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Computational Neuroscience (CRCNS) Spring 2006 Principal Investigators' Meeting


You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF Documents. If you are unable to access any documents, please contact Kenneth Whang.


11 "A Joint Computational/Experimental Study of Hypothalamic-Pituitary Interactions" Richard Bertram (presented by Marc Freeman)
12 "Analysis of Synchronization in Hybrid Neural Circuits" Carmen Canavier
13 "Extracting Dynamical Structure Embedded in Motor Preparatory Activity" Krishna Shenoy
14 "Importance of Temporal Information for Olfactory Codes" David Terman (presented by Brian Smith)
15 "A neurocomputational theory of olfactory recognition" Zachary Mainen
16 "Design, Analysis and Validation of Biologically Plausible Computational Models" Jose Principe (presented by Il Park)


21 "Input/Output Relationship in CA3 Pyramidal Cells: Yr 2 Progress Report" Giorgio Ascoli
22 "Models of Signaling Mechanisms in LTP" William Holmes
23 "Development of Model Neuron Encoding the Realistic Learning Rule" Makoto Nishiyama
24 "Neuromodulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity in waking and REM sleep" Gina Poe
25 "The cellular basis of receptive field plasticity in visual cortex, an integrative experimental and theoretical approach" Harel Shouval
26 "Some Statistical Issues in Multi-Electrode Motor Cortical Plasticity" Robert Kass


31 "How is Information Coded in Turtle Visual Cortex?" Philip Ulinski (presented by Kay Robbins)
32 "Neural computation from retina to visual cortex" Markus Meister
33 "Innovative technologies inspired by biosonar" Cynthia Moss
34 "Learning the Neural Code for Prosthetic Control" Michael Black (presented by Mayank Mehta)
35 "Higher-Level Neural Specialization for Natural Shape Statistics" Charles Connor
36 "Characterizing Bayesian Surprise in Humans and Monkeys" Laurent Itti


41 "Reconstruction & Imaging of Living Nerve Cells" Peter Saggau
42 "Computational and Optical Studies of Neural Input/Output Relationship" Peter Saggau
43 "Large-scale computational reconstruction of three-dimensional neural connectivity" Tolga Tasdizen
44 "Machine Learning Techniques to Analyze Dynamic Functional Neuroimaging Patterns Underlying Inhibitory Control Mechanisms" Dimitris Samaras
45 "Evolution into Epilepsy" William Ditto (presented by Paul Carney)
46 "An Ensemble Based Data Fusion for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease" Christopher Clark (presented by Robi Polikar)
47 "Modeling axon guidance and target recognition in the mouse olfactory system" David Lin


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