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CBET Program 1414 Research Highlights


Interfacial Processes and Thermodynamics

Program Director:   Robert Wellek

Listed below are selected Research Highlights from this program:

  Principal Investigator
and Link to Abstract

  Simplified Title
and Link to Award Achievement

[ More Award Achievements Coming Soon ]
FY 2012
* Radhakrishnan, Ravi
University of Pennsylvania
  Computational Design of Nanocarriers in Targeted Drug Delivery
FY 2010
* Maldarelli, Charles
CUNY City College
  Detecting Bacterial Pathogens Using Microfluidics Obstacle Courses
* (1Sureshkumar, R
Syracuse University
(2Shen, Amy
University of Washington
  (1Collaborative Research: Towards a Molecular-scale Understanding of Flow-induced Gelation in Rodlike Micelle Solutions
(2CAREER: Confinement and Flow Effects on Synthesis of Sol-gel Materials
FY 2009
* John, Vijay
Tulane University
  Novel Gels Used to Develop Car Catalysts and Needle-free Vaccine Delivery
FY 2008
* Gubbins, Keith
North Carolina State University
  GOALI: Energy Applications without Greenhouse Gas Production using Carbon Nanostructures
* Gubbins, Keith
North Carolina State University
  GOALI: New Carbon Materials for Significant Savings in Development and Operating Costs for Purification Processes
FY 2007
* Hillhouse, Hugh W.
Purdue University
  CAREER: Nano-wires and Porous Films: a Key to Advance Development of the Next Generation of High Efficiency Thermal and Solar Energy Conversion Devices
FY 2006
* Siepmann, Joern Ilja
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  GOALI: Prediction of Thermophysical Properties of Chemical Mixtures for Environmentally Friendly Industrial Process Design
* Tirrell, Matthew
University of California-Santa Barbara
  NIRT: Assembly of Microtubules by Counter-ions: From Hexagonal Bundles to Nanoscale Necklaces
* Tirrell, Matthew
Zasadzinski, Joseph
University of California-Santa Barbara
  NIRT: Double Bagging Drugs Some Real Benefits



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