FY95 Career Awardees

FY 95 Career Awardees (MPS)
AST AZU of Arizona Pinto Philip Simulating Supernova Spectra & Teaching Astronomy 9501634
AST CAU of Cal Riverside Barsony Mary Star Formation Study at UC Riverside 9501788
AST CTYale University Schaefer Bradley The Distance Scale to Gamma Ray Bursters 9502220
AST NMUniversity of New Mexico Henning Patricia The Distribution of Optically-Obscured Galaxies, and Asymmetric Isolated Galaxies 9502268
AST NYBarnard College Kay Laura Spectropolarimetry of Accretion Powered Compact Objects 9501835
AST TNEast Tennessee State Univ Castelaz Michael Career Development in Research and Education in Stellar Astronomy and Astrophysics 9500756
CHE AZArizona State University Pena Michael New Pathways for the Efficient Construction of Antiviral Compounds 9503260
CHE CACalifornia Inst of Tech Carreira Erick Design and Synthesis of Complexes for Catalytic, Enantioselective Conjugate Addition Reactions 9502931
CHE CAU of Cal Berkeley Leahy James Methods for the Synthesis of Biologically and Theoretically Important Organic Compounds 9502507
CHE CAU of Cal Los Angeles Myles David Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Novel Membrane Mimics 9501728
CHE CAU of Cal Los Angeles Neuhauser Daniel Molecular Structure and Dynamics 9502106
CHE CAU of Cal Santa Barbara Buratto Steven Near-Field Optical Spectroscopic Studies of Thin Film Materials 9501773
CHE COColorado State University Fisher Ellen Investigation of Plasma Deposition Mechanisms for Silicon Dioxide and Silicon Nitride Films 9501157
CHE COU of Colorado Boulder Rowlen Kathy Molecular Orientation and Chemistry at Interfaces 9502557
CHE DCGeorge Washington Univ Georgiadis Rosina The Role of Polymeric Adhesive Films in Corrosion Processes at the Solid/Solution Interface: A Surface Plasmon Resonance Study 9502757
CHE IDUniversity of Idaho Shapiro Pamela Uncovering the Chemistry of ansa-Chromocene and ansa-Vanadocene Complexes/Innovations to Teaching Inorganic Chemistry 9502739
CHE ILNorthwestern University McDonald Frank Synthesis of Polycyclic Ethers via Alkynol Cycloisomerization 9501608
CHE ILU of Ill Urbana-Champaign Lu Yi A Protein Analog Approach to Biomimetic Studies of Metalloenzymes 9502421
CHE ILU of Illinois Chicago Frydman Lucio Development of New Methods in Multidimensional NMR Analysis 9502644
CHE INPurdue Univ Research Fdn Andrus Merritt Catalytic Asymmetric Allylic Oxidation, Epoxidation, and Dihydroxylation 9501867
CHE INUniversity of Notre Dame Smith Bradley Allosteric Supramolecular Assemblies 9501166
CHE KSU of Kansas Main Campus Laird Brian Theory and Computer Simulations of the Solid-Liquid Interface (CAREER) 9502811
CHE KSU of Kansas Main Campus Larive Cynthia NMR Spectroscopic Investigation of Peptide Aggregation 9502389
CHE KYU of Kentucky Res Fdn Daunert Sylvia Optical Sensors Based on Inducible Bacterial Bioluminescence 9502299
CHE MABoston College Fourkas John Controlling and Probing the Microscopic Structure and Dynamics of Liquids 9501598
CHE MAMIT Cummins Christopher New Inorganic Radical Reactions 9501992
CHE MAWorcester Polytech Inst Wyslouzil Barbara Binary Nucleation Along Thermodynamically Unfavored Paths 9502604
CHE MEBowdoin College Broene Richard Synthesis and Reactions of Novel Lanthanocene Catalysts and A Rethinking of Bowdoin's Advanced Chemistry Curriculum 9501647
CHE MNU of Minnesota-Twin CitiesDistefano Mark Design of Reaction Catalysts Based on Fatty Acid Binding Protein 9506793
CHE MSUniversity of Mississippi Cooksy Andrew Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Excited State Hydrocarbon Free Radicals 9501450
CHE NCNorth Carolina State U Shultz David Porphyrins as Building Blocks for Molecular Magnetic Materials 9501085
