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Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Awards
(FY 1998)

FY 98 CAREER Awards List by State (HTML Format)

FY 98 CAREER Awards (Excel Spreadsheet Format)


BIO FY98 Award Listing

AR U of Arkansas Little Rock Bush John CAREER: The Role of Vesicular Transport on the Function and Biogenesis of the Contractile Vacuole in Dictyostelium Discoideum 9734093 BIO
AZ Arizona State University Hughes Kimberly CAREER: Genetic Basis of Sperm Precedence and Sex-Specific Fitness in Fruit Flies 9734008 BIO
CA U of Southern California Mel Bartlett CAREER: Dendritic Subunits in Cortical Visual Processing and Development 9734350 BIO
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Phelps Patricia CAREER: An Internet-Based Multimedia Approach to Teaching Developmental Neurobiology with Integrated Research on Neuronal Migration 9734550 BIO
CA San Diego State Univ Fdn Segall Anca CAREER: Probing the Structure of the Salmonella Chromosome 9733332 BIO
CA U of Cal Davis Shen Ben CAREER: Polyketide Synthase and Peptide Synthetase: Mechanistic Studies and Engineered Biosynthesis 9733938 BIO
CA Stanford University Spormann Alfred CAREER: Microbial Degradation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons Under Anaerobic Conditions 9733535 BIO
CA Humboldt State Univ Fnd Varkey Jacob CAREER: Genetic and Molecular Analysis of Spermatogenesis of Caenorhabditis Elegans 9734584 BIO
CO U of Colorado Boulder Jordan Christopher CAREER: Biomechanics of Swimming: Understanding the Physics of Biology 9734393 BIO
CT Univ of Connecticut Tsai Pei-San CAREER: Functional and Structural Evolution of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone 9733237 BIO
DC Georgetown University Rolfes Ronda CAREER: Regulation of Purine Nucleotide Biosynthesis in Yeast 9734170 BIO
FL Florida Institute of Tech Bush Mark CAREER: Holocene Histories of Amazonian Ecotonal Environments 9732951 BIO
HI U of Hawaii Manoa Kumashiro Kristin CAREER: Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Elastin and its Related Polypeptides 9733035 BIO
IL Northwestern University Bejsovec Amy CAREER: Mechanisms of Intercellular Communication in Drosophila 9734072 BIO
IL U of Illinois Chicago Garcia-Martinez Jesus CAREER: Function of the Alpha2/Delta Subunit in Muscle Physiology 9733570 BIO
IL Northwestern University Shoichet Brian CAREER: Identifying Binding Sites on Proteins 9734484 BIO
IN Indiana U Bloomington Brun Yves CAREER: Interaction Between Cell Division Proteins during the Caulobacter Cell Cycle. 9733958 BIO
IN Purdue Research Foundation Friedman Alan CAREER: Structural Basis of Transcription Termination in Thermophilic Eubacteria; 'Atoms to Organisms'- Hypertext Curriculum for Advanced Undergraduate Biology Organized by Function and System 9734466 BIO
IN Purdue Research Foundation Hasson Miriam CAREER: Comparative Structural Enzymology: Catalytic Mechanisms of Thiamin Diphosphate-Dependent Enzymes 9733552 BIO
IN Purdue Research Foundation LiWang Patricia CAREER: An Investigation of Protein Dimer Interactions by Exploiting the Unique Properties of Chemokines 9733907 BIO
MA Brandeis University Wang Xiao-Jing CAREER: Physiological Basis of Working Memory: Modeling of Prefontal Cortical Circuitry and its Neuromodulation. 9733006 BIO
MD Johns Hopkins University Schildbach Joel CAREER: Structural Basis of Bacterial Conjugation 9733655 BIO
MD U of MD College Park Shultz Jeffrey CAREER: Evolution of the Locomotor Apparatus in Arthropods 9733777 BIO
MI Michigan State University Wade Juli CAREER: Neural and Endocrine Regulation of Behavioral Differences 9733074 BIO
MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Naeem Shahid CAREER: Diversity and Trophic Structure in a Grassland Community: Integrating Research and Education in a Pluralistic Program 9734343 BIO
ND U of North Dakota Newman Robert CAREER: Environmental Heterogeneity, Population Structure, and Larval Life History Evolution of Rana sylvatica 9733276 BIO
NY Teachers College Columbia Gordon Andrew CAREER: Sensorimotor Control of Hand Movement 9733679 BIO
NY Cornell University State Reeve H. Kern CAREER: Toward a Unified Theory of Social Evolution: Reproductive Skew and Aggression in Social Wasps 9734181 BIO
NY CUNY Queens College Short Timothy CAREER: Isolation & Use of Arabidopsis thaliana L. Mutants for Elucidating Photomorphogenic Signaling Pathways and for Undergraduate and Graduate Student Instruction and Training 9734527 BIO
OH Ohio University Coschigano Peter CAREER: Molecular and Genetic Characterization of the Early Steps of Toluene Utilization in Thauera sp. T1 9733210 BIO
OH U of Cincinnati Grogan Dennis CAREER: Enhancing Education Through Research Experiences, and Investigations of Gene Functions in Archaea at Extremely High Temperatures 9733303 BIO
OR Portland State University Iwata-Reuyl Dirk CAREER: Mechanistic Investigation of Nucleoside Hypermodification in tRNA 9733746 BIO
OR U of Oregon Eugene Martins Emilia CAREER: Phylogenies and the Comparative Method 9720641 BIO
PA U of Pittsburgh Shin Jumi CAREER: Prediction and Design of Specific Protein-DNA Interactions 9733410 BIO
SC Med Univ of South Carolina Gourdie Robert CAREER: Origins of Organized Activation in the Chordate Heart 9734406 BIO
TX U of Texas Dallas Gonzalez Juan CAREER: Role of Exopolysaccharides in Rhizobium meliloti/alfalfa Symbiosis 9733532 BIO
TX U of Texas Austin Jackson Robert CAREER: The Role of Ecosystem Rooting Depth in Predicting Global Carbon and Water Fluxes 9733333 BIO
UT University of Utah Jorgensen Erik CAREER: Tagged Transposon-Mediated Mutagenesis in C. elegans 9733685 BIO
VA James Madison University MacDonald Gina CAREER: A Difference Infrared Spectroscopic Study of a Nucleotide Binding Protein 9733566 BIO
WA U of Washington Pallanck Leo CAREER: Genetic Analysis of Neurotransmitter Release Mechanisms in Drosophila 9734125 BIO
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Fox Brian CAREER: Protein Engineering of a Recombinant Diiron Hydroxylase via Mutagenesis and in vivo Selection to Target the Creation of New Catalytic Properties 9733734 BIO
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Spalding Edgar CAREER: Potassium and Chloride Channels in Roots and the Plant Physiology Curriculum 9734478 BIO

