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National Science Foundation

MSP Research, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance Projects State-by-State

The Math and Science Partnership Program at NSF - An Overview

MSP Goals, Structure, and Composition | MSP Partnerships State-by-State

MSP Research, Evaluation, & Technical Assistance Projects State-by-State

MSP Partners | NSF's MSP at a Glance

State Lead Partner Project Title Year
First Funded
WestED Research on MSP Teacher Recruitment, Induction, Retention (http://rir.mspnet.org) 2003
Council of Chief State School Officers Development in Improving Quality of Instruction in Mathematics and Science (http://ld.mspnet.org or http://www.ccsso.org/projects/surveys_of_enacted_curriculum) 2002
  National Academy of Sciences Facilitating Mathematics/Science Partnerships (http://facilitating.mspnet.org or http://www7.nationalacademies.org/msp) 2002
    Building from the Research: Envisioning Quality Science Assessments (http://sciassessments.mspnet.org) 2002
University of South Florida Florida Science and Mathematics Education Summit (http://fsmes.mspnet.org) 2004
Georgia Institute of Technology Alternative Approaches to Evaluating STEM Education Partnerships: A Review of Evaluation Methods and Application of an Interorganizational Model (http://sp.mspnet.org or http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~gk18/STEM) 2002
Northwestern University Developing Distributed Leadership: Understanding the Role Boundary Tools in Developing and Sustaining Leadership for Learning Networks (http://distleadership.mspnet.org or http://www.distributedleadership.org)



Education Development Center Online Technologies to Enhance MSP Teacher Quality Programs (http://ot.mspnet.org or http://www2.edc.org/cope_mspreta) 2003
    Leadership Content Knowledge and Mathematics Instructional Quality in the MSPs: A Study of Elementary and Middle School Principals (http://sop.mspnet.org or http://www2.edc.org/CDT/cdt/cdt_tmi.html) 2003
  Harvard University MOSART: Misconception Oriented Standards-based Assessment Resource for Teachers (http://mosart.mspnet.org) 2004
  TERC, Inc. MSPnet : An Electronic Community of Practice Facilitating Communication and Collaboration (http://mspnet.mspnet.org or http://www.terc.edu/) 2003
Westat The Effect of STEM Faculty Engagement in MSP: A Longitudinal Perspective (http://esfe.mspnet.org) 2003
Michigan State University Causal Inference in Instructional Workforce Research (http://tqqt.mspnet.org or http://www.msu.edu/user/mkennedy/TQQT) 2003
  University of Michigan
Ann Arbor
MSP Motivation Assessment Program (http://ma.mspnet.org or http://www.mspmap.org) 2003
    Design, Validation, and Dissemination of Measures of Content Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (http://mathknowledge.mspnet.org or http://sitemaker.umich.edu/lmt) 2003
Horizon Research Assessing Teacher Learning About Science Teaching (http://atl.mspnet.org) 2003
    Knowledge Management and Dissemination for the MSPs (http://km.mspnet.org) 2004
Institutue for Advanced Study Mathematician Study Group of State Standards in Mathematics, Park City Utah, July 21-25, 2004 (http://mathstudy.mspnet.org) 2004
The College Board Redesign of the AP Biology Course, Examination, and Teacher Professional Development Experience (http://rapb.mspnet.org) 2003
Utah State University Building Evaluation Capacity of STEM Projects (http://be.mspnet.org or http://www.usu.edu/cbec) 2002
University of Wisconsin - Madison Adding Value to the Mathematics and Science Partnerships Evaluations (http://av.mspnet.org or http://www.addingvalue.org) 2002

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