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CISE - Advisory Committee Members

Dr. Alfred Aho, Chair

Name Institution Email
Dr. Alfred V. Aho Columbia University aho@cs.columbia.edu
divider line
Professor Annie Antón North Carolina State University aianton@ncsu.edu
divider line
Professor Andrea C. Arpaci-Dusseau University of Wisconsin-Madison dusseau@cs.wisc.edu
divider line
Professor Brian Blake Georgetown University mb7@georgetown.edu
divider line
Professor Randal E. Bryant Carnegie Mellon University Randy.Bryant@cs.cmu.edu
divider line
Dr. Vint Cerf Google vint@google.com
divider line
Dr. Andrew A. Chien Intel Research andrew.chien@intel.com
divider line
Professor David Clark Massachusetts Institute of Technology ddc@csail.mit.edu
divider line
Professor William J. Dally Stanford University billd@csl.stanford.edu
divider line
Professor Jorge Díaz-Herrera Rochester Institute of Technology jdiaz@gccis.rit.edu
divider line
Professor David J. Farber Carnegie Mellon University dave@farber.net
divider line
Dr. Stuart Feldman Google stufeld@gmail.com
divider line
Professor Stephanie Forrest University of New Mexico forrest@cs.unm.edu
divider line
Professor Yolanda Gil University of Southern California gil@isi.edu
divider line
Mr. Dwight A. Gourneau NAMTech, Inc. metisdag@ix.netcom.com
divider line
Professor Richard M. Karp University of California at Berkeley karp@cs.berkeley.edu
divider line
Dr. Alan Kay Viewpoints Research Institute alan.kay@squeakland.org
divider line
Professor John L. King University of Michigan jlking@umich.edu
divider line
Professor Richard Ladner University of Washington ladner@cs.washington.edu
divider line
Dr. Antonio Lopez Xavier University tlopez@xula.edu
divider line
Dr. Henrique Malvar Microsoft Corporation malvar@microsoft.com
divider line
Professor Robin R. Murphy University of South Florida Murphy@cse.usf.edu
divider line
Professor Melissa O’Neill Harvey Mudd College oneill@cs.hmc.edu
divider line
Professor Joseph O’Rourke Smith College orourke@cs.smith.edu
divider line
Professor Rosalind W. Picard MIT picard@media.mit.edu
divider line
Professor Martha E. Pollack University of Michigan pollackm@eecs.umich.edu
divider line
Professor Marc Snir University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign snir@cs.uiuc.edu
divider line
Dr. David Tennenhouse dtennenhouse@ieee.org
divider line
Professor Margaret Wright New York University mhw@cs.nyu.edu
divider line
Professor Ellen W. Zegura Georgia Institute of Technology ewz@cc.gatech.edu
Professor Douglas N. Arnold University of Minnesota arnold@ima.umn.edu
divider line
Professor Cherri Pancake Oregon State University pancake@eecs.oregonstate.edu
Dr. Arden L. Bement Director, NSF abement@nsf.gov
divider line
Dr. Kathie Olsen Deputy Director, NSF kolsen@nsf.gov
divider line
Dr. Jeannette Wing Assistant Director (Designate), CISE wing@cs.cmu.edu


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