CISE FY98 Award Listing

AZ Arizona State University Karam Lina CAREER: Adaptive Perceptual Coding of Visual Information 9733897 CSE
AZ U of Arizona Krunz Marwan CAREER: Traffic Characterization and Resource Allocation for Transporting Video Streams Over Broadband Networks 9733143 CSE
CA U of Cal San Diego Calder Bradley CAREER: Value and Memory Access Profiling for Compiler Optimization 9733278 CSE
CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Chandrasekaran Shivkumar CAREER: Studies in Numerical Linear Algebra 9734290 CSE
CA U of Cal Davis Chong Frederic CAREER: Care and Feeding of High-Performance Processors with Reconfigurable Memory Systems 9733475 CSE
CA U of Cal Irvine Lang Tomas CAREER: Effect of Redundancy in Arithmetic Operation on Processor Cycle Time, Architecture and Implementation 9726244 CSE
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Leazer Gregory CAREER: Providing a Coherent View of Diverse Distributed Information Resources 9734191 CSE
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Mangione-Smith William CAREER: PSICs: Problem Specific Integrated Circuits 9734132 CSE
CA U of Cal Berkeley McCanne Steven CAREER: Multicast for the Masses: Scaling the Internet Multicast Service 9734515 CSE
CA U of Cal San Diego Papakonstantinou Yannis CAREER: Querying Heterogeneous and Multimedia Information Systems 9734548 CSE
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Potkonjak Miodrag CAREER: CAD Techniques and Tools for Intellectual Property Protection 9734166 CSE
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Srivastava Mani CAREER: Reconfigurable Architectures for Highly Adaptive and Energy Efficient Wireless Networked Computing Nodes 9733331 CSE
CA U of Cal Berkeley Tse David CAREER: A Framework for Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks with Multi-User Receivers 9734090 CSE
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Wesel Richard CAREER: Robust Coded Modulation for Fading Channels and Rate-Compatible Puncturing 9733089 CSE
CA U of Cal San Diego Yee Bennet CAREER: Computer Security Engineering 9734243 CSE
CO U of Colorado Boulder Jurafsky Daniel CAREER: Spoken Lexical Processing in Humans and Machines 9733067 CSE
CO University of Denver Leutenegger Scott CAREER: Integration of Computational and Data Access Scheduling in NOWs 9733658 CSE
DE University of Delaware Agrawal Gagan CAREER: Interprocedural Compilers for Distributed Address Space Machines 9733520 CSE
DE University of Delaware Decker Keith CAREER: Coordination: Integrating Organizational Style with Environmental Characteristics 9733004 CSE
GA U of Georgia Res Fdn Inc Lowenthal David CAREER: An Integrated Compiler/Run-Time System for Global Data Distribution 9733063 CSE
HI U of Hawaii Manoa Fossorier Marc P. CAREER: Near-Optimum Low-Complexity Soft Decision Decoding of Linear Codes 9732959 CSE
IA University of Iowa Herman Ted CAREER: Stabilizing Containment for Networks and Distributed Systems 9733541 CSE
IA University of Iowa Kari Jarkko CAREER: Theory and Applications of Reversible Cellular Automata 9733101 CSE
IL Northwestern University Adelberg Bradley CAREER: Optimizing Database Systems for Large Main Memories 9734152 CSE
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Mehrotra Sharad CAREER: Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval System 9734300 CSE
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Moulin Pierre CAREER: An Integrated Study of Image Estimation and Compression Problems 9732995 CSE
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Sarter Nadine CAREER: Turning the Automaton into a Team Player: The Development of Multisensory and Graded Feedback for Highly Automated (Flight Deck) Systems 9733100 CSE
IN Purdue Research Foundation Brodley Carla CAREER: A Foundation for Applied Machine Learning 9733573 CSE
IN Purdue Research Foundation Palsberg Jens CAREER: Type Inference for Object-Oriented Software 9734265 CSE
MA Boston University Berkemeier Matthew CAREER: Design and Control of Biomimetic Mobile Robots 9733401 CSE
MA Univ of Mass Lowell Chandra Kavitha CAREER: New Traffic Models for Internet Connections and VBR Video Traffic 9734585 CSE
MA U of Massachusetts Boston Goldin Dina CAREER: Towards Practical Constraint Query Algebras 9733678 CSE
MA Worcester Polytech Inst Heineman George CAREER: A Model For Designing Adaptable Software Components 9733660 CSE
MA Tufts University Lentz Karen CAREER: Robust Behavioral Fault Simulation Algorithms for Multilevel Simulation 9733584 CSE
MA Worcester Polytech Inst Paar Christof CAREER: Cryptography on Recongfigurable Hardware: Algorithmic and System Aspects 9733246 CSE
MA MIT Pratt Gill CAREER: Active Orthotics for Helping the Neuromuscularly Impaired to Walk 9733740 CSE
MD U of MD College Park Bhattacharyya Shuvra Shikhar CAREER: Software Synthesis for Real-time Signal Processing Systems 9734275 CSE
MD Johns Hopkins University Kumar Subodh CAREER: Integrated Environment for Interactive Rendering of Large-Scale Solid Models 9733827 CSE
MI University of Michigan Jamin Sugih CAREER: An Empirical Investigation of the Dynamics of Measurement-based Admission Control Algorithms within an Economic Framework 9734145 CSE
MI University of Michigan Reinhardt Steven CAREER: Architectural Support for Software Cache Management 9734026 CSE
MI University of Michigan Soparkar Nandit CAREER: Maintaining Constraints in Real-Time Data Management Systems 9734463 CSE
