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National Science Foundation

MSP Partnerships State-by-State

The Math and Science Partnership Program at NSF - An Overview

MSP Goals, Structure, and Composition | MSP Partnerships State-by-State

MSP Research, Evaluation, & Technical Assistance Projects State-by-State

MSP Partners | NSF's MSP at a Glance

Targeted = T Comprehensive - C Institute = I
State Lead Partner Project Title Type of Partnership Year
First Funded
Auburn University Transforming East Alabama Mathematics (TEAM–Math) (http://ea.mspnet.org/ or http://team-math.net/) T 2003
  Birmingham - Southern College The Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership: Building Communities of Learners and Leaders in Middle School Mathematics (http://gbmp.mspnet.org or http://www.bsc.edu/gbmp) T 2004
Arizona State University Project Pathways: Opening Routes to Math and Science Success for All Students (http://pp.mspnet.org) T 2004
University of California
Mathematical Achievement and Collaboration for Teachers and Students (ACTS) (http://mathacts.mspnet.org or http://mathacts.ucr.edu) T 2002
  San Francisco State University REvitalizing ALgebra (REAL) (http://real.mspnet.org or http://math.sfsu.edu/hsu/msp/index.html) T 2002
  University of California
FOCUS: Faculty Outreach Collaborations Irvine Uniting Scientists, Students and Schools (http://focus.mspnet.org) C 2002
  California State University,
Teachers Assisting Students to Excel in Learning Mathematics (TASEL–M) (http://taselm.mspnet.org or http://taselm.fullerton.edu) T 2002
  Palo Alto Unified School District Partnership for Student Success in Science (PS3) (http://ps3.mspnet.org or http://www.pscubed.org) T 2003
University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center Rocky Mountain Middle School Math Science Partnership: 15 Months to Highly Qualified (http://mms.mspnet.org or http://rmmsmsp.cudenver.edu) T 2004
Florida Atlantic University Standards Mapped Graduate Education and Mentoring (http://smgem.mspnet.org or http://www.math.fau.edu/Teacher/MSP) I 2004
University System of Georgia Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM) (http://prism.mspnet.org or http://www.gaprism.org) C 2003
Indiana University Indiana University – Indiana Mathematics Initiative Partnership (http://iu-imi.mspnet.org or http://www.indiana.edu/~iucme) T 2002
University of Kentucky Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership (http://www.indiana.edu/~iucme or http://www.appalmsp.org) C 2002
Boston University Focus on Mathematics (http://fom.mspnet.org or http://www.focusonmath.org) T 2003
  Tufts University The Fulcrum Institute for Education in Science (http://fulcrum.mspnet.org or http://fulcrum.tufts.edu) I 2004
  University of Massachusetts
Boston Science Partnership (http://bsp.mspnet.org) T 2004
University System of Maryland Vertically Integrated Partnerships K–16 (VIP K–16) (http://vipk16.mspnet.org or http://www.scienceinquiry.org) T 2002
  University of Maryland
Baltimore County
UMBC–BCPS STEM Project (http://superstem.mspnet.org) C 2002
Michigan State University Promoting Rigorous Outcomes in Mathematics/Science Education (PROM/SE) (http://promse.mspnet.org or http://www.promse.msu.edu/) C 2003
Washington University St. Louis Inner Ring Cooperative (SIRC): Intervention Case Studies in K–12 Math & Science (http://sirc.mspnet.org or http://www.so.wustl.edu/ science_outreach/partners/mspabout.html) T 2002
University of North Carolina, General Administration Office North Carolina Partnership for Improving Mathematics and Science (NC–PIMS) (http://ncpims.mspnet.org/ or http://ncpims.northcarolina.edu) C 2002
  Duke University Teachers and Scientists Collaborating (TASC) (http://tasc.mspnet.org or http://tasc.pratt.duke.edu) T 2002
University of Nebraska - Lincoln Math in the Middle Institute Partnership (http://mim.mspnet.org or http://scimath.unl.edu/MIM/mimgrant.html) I 2004
Rutgers University
New Brunswick
New Jersey Math Science Partnership (http://nj.mspnet.org/ or http://njmsp.rutgers.edu) C 2002
  Merck Institute for Science Education Consortium for Achievement in Mathematics and Science (http://consortium.mspnet.org) T 2003
  Institute for Advanced Study Math Science Partnership Project: PD3 (http://iaspc.mspnet.org or http://www.admin.ias.edu/ma/current/mspp.php) I 2003
SUNY College at Brockport SUNY–Brockport College and Rochester City (SCOLLARCITY) Math and Science Partnership: Integrative Technology Tools for Preservice and Inservice Teacher Education (http://scollarcity.mspnet.org or http://www.brockport.edu/cmst) T 2002
  University of Rochester Deepening Everyone’s Mathematics Content Knowledge: Mathematicians, Teachers, Parents, Students & Community (http://dmc.mspnet.org/) T 2002
  Hofstra University The MSTP Project: Mathematics Across the MST Curriculum (http://mstp.mspnet.org or http://www.hofstra.edu/Academics/SOEAHS/tec/tec_mstp.cfm) T 2003
  City University of New York Math and Science Partnership in New York City (MSPinNYC) (http://mspnyc.mspnet.org) T 2004
Stark County Educational Service Center Stark County Math and Science Partnership (http://stark.mspnet.org or http://www.sparcc.org/msp) T 2002
  Cleveland Municipal School District Cleveland Math and Science Partnership (http://cleveland.mspnet.org or http://www.cwru.edu/artsci/csm/CMSP.html) T 2002
Oregon State University Oregon Mathematics Leadership Institute Partnership (http://ormath.mspnet.org or http://omli.org) I 2004
La Salle University The Mathematics and Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (MSPGP) (http://mspgp.mspnet.org or http://www.mspgp.org) T 2003
  University of Pennsylvania