CHE NJRutgers U New Brunswick Jimenez Leslie Syntheses of Mitomycin C and FR900482 Via Dialkylvinyl- sulfonium Salts 9502149
CHE NMNew Mexico St University Quintana William Synthesis and Characterization of Boron Containing Amino Acids 9502406
CHE NYCornell University-EndowedDavis H. Floyd Energetics and Dynamics of H-H,C-H, and C-C Bond Activation by Transition Metal Atoms and Complexes 9502843
CHE NYCUNY Hunter College Francesconi Lynn Technetium Complexes of Metal Oxides 9502213
CHE NYNew York University Zhao Kang SN2 Type Glycosylation 9502068
CHE OHOhio State Univ Res Fdn Grandinetti Philip Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Investigations of the Structure of Silicate Glasses 9501827
CHE ORU of Oregon Eugene Haley Michael Investigations into New Areas of Cyclopropene Chemistry 9502588
CHE PACarnegie Mellon UniversityGraul Susan Dynamics of Organic Ion-Molecule Reactions in the Gas Phase 9502038
CHE SCU of SC Columbia Murphy Catherine Luminescent Probes of DNA and Semiconductor Surface Structure 9502929
CHE VAVA Polytechnic Inst & St UTissue Brian Probe-Ion Laser Spectroscoy of Interfaces in Conventional and Nanocrystalline Metal Oxide Ceramics 9502460
CHE WAWashington State Univ Peterson Kirk Ab Initio High Resolution Spectroscopy and Atmospheric Chemistry 9501262
CHE WIRipon College Byron Colleen A Program for CAREER Development at Ripon College 9503044
CHE WIU of Wisconsin Madison Yethiraj Arun Static and Dynamic Properties of Polyelectrolyte Solutions 9502320
DMR CASan Jose State Univ Fdn Allen Emily CAREER: Ion Beam Assisted Deposition of Magnetoresistive Films 9502290
DMR CAU of Cal Los Angeles Goorsky Mark CAREER: A Faculty Early Career Development Proposal in Electronic Materials 9502117
DMR CTYale University Barrett Sean CAREER: Optically-Pumped Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of Two-Dimensional Electron Systems in Strong Magnetic Fields 9501925
DMR GAGA Tech Res Corp - GIT Beckham Haskell CAREER: Structure/Mobility/Property Relationships in Polymers and Engineered Fibrous Substrates 9502246
DMR GAGA Tech Res Corp - GIT Collard David CAREER: Micro/Nano-Fabrication of Conjugated Polymers 9501716
DMR MABoston University Smith Kevin Electronic Structure and Interface Phenomena in Organic Metals and Superconductors 9501174
DMR MAMIT Ceder Gerbrand CAREER: Configurational Defect Arrangements in Multi- Component Oxides 9501856
DMR MAWorcester Polytech Inst Terwilliger Chrysanthe CAREER: Synthesis and Electrical Characterization of Ultrafine-grained Ceramics 9502016
DMR NCNorth Carolina State U Brenner Donald CAREER: Computational Approaches to Materials Properties and Engineering at the Nanometer Scale 9502586
DMR NCNorth Carolina State U Martin James Polyhalometalates and Framework Solids: The Solvothermal Synthesis of Transition-Metal Halides 9501370
DMR NCNorth Carolina State U Roland Christopher CAREER: Critical Issues in the Growth of Semiconductor Thin Films 9500858
DMR NEU of Nebraska Medical Ctr Kabanov Alexander CAREER: Water-Soluble Block Ionomer Complexes 9502807
DMR NYNew York University Bent Stacey CAREER: Surface Chemistry in Materials Processing 9501774
DMR NYUniversity of Rochester Bazan Guillermo CAREER: Living Ring-Opening Polymerization: A New Route to Emissive Materials 9500627
DMR OKU of Oklahoma Mullen Kieran CAREER: Physics of 2D Electronic and Helionic Systems 9502555
DMR PACarnegie Mellon UniversityDe Graef Marc Study of the Influence of Hydrogen on the Microstructure and Properties of Intermetallic Alloys 9501017
DMR PAPA St U University Park Gramila Thomas CAREER: Electron Drag Measurements: A New Approach to Physics in Electron Systems 9503080