MI University of Michigan Tyson Gary CAREER: Improving Compiler/Architecture Synergy 9734023 CSE
MI University of Michigan Wasserman Kimberly CAREER: Fundamental Control Problems in Wireless Communication Networks 9734025 CSE
MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Konstan Joseph CAREER: Algorithmic Issues in Collaborative Filtering 9734442 CSE
MN U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Zhang Zhi-Li CAREER: A Unified Approach to Quality-of-Service Provisioning in Integrated Services Networks: Traffic Characterization, Resource Management and Their Integration 9734428 CSE
MO Washington University Kraemer Eileen CAREER: An Infrastructure in Support of Configurable, Consistent, Interactive Computational Steering 9734103 CSE
MS Mississippi State Univ Kaber David CAREER: Telepresence in Teleoperations 9734504 CSE
MS Mississippi State Univ Machiraju Raghu CAREER: On the Assessment of Volume Rendering Algorithms in Visual Computing 9734483 CSE
MT University of Montana Opitz David CAREER: Knowledge-Based Ensemble Approach to Real-World Data Analysis 9734419 CSE
NH Dartmouth College Young Neal CAREER: Combinational Approximation Algorithms 9720664 CSE
NJ Foundation @ NJIT Suri Neeraj CAREER: User/OS Transparent Fault Recovery Using Caches 9733783 CSE
NJ Stevens Inst of Technology Tsatsanis Michail CAREER: Multichannel Deconvolution Techniques in Multiuser Wireless Communication Systems 9733048 CSE
NY Polytechnic Univ of NY Delis Alex CAREER: Cooperative Client/Server Database Systems 9733642 CSE
NY New York University Geiger Davi CAREER: Articulated Model Recognition 9733913 CSE
NY Columbia University Gravano Luis CAREER: Querying Information Sources Across The Internet 9733880 CSE
NY Cornell University-Endowed Selman Bart CAREER: Compute Intensive Methods for Artificial Intelligence 9734128 CSE
NY Columbia University Shepard Kenneth CAREER: Design Tools and Techniques for Analog Effects in Digital Integrated Circuits 9734216 CSE
NY Cornell University-Endowed Veeravalli Venugopal CAREER: New Techniques for Optimizing the Quality and Capacity of Wireless Communication Systems 9733204 CSE
NY SUNY Buffalo Zhang Aidong CAREER: Consistent and Robust Retrieval, Transmission and Presentation of Multimedia Data 9733730 CSE
OH University of Dayton Hayat Majeed CAREER: Statistical Modeling and Real-time Correction of Nonuniformity in Array Sensors 9733308 CSE
OR U of Oregon Eugene Sabry Amr CAREER: Controlling Space Properties of Higher-Order Typed Programs 9733088 CSE
PA U of Pennsylvania Alur Rajeev CAREER: Computer-Aided Verification of Reactive Systems 9734115 CSE
PA U of Pennsylvania Hitt Lorin CAREER: The Economics of Information Technology, Organization and Productivity: Theory Development and Empirical Analysis 9733877 CSE
PA Drexel University Mancoridis Spiros CAREER: Toward a Design Environment for Recovering and Maintaining the Structure of Software Systems 9733569 CSE
PA Drexel University Regli William CAREER: Geometric Reasoning for Large Engineering Knowledge Bases 9733545 CSE
PA PA St U University Park Sharma Rajeev CAREER: Motion Planning and Active Vision Strategies for Optimizing Visual Feedback in Robot Control 9733644 CSE
RI Brown University Bahar Ruth CAREER: (Re)Configuring Architectures for High Performance and Low Power 9734247 CSE
TX U of Texas Austin Alvisi Lorenzo CAREER: Lightweight Fault-Tolerance for Distributed Agents 9734185 CSE
TX U of Texas Austin Dahlin Michael CAREER: Support for Data-Intensive Distributed Programs in Large Systems 9733842 CSE
TX U of Texas San Antonio Das Samir CAREER: Parallel Discrete Event Simulation: Protocols, Tools and Applications 9733836 CSE
TX William Marsh Rice Univ Knightly Edward CAREER: Accurate and Robust Admission Control in Integrated Services Networks 9733610 CSE
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Rauchwerger Lawrence CAREER: Adaptive Parallel Processing for Dynamic Applications 9734471 CSE
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Shipman Frank CAREER: Enabling and Supporting Collaborative Knowledge Building Through Incremental Formalization 9734167 CSE
TX U of Houston Sivakumar D. CAREER: Probabilistic and Algebraic Techniques for Computational Complexity Theory 9734164 CSE
TX Southern Methodist Univ Tian Jeff CAREER: Techniques and Tools for Early Measurement and Improvement of Software Reliability 9733588 CSE
UT University of Utah Schlegel Christian CAREER: Iterative Decoders for Multiple Access Communication Systems 9732962 CSE
VA George Mason University Brodsky Alexander CAREER: Constraint Databases: Space, Time and Combinatorial Optimization 9734242 CSE
VA University of Virginia Ramsey Norman CAREER: Reusable Specifications for Retargetability 9733974 CSE
VA University of Virginia Sidiropoulos Nikolaos CAREER: Bilinear Shape-Constrained Regression in Blind Source Separation/Equalization, and Signal Processing for Chromatographic Analysis 9733540 CSE
VA College of William & Mary Torczon Virginia CAREER: Research in Nonlinear Numerical Optimization and Practicums for Computational Science 9734044 CSE
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Cao Pei CAREER: WisWeb: Scalable, Consistent, High-Performance WWW Proxy Caching 9734437 CSE
WI U of Wisconsin Milwaukee Munson Ethan CAREER: Representations, Tools, and Services for the Complete Integration of Software Development Documents 9734102 CSE

