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Engineering (ENG) Active Awards

All Awards > Michigan  > Wayne State University

Wayne State University Click on an award number in the table to view the award abstract.
Award Number Award Title Award Amount
1417102 2014 Summer Bioengineering Conference/World Congress of Biomechanics - Rehabilitation Engineering in Boston, Massachusetts on July 6-11, 2014. $28,760
1541869 A Workshop for Integrative and Sustainable Food, Energy, and Water in Transitioning Urban Landscapes $28,840
1202133 Advanced Real-Time Battery Characterization and Management: Safe, Reliable, and Optimal Operation of Battery Systems for Electric-Drive Vehicles and Grid Support $419,970
1226569 BRIGE: Electrolysis of water using the chemical energy of biofuels: A combined experimental/theoretical approach $174,986
1055932 CAREER: A Robust, Chronic Neural Prosthesis Using High-Capacity Graphene Electrodes and Biodegradable Silicon Support $475,112
1350623 CAREER:Tailoring the nature of the active site of Ni electrocatalysts for electrochemical co-reduction of CO2 and H2O $405,452
1233504 Collaborative Research: An Allocation Model with Dynamic Updates for Balanced Workload Distribution on Patient Centered Medical Homes $220,009
1128297 Correlate transport properties with edge structure in suspended graphene nanoribbon field effect transistors $300,000
1436193 DMREF/Collaborative Research: Computationally Guided Design of Multicomponent Materials for Electrocatalytic Cascade Reactions $356,332
1434277 EAGER: Fundamental Study on Hierarchical Control of Sustainable Development of Complex Industrial Systems under Uncertainty $192,995
1443912 EAGER: Work Integration through Work Exchange Network Synthesis $60,000
1066661 Elucidation of Membrane Fusion Mechanisms Using a Combined Simulation and Experimental Approach $330,000
1263723 Enabling Technologies Laboratory Student Design Program $124,985
1404276 GOALI: Failure Prediction and Reliability Analysis of Ultra-High Strength Steel Autobody Manufacturing Systems by Utilizing Material Microstructure Properties $350,000
1338780 I/UCRC: Center for e-Design: IT Enabled Design and Realization of Products and Systems $179,880
1434696 Molecularly Engineered, Targeted O2-Electrodes For Reversible, Nonaqueous Li-Air Batteries $325,810
1229635 MRI: Acquisition of A Dual-Beam Focus Ion-Beam (FIB) System for Nanotechnology Biomedical and Energy Research $750,000
0923292 MRI: Development of Rapid Annealing and in situ Characterization System $454,457
1507096 Networked Battery System Management and Control for Active Diagnosis, Observability and Resilient Operation $425,000
1258594 NSF/DOE Advanced Combustion Engines: Collaborative Research: A Comprehensive Investigation of Unsteady Reciprocating Effects on Near-Wall Heat Transfer in Engines $187,840
1343703 NUE: Development of an Undergraduate Certificate Program in Nanoengineering for Training the Workforce of Tomorrow $200,000
1232226 Optofluidic Tweezers $335,340
1500253 PFI:AIR - TT: Developing low-cost nanowire sensors based on a seed-mediated solution process $200,000
1338928 Planning Grant: I/UCRC for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution $12,999
1236764 Tensiophoresis: Label Free Droplet Sorting in Surfactant Microgradients $300,784
1533966 The Fourth International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering, Balatonfured, Hungary, May 26-29, 2015 $50,000
1421191 U.S. NSF - China NSF Workshop on Sustainable Manufacturing, Wuhan, China, March 13-15, 2014 $50,000
1512544 UNS: Fractionation, purification, and analysis of gases in microbubbles $300,293

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