optimizing the Control of Powered Prostheses with the Human Body in the Loop $238,830
1500124 PFI: AIR-TT: Prototype Scale-up for Traumatic Pelvic and Abdominal Injury Decision Support System (DSS) $211,994
1500095 PFI:AIR - TT: Prototyping Untrusted-Device Quantum Cryptography $211,924
1534003 PFI:BIC - Cyber-Physical Service System for 3D-Printing of Adaptive Custom Orthoses $1,000,000
1235691 Picowatt-Resolution Calorimetry for Probing Near-Field Radiative Thermal Transport $326,944
1303499 Plasmonically enhanced optical ring resonators for label-free single molecule detection $208,000
1067450 Point-of-Use Devices as Incubators of Halogenated Phenol-Mediated Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria $373,556
1362975 Post-Earthquake Aerial Reconnaissance of Geotechnical Engineering Systems $389,845
1160915 Practical Algorithms for Applied Submodular Optimization $260,000
1403339 Radiation Enhancement in High Temperature Industrial Furnaces to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Pollutants $323,757
1130160 Reference And Extended Command Governors for Constrained Control: Theory and Applications $339,037
1362513 Regularized Learning Enabled Monitoring and Control for Wind Power Systems $325,000
1334272 Resilient Steel Frame Systems through the Use of Non-Traditional Materials $289,259
1160916 Retrospective Cost Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Ersatz Nonlinear Models $250,001
1334340 Robust Design and Control of Multi-Axis Thin-film Piezoelectric Scanning Actuators for Deep-Tissue Endoscopic Microscopy $249,990
1232883 Roll-To-Roll Electrostatic Printing for Manufacturing Few-Layer-Graphenes $404,557
1214416 SEES Fellows: Sustainable Development of Shale-gas Resources in Pennsylvania - Bridging Science, Policy and Economics of Hydraulic Fracturing $332,769
1265164 Sensitive Dual Mode Microfluidic Optomechanical Analysis of Biomolecules $375,000
1435269 Stability characterization of liquid metal batteries $299,262
1233095 Stochastic Modeling and Optimization of Longitudinal Health Care Coordination $420,000
1129009 Stress Corrosion Micro-Cracking or Static Fatigue: The Principal Cause of Rate Effects and "Aging" in Sand $354,072
1437601 Studies of the impact of plasmonic metal nano-particles on co-catalysts/semiconductor photocatalysts in solar water splitting $361,750
1336636 SusChEM: Biomolecular and cellular engineering for hydrocarbon biofuel production $423,108
1159635 Telerehabilitation balance training for community dwelling older adults $297,927
1530543 The 8th USA-China Chemical Engineering Conference, Shanghai, China, October 12-15,2015 $30,000
1340459 The development of the global engineer: Effects of ethnographic investigations on students' design decisions $150,000
1537222 Time Effects in Sand: Delayed Micro-Cracking, Contact Fatigue, and Aging $423,585
1507198 Uncertainty Management and Proactive Maintenance for Lithium-ion Batteries in Electrified Vehicles $400,000
1407908 Understanding and Modeling the Impact of Occupant Energy Usage Characteristics in Building $252,726
1511834 UNS: Collaborative Research: Experiments and Theory of Nonequilibrium Processes in Turbulent Combustion $62,515
1510788 UNS: Environmental Impacts of Using Distributed Energy Storage for Power System Reserves $309,995
1500377 UNS: Multi-scale Simulations of Branched Thread-like Micelles $320,548
1509691 UNS: Thermal Rectification and Heat Transfer Enhancement via Near-Field Radiation $341,938
1511720 UNS: Tunable and Scalable Protein Assemblies for Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy $340,000
1539711 Using Augmented Reality for Full-Windshield Displays and Crash Avoidance $50,000
1537711 Virtual Fields Methods for Soft Musculoskeletal Tissue Characterization and Model Validation $429,459
1402707 Volumetrically resolved single-shot single-access-point imaging of translucent objects $289,971
1438197 Water Scarcity Risk for the Global Trade Network $319,200

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