EHR FY98 Award Listing

CA San Diego State Univ Fdn Lobato Joanne CAREER: Generalization of Learning Mathematics Through Multimedia Environments 9733942 EHR
IL Northwestern University Edelson Daniel CAREER: Learning Science through Design 9720663 EHR
NY Teachers College Columbia Barton Angela CAREER: Science Teaching and Learning in Economically Disadvantaged Urban Areas 9733700 EHR

ENG FY98 Award Listing

CA U of Cal Los Angeles Christofides Panagiotis CAREER: Nonlinear Control of Transport-Reaction and Particulate Processes 9733509 ENG
CA U of Cal Berkeley Govindjee Sanjay CAREER: Career Plan in Mechanics and Materials 9734121 ENG
CA U of Southern California Jin Yan CAREER: Building Knowledge Infrastructure for Collaborative Design 9734006 ENG
CA U of Cal Berkeley King Tsu-Jae CAREER: Direct Patterning of Thin Films for Flat Panel Display Manufacture 9733247 ENG
CA Stanford University Klug Christopher CAREER: Multinuclear Solid State NMR Studies in Environmental Catalysis 9733136 ENG
CA U of Cal Davis Longo Marjorie CAREER: Solubility of Embedding Molecules in Lipid Membrane Bilayers: The Role of Elastic Properties and Molecular Geometries 9733764 ENG
CA U of Cal Berkeley Sedlak David CAREER: The Fate of Hormones in the Aquatic Environment 9734130 ENG
CA U of Cal Davis Solgaard Olav CAREER: Silicon Micromachined Fiber Optic Crossbar Switch 9732953 ENG
CA U of Cal Santa Barbara Stefanopoulou Anna CAREER: Modeling and Control of IC Engines with Variable Valve Motion 9733293 ENG
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Stewart Jonathan CAREER: Empirical Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Effects 9733113 ENG
CA U of Cal Davis Sun Gang CAREER: Functional Modifications of Textile and Polymer Materials 9733981 ENG
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Vandenberghe Lieven CAREER: Large-scale Convex Optimization with Applications to VLSI and Control Systems Design 9733450 ENG
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Yang Yang CAREER: Ionic Polarized Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes Fabricated by Inkjet Printing Technology 9733355 ENG
CA U of Cal Davis Young Thomas CAREER: Environmental Engineering Education and Research in Support of Risk-Based Decision-Making 9733621 ENG
CO U of Colorado Boulder Anseth Kristi CAREER: Photocrosslinkable Polymers for Fracture Fixation 9734236 ENG
CO Colorado School of Mines Marr David W. CAREER: Optical Manipulation of Colloidal Systems 9734136 ENG
CO U of Colorado Boulder Subbarayan Ganesh CAREER: An Integrated, Adaptive Modeling Strategy for Multidisciplinary Design of Electronic Packages 9734349 ENG
CO Colorado State University Young Peter CAREER: Robust Learning Control with Application to Intelligent Building Systems 9732986 ENG
CT Yale University Altman Eric CAREER: Mechanisms of Surfactant Mediated Thin Film Growth 9733416 ENG
CT Univ of Connecticut Helble Joseph CAREER: Aerosol Droplet Combustion Synthesis of Nonequilibrium Nanoscale Materials 9733234 ENG
CT Yale University Tong Wei CAREER: Plasticity of Thin Metallic Sheets 9733797 ENG
DC Howard University Jones Kimberly CAREER: Optimizing Flux and Rejection in Pressure Driven Membrane Processes by Exploiting Electrostatic Interactions Near the Membrane Surface 9734429 ENG
DC Howard University Walton Donnell CAREER: Novel Diode-Pumped Fiber Lasers 9732958 ENG
DE University of Delaware Lobo Raul CAREER: Structure- Property Relationships in Zeolite Adsorbents 9733066 ENG
FL Florida International Univ Jacko Julie CAREER: Universal Access to the Graphical User Interface: Design for the Partially Sighted 9732978 ENG
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Mavris Dimitri CAREER: A Stochastic Approach to Designing Affordable, Environmentally Acceptable Systems 9734234 ENG
IA University of Iowa Rahman Sharif CAREER: Stochastic Fracture Mechanics for Nonlinear Structures 9733058 ENG
IA Iowa State University Salapaka Murti CAREER: Modeling, Dynamical Analysis, and Control of Microcantilever Based Devices 9733802 ENG
IL U of Illinois Chicago Drayton Rhonda Franklin CAREER: Micromachined Microwave and Optical Integrated Circuits: Design Methodologies for High Performance Communication Circuits and Packages 9733963 ENG
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Geubelle Philippe CAREER: High Speed Grinding of Ceramics: Process Simulation and Damage Assessment 9734473 ENG
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Lee Chia-fon CAREER: Investigation of Fuel Sprays and Air Mixing in Lean Direct-Injection Four-Stroke Spark-Ignition Engines 9734402 ENG
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Minsker Barbara CAREER: Research and Educational Advances in Optimal Groundwater Remediation Design 9734076 ENG
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Raskin Lutgarde CAREER: A Career Development Plan to Expand the Integration of Novel Molecular Techniques and Design Experiences into Environmental Engineering Research and Teaching 9733826 ENG
IL U of Illinois Chicago Royston Thomas CAREER: Nonlinear Dynamics of Smart Materials Used for Structural Vibro-Acoustic Control 9733565 ENG
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Saif T. A. CAREER: Interface and Reliability Studies of MEMS and Microelectronics Using New MEMS Instruments 9734368 ENG
IL Northwestern University Snurr Randall CAREER: Modeling in Chemical Engineering Research and Education 9733268 ENG
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Werth Charles CAREER: Spatial and Temporal Characterization of Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquids in Porous Media Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging 9733428 ENG
IL Northwestern University Ziliaskopoulos Athanasius CAREER: Online Optimization and Control of Real-Time Transportation Systems 9733929 ENG
IN University of Notre Dame Fleischman Robert CAREER: Modular Nodes for Joints in Steel Special Moment-Resisting Frames 9733162 ENG
IN Purdue Research Foundation Lauterbach Jochen CAREER: In Situ Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Dynamic Behavior on Surfaces 9733821 ENG
IN Purdue Research Foundation Yao Bin CAREER: Engineering Synthesis of High Performance Adaptive Robust Controllers for Mechanical Systems and Manufacturing Processes 9734345 ENG
KS Kansas State University Starrett Shelli CAREER: Secure and Flexible Transmission Systems 9733447 ENG
KS Wichita State University Twomey Janet CAREER: Neural Network Strategy for Machining When Data is Sparse 9733747 ENG
LA University of New Orleans Li X. Rong CAREER: Theory and Application of Hybrid Estimation 9734285 ENG
LA Tulane University Schwartz Daniel CAREER: Interfacial Flow in Surfactant Monolayers 9733281 ENG
MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Auerbach Scott CAREER: Molecular Transport Theory for Nanoporous Solids 9734153 ENG
MA MIT Chabini Ismail CAREER: High Performance Computing and Network Optimization Methods with Applications to Intelligent Transportation Systems 9733948 ENG
MA Worcester Polytech Inst Hermanson James CAREER: Disruption and Vaporization of Superheated Droplets in Compressible Flow 9733830 ENG
MA Northeastern University Isaacs Jacqueline CAREER: Integration of Economic and Environmental Assessment of Advanced Materials Manufacturing 9734054 ENG
MA MIT Leonard John CAREER: Dynamic Sonar Perception and Navigation 9733040 ENG
MA MIT Miller John CAREER: New Methods for the Analysis and Deployment of Sustainable Infrastructure Systems 9733017 ENG
MA MIT Ram Rajeev CAREER: Magnetic Force Microscopy of Electronic Circuits and Devices 9733502 ENG
MA U of Massachusetts Amherst Watkins James CAREER: Low Temperature Deposition of Thin Metal Films from Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Solution 9734177 ENG
MA MIT Wooh Shi-Chang CAREER: High-Speed Rail Track Condition Monitoring Sensors and Development of Interactive Learning Modules in Nondestructive Evaluation Curriculum 9733157 ENG
MD U of MD College Park Brubaker Kaye CAREER: Space-Time Patterns in Snowmelt: Research and Education for Hydrologic Forecasting 9733925 ENG
