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REU Sites: Engineering

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Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Yale University
REU Site: Convergence of Research at the Interface of the Biological, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, Physics, and Applied Physics
New Haven, Connecticut
Primary: Corey O'Hern
(203) 432-4258
Secondary: Lynne Regan
(203) 432-9843
Research Topics/Keywords: cellular processes;cellular motion;cell biology; biological imaging; imaging technology and method development;protein structure and function;protein design; protein-interaction; self-assembly;
Comments: Coordinator: Dorottya Noble; email: dorottya.noble@yale.edu ; Phone: 203-432-2751
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
REU Site: Interdisciplinary Research on Sustainable Infrastructure
Civil and Environment Engineering
Worcester, Massachusetts
Primary: Aaron Sakulich
(508) 831-5912
Research Topics/Keywords: Civil Engineering and Materials Science
Abstract of Award
William Marsh Rice University
REU Site: Nanotechnology REU with Focus on Community Colleges
School Science Technology SST
Houston, Texas
Primary: Carolyn A. Nichol
(713) 348-2672
Secondary: Rafael Verduzco
(713) 348-6492
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanotechnology , Community College
Abstract of Award
Detroit, Michigan
Primary: Jeremy L. Rickli
(313) 577-1752
Secondary: Yinlun Huang
(313) 577-3771
Research Topics/Keywords: Manufacturing, sustainability, lightweight materials manufacturing, energy storage materials, remanufacturing, chemical-energy-water nexus
Abstract of Award
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Imaging and Mechanics-based Projects on Accidental Cases of Trauma
Biomedical Engineering
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Primary: Joel Stitzel
(336) 716-5597
Secondary: Ashley Weaver
(336) 716-0944
Research Topics/Keywords: Biomedical engineering , Imaging biomechanics, mechanics, trauma, injury,accident , modeling
Abstract of Award
Virginia Polytechnic Institute ans State University
REU Site: Research Opportunities in Interdisciplinary Water Sciences and Engineering
Engineering Education
Blackburg, Virginia
Primary: Vinod K. Lohani
(540) 231-9545
Research Topics/Keywords: Water Research in Civil/Environmental/Agricultural Engineering; crop and Soil Environmental Sciences: Geosciences; Chemistry; Industrial Design
Abstract of Award
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
REU Site: Automotive Technologies at the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt and Virginia Tech
Mechanical Engineering
Blacksburg, Virginia
Primary: Jan Helge Bohn
Research Topics/Keywords: Automotive Technologies, Engineering , International, Europe, Germany
Abstract of Award
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
REU Site: A multiscale Approach to Biomechanics
School of Biomedical Engineering
Blacksburg, Virginia
Primary: Pamela J. VandeVord
(540) 231-1994
Research Topics/Keywords: Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics
Abstract of Award
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
REU Site: Summer interships in tire engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Blacksburg, Virginia
Primary: Saied Taheri
(434) 766-6758
Secondary: Mehdi ahmadian
(540) 231-4920
Research Topics/Keywords: Tire engineering
Abstract of Award
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
REU Site: Bioprocess engineering for sustainability
Biological Systems Engineering
Blacksburg, Virginia
Primary: Justin R Barone
(540) 231-0680
Research Topics/Keywords: Bioprocess engineering for sustainability
Abstract of Award
Nashville, Tennessee
Primary: Prof. Clare McCabe
(615) 322-6853
Secondary: Prof. Sandra Rosenthal
(615) 322-2633
Research Topics/Keywords: nanoscale materials and engineering
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Engineering
Logan, Utah
Primary: Ning Fang
(435) 797-2948
Secondary: Oenardi Lawanto
(435) 797-1226
Research Topics/Keywords: engineering education, self-regulated learning
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Engineering
University of Washington
REU Site: Sensorimotor Neural Engineering
Bioengineering; Computer Science and Engineering
Seattle, Washington
Primary: Eric Chudler
Secondary: Thomas Daniel
Research Topics/Keywords: neuroscience, neurobiology, neural engineering
Comments: Coordinator: Lise Johnson (liseaj@uw.edu)
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Engineering
University of Virginia
REU Site: Wireless Health
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Charlottesville, Virginia
Primary: John C Lach
(434) 924-6086
Secondary: Carolyn Vallas
(434) 924-0614
Research Topics/Keywords: Crosscutting Electrical and Computer Engineering and Science, wireless networks, integrated circuits, sensing, signal processing, communication, data mining, databases, health applications
Abstract of Award
University of Virginia
REU Site: Water, Society and Health
Department of Civil Engineering
Charolottesville, Virginia
Primary: James A Smith
(434) 924-7991
Secondary: Garrick E. Louis
(434) 982-2742
Research Topics/Keywords: Environmental Science and Engineering, Systems Engineering, Anthropology, Materials Science, and Microbiology
Abstract of Award
University of Texas at Austin
REU Site: BME Community of Undergradute Research Scholar
Biomedical Engineering
Austin, Texas
Primary: Mia K. Markey
(512) 471-6424
Secondary: Laura Suggs
(512) 232-1671
Research Topics/Keywords: Research Cancer
Abstract of Award
Austin, Texas
Primary: Roger T. Bonnecaze
(512) 471-1497
Secondary: S.V Sreenivasan
(512) 471-6546
Research Topics/Keywords: Nanomanufacturing Systems, Mobile computing and Energy Technologies
Abstract of Award
University of South Florida
REU Site: Tampa Interdisciplinary Environmental Reserach
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tampa, Florida
Primary: Maya A. Trotz
(813) 974-5465
Secondary: Sarina J. Ergas
(813) 974-2275
Research Topics/Keywords: Interdisciplinary Environmental Research
Abstract of Award
University of South Carolina at Columbia
REU Site: Cradle to the Grave-CO2 Opportunities and Challenges
Department of Chemical Engineering
Columbia, South Carolina
Primary: Jochen Lauterbach
(803) 777-7904
Secondary: Christopher T. Wlliams
(803) 777-0143
Research Topics/Keywords: CO2 Sequestration: Materials; Energy Converison
Abstract of Award
University of Pittsburgh
REU Site: American Student Placements in Rehabilitation Engineering
Rehabilitation Science & Technology
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Primary: Rory A. Cooper
(412) 383-6596
Secondary: Alicia M. Koontz
(412) 365-4850
Research Topics/Keywords: Rehabilitation Engineering
Abstract of Award
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