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Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems (ECCS)
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The ECCS Division supports three programs (EPMD, CCSS, and EPCN) which focus on research and educational issues of device and component technologies, network and computational technologies, and systems engineering. Each program is supported by a team of Program Directors (PDs) who represent a diverse research portfolio. Please refer to the ECCS Organizational Chart below to view each program and associated PD.

Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems (ECCS)

Samir El-Ghazaly, ECCS Division Director
Susan C. Kemnitzer, ECCS Deputy Division Director
Lawrence Goldberg, ECCS Senior Engineering Advisor

Dimitris Pavlidis

• Microwave/mm-Wave/THz Devices & Components
• Nanoelectronics & Next Generation Devices
• Vacuum Devices & Electronics Antennas
• Electromagnetic Propagation & Scattering
• Metamaterials-Based Devices & Components
• Device/Circuit Simulation & Modeling

George Haddad

• Low Power, Low Noise, High Efficiency Communications, Sensing & Imaging Systems
• RF/Microwave & mm-Wave Circuits for Imaging & Sensing Systems
• Inter-& Intra-Chip Communications & Networking
• Wireless Integrated Sensors
• Submm-Wave/THz Imaging & Sensing Systems
• Integrated Circuit Design (Fault Tolerant, Self Test & Repair, Stochastic Design)
• Mixed Signal Circuits& Systems
• Interconnects & Packaging Techniques

Kishan Baheti

• Control Theory & Hybrid Dynamical Systems
• Distributed & Mobile Networked Control
• Networked Sensing & Imaging Systems
• Control Aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems
• Cyber Secure Control of Power Systems
• Systems Theory in Molecular, Cellular, & Synthetic Biology
• Networked Robotics & Transportation Networks

Anupama Kaul

• Organic Light Emitting Devices & Displays
• Molecular/Organic Electronics & Photonics
• Carbon-based Electronics
• Micro & Nanoelectronics
• Energy-Efficient Green Electronics

Zhi (Gerry) Tian

• Cyber-Physical Systems
• RF/Wireless, Optical, & Hybrid Communications & Networking
• Integrated Sensing, Communications, & Computational Systems
• Spectrum Access and Spectrum Sharing
• Signal Processing and Compressive Sampling
• Cyber Security
• Cognitive Radio

Eyad Abed

• Energy Collection & Harvesting Devices & Systems
• Energy Storage
• Advanced Power Electronics
• Electric Grid Interfaces
• Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
• Energy/Power Sensing
• Local Distributed Power Systems

Usha Varshney

• Bioelectronics & Biomagnetics Devices
• Science & Engineering Beyond Moore's Law
• Quantum Devices
• Magnetics, Multiferroics, & Spintronics
• Sensor Devices & Technologies
• Next Generation Memories

Mona Zaghloul

• Micro, Nano, & Bio Systems• MEMS/NEMS Systems-on-a-Chip
• Sensors, Actuators, & Electronic Interfaces
• Diagnostic & Implantable Systems
• Chemical, Biological, & Physical Diagnostics
• Environmental Sensing & Monitoring
• Infrastructure Monitoring
• Micro Power & Energy Scavenging
• System-Level Fabrication, Packaging, & Assembly

Paul Werbos

• Adaptive & Intelligent Systems
• Transmission & Distributed Systems
• Intelligent Power Grid & Economics
• Quantum Systems & Modeling
• Theory and Modeling for Systems & Devices
• Neuromorphic Engineering
• Cognitive Optimization & Prediction
• Intelligent Vehicles
• Learning & Intelligence for Robotics

Mahmoud Fallahi

• Nanophotonics & Plasmonics
• Advanced Sources & Detectors
• Optical Devices and Components
• Optical Devices based on Metamaterials
• Optical Imaging & Sensing



Dominique Dagenais

• Fiber Optic Components & Devices
• Nonlinear & Ultrafast Photonics
• Photonic Integrated Circuits
• Optical Communications & Computing
• Quantum Optics & Optical Modeling



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