MD U of MD Baltimore County Kang Kyung CAREER: Immuno-Optical Biosensors for Plasma Factors/ Application of TQM in Bioengineering Education 9733207 ENG
MD U of MD College Park Schmidt Linda CAREER: Generative Designer Assistance Tools 9733434 ENG
MD U of MD College Park Wereley Norman CAREER: Passive and Active Damping Control for Large Civil Structures 9734244 ENG
ME University of Maine Landis Eric CAREER: Innovative Experimental Mechanics for Heterogeneous Construction Materials 9733769 ENG
MI University of Michigan Endres William CAREER: Merging Dynamics and Mechanics for Integrated Machine-Tool, Tooling and Process Analysis 9734147 ENG
MI Michigan State University Lastoskie Christian CAREER: Adsorption and Transport in Heterogeneous Porous Media 9733086 ENG
MI Oakland University Li Keyu CAREER: Innovative Laser-Based Stress/Strain Measurement Techniques to Solve Challenging Fundamental and Applied Research Problems 9734533 ENG
MI University of Michigan Lin Liwei CAREER: MEMS Post-Packaging by Localized Heating 9734421 ENG
MI University of Michigan Peng Huei CAREER: Worst-Case Evaluation Methodology 9734022 ENG
MI Mich Technological Univ Schulz Noel CAREER: Development of an Intelligent Information Processor for Electric Power Distribution Systems 9733148 ENG
MI Wayne State University Van Tassel Paul CAREER: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Advanced Affinity Techniques for Controlling Interfacial Protein Behavior 9733310 ENG
MO Washington University Dyke Shirley CAREER: Seismic Hazard Mitigation: Innovative Directions in Research and Education 9733272 ENG
MO U of Missouri Columbia Nagarajaiah Satish CAREER: Semi-Active Control with Independently Variable Stiffness and Damping Systems: Analytical and Experimental Study 9733962 ENG
NC Duke University Chilkoti Ashutosh CAREER: Smart Protein-Polymer Conjugates for Biotechnology 9733009 ENG
NC North Carolina State U Ranjithan S. Ranji CAREER: Development of a Computer-Based Methodology to Assist in Environmental Systems Analysis and Decision Making and its Applications in Watershed Management 9733788 ENG
NE U of Nebraska-Lincoln Larsen Gustavo CAREER: Molecular Imprinting of Metal Oxides 9733756 ENG
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Elliott Gregory CAREER: The Study of Turbulence and Compressible Flows Using Molecular Filter Based Diagnostics 9733388 ENG
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Moghe Prabhas CAREER: Analysis and Design of Matrix Microstructure in Tissue Engineering 9733007 ENG
NM New Mexico St University Harcum Sarah CAREER: Stress Response in Recombinant Eschericia coli: A Research and Educational Tool 9732957 ENG
NV U of Nevada Las Vegas Luke Barbara CAREER: Enhanced Approach to Geophysical Imaging of Geotechnical Sites 9734000 ENG
NY Rensselaer Polytech Inst Anderson Kurt CAREER: Design Parameter Determination for Optimal Dynamic Performance of Complex Multibody Systems 9733684 ENG
NY SUNY Buffalo Cartwright Alexander CAREER: Visible Spatial Modulators 9733720 ENG
NY Columbia University Ceria Sebastian CAREER: Efficient Solution of Discrete Optimization Problems 9734172 ENG
NY Polytechnic Univ of NY Iskander Magued CAREER: Modeling 3D Flow and Soil Structure Interaction Using Optical Tomography 9733064 ENG
NY Rensselaer Polytech Inst Walczyk Daniel CAREER: Rapid Tooling with Laminated Dies and Molds 9734231 ENG
OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Bakshi Bhavik CAREER: Data Rectification, Process Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis, and their Integration by Multiscale Empirical Modeling 9733627 ENG
OH U of Cincinnati Jog Milind CAREER: Plasma Heat Transfer: Research and Education 9733369 ENG
OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Stuart Julie Ann CAREER: Analytical Modeling for Demanufacturing Operations 9734310 ENG
OH U of Cincinnati Valentine John CAREER: An Energy-Subtraction Compton Scatter Camera for Medical Imaging 9734276 ENG
OK U of Oklahoma Johnson Matthew CAREER: Scanning Probe Microscopy of Photonic and Electronic Materials 9734228 ENG
OK U of Oklahoma Nanny Mark CAREER: Molecular-Level Characterization of Bonding and Bioavailability of Monoaromatic Pollutants Associated wtih Dissolved Organic Carbon 9732969 ENG
OK U of Oklahoma Santos Michael CAREER: Electronic Device Applications for InSb-Based Heterostructures 9733966 ENG
OK U of Oklahoma Strevett Keith CAREER: Impact of Physiological State and Macro-Nutrient Ratio on Microbial Surface Thermodynamics 9733969 ENG
OR Oregon State University von Jouanne Annette CAREER: Maintaining Power Quality Through Simulation, Experimentation and Education 9733184 ENG
PA U of Pennsylvania Ananthasuresh Suresh G. CAREER: Integrated Synthesis of Mechanical Systems with Unconventional Actuations 9733916 ENG
PA U of Pittsburgh Beck Carolyn CAREER: Modeling and Control Methods for Complex and Uncertain Systems 9733043 ENG
PA PA St U University Park Costanzo Francesco CAREER: Sculptured Thin Films: Non-Linear Nanomechanics and Homogenization for a New Class of Engineered Thin Film Composites with Evolving Nanostructure 9733653 ENG
PA U of Pennsylvania Meaney David CAREER: A Career Application in Bioengineering Research and Education 9733928 ENG
PA Lehigh University Raschke Scott CAREER: Imaging and Visualization Technologies for Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Site Characterization 9733595 ENG
PA PA St U University Park Wang Chao-Yang CAREER: Transport Phenomena in Solidification Processing of Functionally Graded Materials 9733662 ENG
SC U of SC Columbia Flora Joseph CAREER: Development of Bioelectrochemical Systems for Remediation and Treatment 9733377 ENG
SC Clemson University Wassgren Carl CAREER: Mixing and Segregation in Single and Multi-Component Assemblies of Granular Material Subject to Vibration 9733876 ENG
TN University of Memphis Goetz Douglas CAREER: Biophysical Analysis of Adhesion Molecule Coated Microspheres 9733542 ENG
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Bracci Joseph CAREER: Performance-Based Design of Earthquake Resisting Structural Systems 9733959 ENG
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Cox Daniel CAREER: Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Coastal Boundary Layer Processes Induced by Shoaling and Breaking Surface Gravity Waves 9734109 ENG
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Good Theresa CAREER: Role of Protein Aggregation in Disease/Teacher Enhancement in Engineering 9734496 ENG
TX U of Texas Austin Schmidt Christine CAREER: Understanding the Molecular Mechanics of Growth Cone Motility and Nerve Regeneration 9733156 ENG
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Wang Lihong CAREER: Turbid Acousto-Optics 9734491 ENG
TX Texas Engineering Exp Sta Wooldridge Margaret CAREER: Determination of Particle Composition in Combustion Synthesis Flames via Laser Spark Spectroscopy 9734259 ENG
VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Huang Alex CAREER: Development of Emitter-Controlled Thyristors for Power Electronics Building Block (PEBB) 9733121 ENG
VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Kasarda Mary CAREER: Magnetic Bearing for Improved Process Control 9733124 ENG
VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Martinez Julio CAREER: Developing the Infrastructure for the Widespread Use of Simulation in the Analysis of Construction Operations 9733267 ENG
WA U of Washington Diorio Christopher CAREER: Neurally Inspired Silicon Learning 9733425 ENG
WA U of Washington Mescher Ann CAREER: Discovery and Transfer of Knowledge Enabling Manufacture of Polymeric Materials with Specilized Optical Characteristics 9734438 ENG
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Bonazza Riccardo CAREER: Shock-Tube Investigation of the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability and Integration of Classroom Lectures and Computer and Laboratory Activities 9734384 ENG
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Mawst Luke CAREER: Al-free Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) for Reliable, High-Single-Mode Output Power 9734283 ENG
WY University of Wyoming Hamilton H. R. CAREER: Durability of FRP Repaired Concrete and Masonry Structures 9734227 ENG