Penn Science Teacher Institute (http://sti.mspnet.org/ or http://www.sas.upenn.edu/PennSTI/)

I 2004
  Allegheny Intermediate Unit Southwest Pennsylvania Math Science Partnership (http://swpa.mspnet.org/ or http://www.aiu3.net/MSC) C 2003
University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Puerto Rico Math and Science Partnership (http://puertorico.mspnet.org or http://www.prmsp.org/english/home.htm) C 2003
Black Hills Special Services Cooperative PRIME: Promoting Reflective Inquiry in Mathematics Education (http://prime.mspnet.org/ or http://www.primeproject.org) T 2002
Del Mar College Alliance for Improvement of Mathematics Skills PREK–16 (AIMS) (http://alliance.mspnet.org or http://www.delmar.edu/aims) T 2002
  University of Texas at El Paso El Paso Math and Science Partnership (http://elpaso.mspnet.org or http://epcae.org/msp) C 2002
  Stephen F. Austin State University

Texas Middle and Secondary Mathematics Project (http://texas.mspnet.org or http://www.faculty.sfasu.edu/kchilds/nsf2.html)

T 2002
  William Marsh Rice University The Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute (http://mli.mspnet.org or http://nsfmli.rice.edu/) I 2004
National Science Teachers Association e-Mentoring for Student Success (http://ementoring.mspnet.org or http://emss.nsta.org/or http://newteachercenter.org/eMSS) T 2002
  Virginia Commonwealth University NSF Institute: Preparing Virginia’s Mathematics Specialists (http://vamath.mspnet.org) I 2004
The Vermont Institutes Vermont Mathematics Partnership (http://vermont.mspnet.org or http://www.vermontmathematics.org) T 2002
Western Washington University North Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership (http://cascadesolympic.mspnet.org or http://www.ncosp.wwu.edu) T 2003
University of Wisconsin - Madison System-Wide Change for All Learners and Educators (SCALE) (http://scale.mspnet.org or http://scalemsp.wceruw.org) C 2002
  University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership: Sharing in Leadership for Student Success (http://milwaukee.mspnet.org or http://www.mmp.uwm.edu) C 2003

For contact information and additional details about MSP, each partnership, and Research, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance Projects that assist them, visit www.mspnet.org.

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