DMR PAPA St U University Park Trolier-McKinstry Susan CAREER: Property Tailoring and Reliability in Ferroic Film Actuators 9502431
DMR TXSouthwest Texas State U Gutierrez Carlos CAREER: Low Energy Ion Beam Modification of Magnetic Film Structures 9502413
DMR VAVA Polytechnic Inst & St ULu Guo-Quan CAREER: A Fundamental Study of Constitutive Behavior of Powder Compacts 9502326
DMS CAStanford University Liu Jun Bayesian Methods for Multiple Sequence Alignment and RelatedStatistical Problems 9501570
DMS CAU of Southern California Le Floch Philippe Mathematical Sciences: New Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws. Application to Non-Standard Shocks 9502766
DMS FLFlorida Atlantic Univ Johnston Carolyn Mathematical Sciences: Wavelets Frames and Discrete Group Representations 9500269
DMS ILNorthwestern University Silber Mary Mathematical Sciences: Dynamical Systems with Symmetry: Applications to Physical Problems 9502266
DMS ILUniversity of Chicago Almgren Robert Faculty Early Development (CAREER) 9502059
DMS INPurdue Univ Research Fdn Goldberg David Mathematical Sciences: Intertwining Operators, R-groups and Automorphic L-Functions 9501868
DMS MAMIT Edelman Alan Analyzing & Improving Numerical Algorithms for Eigenproblems Using Singularity Theory and Riemannian Geometry 9501278
DMS MAU of Massachusetts AmherstBentil Daniel Career Development in Mathematical Biology 9501980
DMS MNU of Minnesota-Twin CitiesGrund Birgit Mathematical Sciences: Smoothed Nonparametric Hazard Regression 9501893
DMS MSMississippi State Univ Jarvis Tyler Moduli of Generalized Spin Curves, Class Size and Calculus Learning 9501617
DMS NCDavidson College Swallow John Research in Galois Theory and Integrating Technology in Undergraduate Mathematics 9501366
DMS NCU of NC Chapel Hill Nobel Andrew Mathematical Sciences: Greedy Growing and its Applications 9501926
DMS NJPrinceton University McNeal Jeffery Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equations 9502532
DMS NYRensselaer Polytech Inst Kovacic Gregor Mathematical Sciences: Perturbation Theory for Near-Integrable Equations and Its Application 9502142
DMS ORU of Oregon Eugene Housworth Elizabeth Isoperimetric-Type Inequalities Arising from the Study of Brownian Motion in Domains Normalized by their Inradius 9501611
DMS VAVA Polytechnic Inst & St UChan Clara Combinatorics of Convex Polytopes/Teaching with Technology 9502455
PHY AZU of Arizona Jessen Poul Studying and Manipulating the Quantum Motion of Atoms in Optical Lattices 9503259
PHY CTUniv of Connecticut Gibson George Spectroscopy and Control of Molecular Dissociation Using Strong Laser Fields 9502935
PHY CTYale University Shatashvili Samson 4d Gauge Theories: Relation to RCFT and Search of Stringy Origin 9500695
PHY FLFlorida A&M University Ammons Edsel Light-Front Tamm-Dancoff Quantum Chromodynamics 9502216
PHY ILNorthwestern University Finn Lee Gravitational Radiation Sources for Cryogenic Resonant Bar Detectors 9503084
PHY INIndiana U Bloomington Snow William Development of a Neutron Polarizer Using Compressed, Optically Pumped Helium Gas 9501312
PHY INPurdue Univ Research Fdn Khlebnikov Serguei Phase Transitions in Particle Physics 9501458
PHY MABoston University Simmons Elizabeth Particle Theory Research Physics Teaching, and Outreach to Women in Science: A Career Development Plan 9501249
PHY MAMIT Rosenberg Leslie Research and Development of an Axion Detector with Student Involvement 9501959
PHY PAPA St U University Park Pullin Jorge Theoretical Investigations in Classical and Quantum Gravity 9423950

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