GEO FY98 Award Listing

AL Marine Envrnmtl Sci Conso Graham William CAREER: Energetic Consequences of Feeding in a Patchy Environment: Possible Limitations to Jellyfish Production in Coastal Ecosystems 9733441 GEO
CO U of Colorado Boulder Rajaram Harihar CAREER: Feedback Coupling Between Flow and Reactions in Heterogeneous Porous and Fractured Media:Computational and Experimental Studies 9734404 GEO
MA Univ of Mass, Dartmouth Buck John CAREER: Instruments and Algorithms for Marine Mammal Behavioral Acoustics 9733391 GEO
MA Boston College Kineke Gail CAREER: Sediment Transport and Trapping in Estuaries, Southeastern United States 9727348 GEO
MA Harvard University Schrag Daniel CAREER: Geochemical Approaches to Oceanography and Climatology: A Plan for Research and Education 9733688 GEO
MT Montana State University Longcope Dana CAREER: A Model of Magnetic Reconnection Driving Large-Scale Activity in a Complex Solar Corona 9733424 GEO
NC North Carolina State U Eggleston David CAREER: Scientific Method, Stochastic Dynamics & Deterministic Forcing: Integrated Modelling, Field Research, & Educational Outreach to Understand Population Dynamics of the Blue Crab 9734472 GEO
NC U of NC Chapel Hill Martin Scot CAREER: Teaching and Research: A Unified Approach to the Role of Particles in Atmospheric Chemistry 9733629 GEO
NJ Princeton University Russell Lynn CAREER: Determination of the Rate of Nucleation of Aerosol Particles in Clear and Cloud-Processed Atmospheric Conditions 9732949 GEO
NY SUNY Stony Brook Mak John CAREER: Isotopic Studies of the Sources and Sinks of Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide 9733638 GEO
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Martin Jonathan CAREER: The Structure and Dynamics of the Late Stages of the Cyclone Life Cycle: Creating and Articulating New Knowledge Using 4-D Animation of Numerical Model Output 9733127 GEO

