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Career-Life Balance

Strike the right balance with a career at National Science Foundation.

NSF is located at Stafford Place, 4201 Wilson Boulevard in the Ballston section of Arlington, Virginia. NSF also has office space in the building next door, Stafford II. Our facility is less than a block from the metrorail system (Ballston Station, Orange Line) and metrobus line connections, which means you'll have more time for yourself and less time in traffic. (See the Arlington County Commuter Page for more commuting options.) Parking is available onsite as well as at several surrounding buildings.

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Career/Life Balance Programs and Workplace Flexibilities

NSF is committed to promoting employee wellness and work/life balance. To that end, the Foundation offers a variety of workplace flexibilities and wellness programs as part of NSF's Career/Life Balance Programs portfolio including the following:

Telework Program

At the National Science Foundation we believe that work is what we do, not where we are! To support that belief, NSF allows employees the flexibility to perform their work duties from a preapproved location other than the NSF office.

Our goal at NSF is to ensure that our employees are trained, equipped, and enabled to telework. There are two types of telework arrangements available at NSF - regular and periodic.

  • Regular - telework from an approved location which occurs as part of an on-going, regular schedule (e.g., every Wednesday).
  • Periodic (situational) - telework from an approved location performed on an occasional, or irregular basis.

Why telework?

Telework, when implemented prudently, has been shown to increase productivity and boost employee morale. Telework also reduces commuting congestion, time, and costs, and can assist in achieving a better balance between career and personal life. Telework not only benefits employees; it also benefits NSF and society.

Work Schedule Flexibility Options

NSF offers robust work schedule flexibility options including Fixed schedules, FlexiTime schedules, and the use of Credit Hours.

Health and Wellness Programs

The NSF Health and Wellness Programs encompass a range of employee assistance and health enhancement services. An on-site Health Services Unit staffed with nurse practitioners and a physician provides proactive health maintenance. Our Nursing Mothers Lactation Program features hospital grade breast pumps and a private setting. NSF’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers confidential counseling and referral services.

Physical Fitness Facility

Membership to NSF’s Physical Fitness Facility is open to all NSF employees at a nominal fee.

Child Care Resources

Several child care options are available, including the National Science Foundation Child Development Center (CDC) located on the ground floor of NSF's main building, Stafford Place. Other child care options can be found at NSF also offers employees enrollment in the Child Care Subsidy Program (CCSP).

NSF Employee Association (NSFEA)

The NSF Employees Association (which promotes recreation, welfare, and good fellowship among employees) will welcome your participation in such activities as educational programs, travel, picnics and similar social affairs.

Combined Federal Campaign and Feds Feeds Families

Charitable giving opportunities include the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and the government-wide initiative “Feds Feeds Families.”

The Partnership Federal Credit Union

Membership with the Partnership Federal Credit Union offers complete banking services and provides excellent opportunities to invest your savings or borrow conveniently for many purposes.

Local 3403, American Federation of Government Employees

Employees in the Bargaining Unit have the right to join or refrain from joining the Union, Local 3403, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO.

NSF’s leadership also champions an agency-wide Career-Life Balance Initiative to address specific work/life challenges that face professionals in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.  For more details, please see NSF's Career-Life Balance website.

For more information on NSF’s Career/Life Balance Programs, please visit the Division of Human Resource Management (HRM), or feel free to email


NSF encourages diversity, including promoting an environment inclusive of those with disabilities. To this end, NSF's Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is responsible for coordinating the agency's compliance with sections 501 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. For more information, please contact ODI at 703-292-8020.