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National Science Foundation

REU Sites

REU Sites: Computer and Information Science and Engineering

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Site Information Site Location Contact Information Additional Information
Lowell, Massachusetts
Primary: Xinwen Fu
(605) 270-9427
Secondary: Kate Saenko
(978) 934-3620
Research Topics/Keywords: Project 1:Threats against human-action modalities Project 2:Defense of human-action modalities Project 3:Threats against computer sensing modalities Project 4:Defense of computer sensing modalities
Abstract of Award
University of Massachusetts Amherst
REUMass: A Summer Computing Research Experience in Data Science
Department of Computer Science
Amherst, Massachusetts
Primary: Prof. David Jensen
(413) 545-9677
Secondary: Ms. Leeanne LeClerc
(413) 545-3640
Research Topics/Keywords: Data science including applications (computational social science, mobile health, etc.), data analytics (machine learning, NLP, etc.), and infrastructure (databases, cloud computing, etc.).
Abstract of Award
College Park, Maryland
Primary: William Gasarch
(301) 405-2698
Secondary: Samir Khuller
(301) 405-2712
Research Topics/Keywords: Crytography, graph algorithms, combinatorics, probability, programming games, algorithms for problems from AI and database
Abstract of Award
University of Houston - Downtown
Research Experiences in Algorithm Design and Analysis for Students in Undergraduate Institutions
Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Houston, Texas
Primary: Shengli Yuan
(713) 221-8572
Research Topics/Keywords: Natural language processing and knowledge acquisition, semantic association rule analysis, high performance computing, spatial data mining, automatic mapping of planetary surfaces
Abstract of Award
University of Houston
Undergraduate Research Experience in Multimedia Data Analytics.
Department of Computer Science
Houston, Texas
Primary: Stephen Huang
(713) 743-3338
Secondary: Ernst L. Leiss
(713) 743-3359
Research Topics/Keywords: Data Analytics, Computational Science, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity
Abstract of Award
University of Connecticut
Trustable Computing Systems Security
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Storrs, Connecticut
Primary: John Chandy
(860) 486-5047
Research Topics/Keywords: Cryptographic algorithms implementation, integrated circuit security, secure cloud computing, computer systems auditing, secure mobile computing, secure processors, secure voting systems
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Education and Human Resources
University of Connecticut
Bio-Grid REU Site
Computer Science and Engineering
Storrs, Connecticut
Primary: Chun-Hsi Huang
Research Topics/Keywords: Bio-Grid: High-Performance Computing, Computational Biology, Life-Science Informatics, Cluster/Grid/Cloud Computing
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Machine Learning - Theory and Practice
Computer Science Department
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Primary: Jugal Kalita
(719) 255-3432
Secondary: Kristen Walcott-Justice
(719) 255-3670
Research Topics/Keywords: Incremental learning, meta-learning, learning in streams, large-scale learning, natural language processing, intelligent compilers, mobile software testing, biomedical brain signal processing
Abstract of Award
University of Central Florida
Research Experiences in the Internet of Things
Computer Science Department
Orlando, Florida
Primary: Damla Turgut
(407) 823-6171
Secondary: Yier Jin
(407) 823-5321
Research Topics/Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT), security and privacy, sensor design and fabrication, social networks and IoT, energy efficient devices, medical applications of IoT
Abstract of Award
University of Central Florida
Research for Undergraduates in Computer Vision
Center for Research in Computer Vision
Orlando, Florida
Primary: Mubarak Shah
(407) 823-5077
Secondary: Niels Lobo
(407) 823-2873
Research Topics/Keywords: Computer Vision
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
University of California - San Diego
REU Site: Engineers for Exploration
California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology
San Diego, California
Primary: Ryan Kastner
(858) 534-8908
Secondary: Albert Lin
Research Topics/Keywords: Embedded computing systems, robotics, sensor networks, wireless communication, remote sensing, field deployments, digital signal processing, microcontrollers
Abstract of Award
University of California - Los Angeles
Wireless Health Research and Education
Electrical Engineering
Los Angeles, California
Primary: Wes Uehara
(310) 206-5592
Research Topics/Keywords: Acoustic environment classification, zero configuration systems, reliable inference, data college and predictive analytics, energy-aware inferencing of rich contexts and behaviors
Abstract of Award
University of California - Berkeley
The Berkeley TRUST REU
College of Engineering
Berkeley, California
Primary: Shankar Sastry
(510) 643-5883
Research Topics/Keywords: Big Data, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Web Security, Network Security, Smart Grid Privacy & Security
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Computer and Information Science and Engineering
University of California - Berkeley
REU Site: SUPERB - Information Technology for Sustainability
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Berkeley, California
Primary: David Culler
(510) 643-7572
Research Topics/Keywords: Security, Databases, Parallel Programming, AI, HCI
Abstract of Award
Little Rock, Arkansas
Primary: Mengjun XIe
(501) 569-8134
Secondary: Kenji Yoshigoe
(501) 569-8138
Research Topics/Keywords: Cyber security and forensics
Abstract of Award
University of Arizona
REU Site: Cognitive and Autonomous Test (CAT) Vehicle
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tuscon, Arizona
Primary: Nancy Emptage
Secondary: Haris Volos
Research Topics/Keywords: Autonomous cars, cognitive radio, model-based design, wireless networks, embedded control systems, sensor fusion, Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)communications
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Department of Defense (DoD)
Texas Tech University
Declarative Approaches to Knowledge Intensive Applications
Computer Science Department
Lubbock, Texas
Primary: Yuanlin Zhang
(806) 834-7742
Secondary: Akbar Siami Namin
(806) 834-4906
Research Topics/Keywords: Declarative programming, healthcare, cyber security, energy, software engineering, intelligent systems, space exploration
Abstract of Award
San Marcos, Texas
Primary: Anne Ngu
(512) 245-3409
Secondary: Bryan Gao
(512) 245-0348
Research Topics/Keywords: Data mining in IoT, IoT-based robotic systems, User-centric management of IoT, Design and verification of IoT systems
Abstract of Award
Tennessee Technological University
Secure and Privacy Preserving Cyber Physical Sustems
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Cookeville, Tennessee
Primary: Mohamed Mahmoud
(931) 310-5074
Secondary: Hasan Syed
(931) 373-3462
Research Topics/Keywords: Secure vehicular networks and electric vehicles communications, anomaly detection, formal security analytics, physical layer security, hardware insecurities, and secure programmable logic controllers
Abstract of Award
Cofunded: Education and Human Resources
Temple University
Enhancing Undergraduate Experience in Mobile Cloud Computing
Computer and Information Sciences
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Primary: Jie Wu
(215) 204-5774
Secondary: Avinash Srinivasan
(215) 204-5774
Research Topics/Keywords: Cloud Computing,Wireless Communications,Mobile Communications
Abstract of Award
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