MPS FY98 Award Listing

AR U of Arkansas Thibado Paul CAREER: Atom Diffusion Studies During III-V Epitaxy: A Combined MBE-STM Investigation 9733994 MPS
AR U of Arkansas Turnbull Kenneth CAREER: Nucleic Acid Phosphodiester Modification and Educational Career Development 9734187 MPS
CA U of Cal Berkeley Bertozzi Carolyn CAREER: Engineering Glycoforms on Proteins and Cells by Chemoselective Ligation 9734430 MPS
CA U of Cal Berkeley Budker Dmitry CAREER: Spectroscopic Test of Bose-Einstein Statistics for Photons/Teaching Modern Physics at Berkeley 9733479 MPS
CA U of Cal Irvine Hong Bo CAREER: New Families of Photo- and Redox-Active Molecular Rods and Squares with Rigid sp Carbon Chain Spacers 9733546 MPS
CA U of Cal Davis Palmore G. Tayhas CAREER: Career Development Plan: Integrated Research and Education Activities 9733983 MPS
CA U of Cal Davis Patten Timothy CAREER: The Synthesis of New Polymers and Materials using Living Polymerizations: Well-Defined Hybrid Organic/ Inorganic Nanoparticles 9733786 MPS
CA U of Cal Los Angeles Schwartz Benjamin CAREER: Charge-Transfer-to-Solvent Transitions: Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Simplest Charge Transfer Reaction 9733218 MPS
CA San Diego State Univ Fdn Walsh Patrick CAREER: Developing an Understanding of Asymmetric Induction: The Use of Inorganic Titanium Bissulfonamido Based Complexes in Asymmetric Catalysis 9733274 MPS
CA U of Cal Santa Cruz Zaritsky Dennis CAREER: A Survey for High Redshift Galaxy Clusters: A Research and Education Resource 9733111 MPS
CA U of Cal Davis Zieve Rena CAREER: The Laboratory Experience: Introductory Physics through Independent Research 9733898 MPS
CO U of Colorado Boulder Halcomb Randall CAREER: A Bioorganic Investigation of Protein Glycosylation 9733765 MPS
CT Wesleyan University Beauchamp Kara CAREER: Interplay of Disorder and Quantum Effects in Low Dimensional Magnets and Superconductors 9733848 MPS
FL University of Florida Lada Elizabeth CAREER: Investigations of the Formation and Evolution of Stars in Young Embedded Clusters 9733367 MPS
FL University of Florida Tan Weihong CAREER: Nanometer Scale Imaging and Sensing 9733650 MPS
FL Florida International Univ Zhu Yifu CAREER: Control of Atom-Radiation Interactions via Coherence and Interference 9729133 MPS
GA Emory University Lian Tianquan CAREER: Femtosecond Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Interfacial Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanoparticle Colloids 9733796 MPS
GA U of Georgia Res Fdn Inc Templon Jeffrey CAREER: Electromagnetic Studies of Few-body Nuclear Physics. 9733791 MPS
GA GA Tech Res Corp - GIT Wang Zhong CAREER: Magnetic-Nanocrystal Self-Assembled Superlattices 9733160 MPS
IA Coe College Affatigato Mario CAREER: Determination of Glass Structure using Laser Induced Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy 9733724 MPS
IA Iowa State University Otaigbe Joshua CAREER: Medium-Range Order in Polymeric Phosphate Glasses: Effects of Atomic-Scale Structures on Macroscopic Properties 9733350 MPS
IA Iowa State University Sheares Valerie CAREER: Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(N,N-dialkylaminoisoprene)s 9733837 MPS
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Bellon Pascal CAREER: Mesoscopic Scale Phase Separation in Alloys under Sustained External Forcing 9733582 MPS
IL U of Illinois Chicago Browning Nigel CAREER: Atomic Mechanisms at Interfaces and Defects in Semiconducting Materials 9733895 MPS
IL U of Illinois Chicago Marko John CAREER: Integrated Teaching and Research on Molecule and Cell Biophysics 9734178 MPS
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Martinez Todd CAREER: Nonadiabatic Effects on Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Gas and Condensed Phases 9733403 MPS
IL U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Meixner Margaret CAREER: A Comprehensive Study of Proto-Planetary Nebulae Dust Shells and the Development of Experimental Astronomy Programs at the University of Illinois 9733697 MPS
IL U of Illinois Chicago Schroeder W. Andreas CAREER: Anisotropic Femtosecond Spectroscopy of High-Tc Superconductors 9734131 MPS
IN University of Notre Dame Brown Seth CAREER: Trimetallic Complexes as Mechanistically Novel Reductants 9733321 MPS
IN Purdue Research Foundation Kais Sabre CAREER: Scaling Theory for Electronic Structure 9733189 MPS
IN Purdue Research Foundation Raftery Michael CAREER: In Situ NMR Techniques for the Study of Environmental Catalysis 9733188 MPS
IN University of Notre Dame Taylor Richard CAREER: Practical, Iterative, Synthetic Methodology from Novel Reactive Intermediates 9733253 MPS
IN University of Notre Dame Wiest Olaf CAREER: Pericyclic Reactions of Radical Ions 9733050 MPS
KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Grossman Robert CAREER: I. Convergent Double Annulation Route to Highly Substituted and Oxidized Bicyclo{4.n.0}alkanes. II. Engaging Students as Participants in their Own Education 9733201 MPS
KY U of Kentucky Res Fdn Johnson Clifford CAREER: New Paradigms in Fundamental Physics 9733173 MPS
LA Tulane University Li Chao-Jun CAREER: Synthesis of C-Glycosides 9733256 MPS
LA La St U & A&M Coll Schafer Kenneth CAREER: Photoelectron Spectra from Atoms and Molecules in Intense Laser Fields 9733890 MPS
MA MIT Brenner Michael CAREER: Mathematics of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in Applying Techniques of Nonlinear Dynamics to Fluid Dynamics, Acoustics, and Biophysics 9733030 MPS
MD U of MD College Park Hamilton Douglas CAREER: Orbital Dynamics of Solar System Dust 9733789 MPS
MD Johns Hopkins University Toscano John CAREER: Time-Resolved IR Studies of Organic Reactive Intermediates 9733052 MPS
MI University of Michigan Barvinok Alexander CAREER: Applications of Higher-Dimensional Phenomena in Banach Geometry 9734138 MPS
MI University of Michigan Goldman Rachel CAREER: Research and Education in Electronic Materials 9733707 MPS
MI Wayne State University Liu Gang-Yu CAREER: Development of Nanofabrication Techniques for Self-assembled Monolayer Based Biosensors 9733400 MPS
MO U of Missouri Columbia Keller Steven CAREER: Geomimetic Coordination Polymers: Teaching Nature--and Students--New Tricks 9733341 MPS
MO U of Missouri Kansas City Kruger Michael CAREER: Pressure-Induced Amorphization and Materials Synthesis under High Pressure Techniques 9733956 MPS
MO U of Missouri Columbia Tucker Sheryl CAREER: Dendritic Approach to Career-Development: Dendrimers, Multidisciplinary Courses, and Girl Scouts 9733853 MPS
NC North Carolina A&T St Univ Bililign Solomon CAREER: Effects of Electronic Alignment in Laser Induced M-H2 and M-CH4 Reactions 9733744 MPS
NC Duke University Clyde Merlise CAREER: Model Uncertainty, Model Selection, and Robustness with Applications in Environmental Sciences 9733013 MPS
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Akerfeldt Karin CAREER: Calbindin D28k: A Synthetic Peptide Approach 9733174 MPS
NJ Princeton University Petters Arlie CAREER: Gravitational Lensing Geometry and Optics 9734586 MPS
NJ Foundation @ NJIT Tyson Trevor CAREER: Correlations Between Local Structure and Electron Transport in Transition-Metal Oxides 9733862 MPS
NJ Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Zimmermann Frank CAREER: Laser Spectroscopic Studies of the Dynamics of Recombinative Desorption and Bimolecular Surface Reactions 9733701 MPS
NY Rensselaer Polytech Inst Ajayan Pulickel CAREER: Structure-Topology-Property Correlations in Carbon Nanotubes 9733028 MPS
NY Columbia University Conrad Janet CAREER: An experiment to investigate nu mu to nu e oscillations: MiniBooNE 9733023 MPS
NY CUNY Hunter College Drain Charles CAREER: Design and Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Photonic Materials 9732950 MPS
NY Cornell University-Endowed Hines Melissa CAREER: The Chemistry of Etching: Understanding Kinetic Surface Morphologies on an Atomic Scale 9733165 MPS
OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Hadad Christopher CAREER: Second-Row Substituents and Microsolvation Effects on Nucleophilic Reactivity at Carbonyl Groups 9733457 MPS
OH Ohio State University McCoy Anne CAREER: Theoretical Investigations of Changes in Photodissociation and Reaction Dynamics by Dimer and Small Cluster Formation 9732998 MPS
OH Case Western Reserve Protasiewicz John CAREER: New Insights and Applications of Multiply Bonded Phosphorus Centers 9733412 MPS
OH Ohio State Univ Res Fdn Turro Claudia CAREER: Control of Electron Transfer Reactions Through Electrostatic Potentials in Organized Media 9733000 MPS
OK U of Oklahoma Grady Brian CAREER: X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Thermal Behavior in Polymers 9733068 MPS
OK U of Oklahoma Murphy Sheena CAREER: Topological Excitations in Two Dimensional Systems 9733949 MPS
OR Reed College Geselbracht Margret CAREER: New Mixed-Valent Layered Perovskites to Elucidate Structure-Property Relationships 9733329 MPS
OR U of Oregon Eugene Wang Hailin CAREER: Cavity QED of Semiconductors with High-Q Dielectric 9733230 MPS
PA U of Pittsburgh Borguet Eric CAREER: Structure, Dynamics and Reactivity at Electrode Interfaces 9734273 MPS
PA U of Pennsylvania Devlin Mark CAREER: Measuring the Spectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy on Angular Scales from 0.15 to 4 Degrees 9732960 MPS
PA U of Pennsylvania Kamien Randall CAREER: Chiral Molecules, Structures and Materials 9732963 MPS
PA Duquesne University Space Brian CAREER: Theoretical Studies of Condensed Phase Conduction and Spectroscopic Processes 9732945 MPS
PA PA St U University Park Yeazell John CAREER: Rydberg Atomic Wavepackets: Engineering, Measurement, and Control 9733643 MPS
PR University of Puerto Rico Huang Songping CAREER: Building a Bridge Between Research and Education in Materials Chemistry: A Career Development Plan 9733275 MPS
TN Fisk University Thomas Edward CAREER: Studies of the Physical and Thermodynamic Properties of Dusty Plasmas and Plasma Crystals 9733554 MPS
TX U of Houston Guloy Arnold CAREER: Solid State Chemistry of Unusual Zintl Phases and Polar Intermetallics 9733587 MPS
TX U of Texas Austin Shear Jason CAREER: High-speed Electrophoretic Imaging of Biological Microenvironments 9734258 MPS
UT Brigham Young University Savage Paul CAREER: Elucidation of the Means by which Lipid A Associates with other Molecules 9734282 MPS
VA Virginia Commonwealth Univ Baski Alison CAREER: Structural Studies of Metal Interfaces on High-Index Silicon Surfaces 9733398 MPS
VA University of Virginia Fraser Cassandra CAREER: Metal Core Macromolecules with Tunable Properties 9733466 MPS
VA Hampton University Goity Jose CAREER: Studies in Hadronic Structure and Dynamics 9733343 MPS
VA Hampton University Hommerich Uwe CAREER: Evaluation of Cr(2+) Doped Cadmium Chalcogenides as Mid-Infrared Laser Materials 9733062 MPS
VA VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Pitt Mark CAREER: Parity-Violating Electron Scattering and Rare Kaon Decay 9733772 MPS
VA Norfolk State University Salgado Carlos CAREER: A Study of Photo-produced SSbar Excitations in a National Lab - HBCU Partnership to Enhance Minority Participation in Physics 9733999 MPS
VA College of William & Mary Zhang Shiwei CAREER: Understanding Strong Correlations in Real Materials with Scalable High Performance Computing 9734041 MPS
WI U of Wisconsin Madison Forest Cary CAREER: An Experimental MHD Dynamo 9734316 MPS
WI Lawrence University Harpp Karen CAREER: Teaching through Research: Plume-Ridge Interactions in the Galapagos as Focus of an Integrated Interdisciplinary Chemistry Curricular Initiative 9733597 MPS
WV WV Univ Research Corp Lederman David CAREER: Surface and Interface Properties of Antiferromagnetic Heterostructures 9734051 MPS
WY University of Wyoming Thomas Britt CAREER: Phospholipid Tubule & Protein-lipid Self Assembly 9734266 MPS

SBE FY98 Award Listing

IL University of Chicago Lamont Owen CAREER: Expectations, the Stock Market, and Investment 9733979 SBE
MA Harvard University Ambady Nalini CAREER: Accuracy of Thin Slice Judgements 9733706 SBE
PA U of Pennsylvania Gans Noah CAREER: Telephone Call Centers: Human Factors in the Management of Queueing Systems 9733739 SBE