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Instructions for Adding and Editing I/UCRC Fact Sheets

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Existing Center Directors, please regularly update your Center Fact Sheet online. Updates to your Center Fact Sheet are required annually.

New Center Directors please forward the content for your fact sheet to the I/UCRC Program Director. The new fact sheet will be published after program review and approval. Visit the Center Directory to review existing center fact sheets for examples of what other centers have submitted. New fact sheets will use the following format:

Center Name (logo)*

Institution Name
Partner Institution (s) if applicable

One sentence subtitle that captures the essence of the center in 25 words or less.

Center's description, goals, and rationale for support of industry research needs. One or two paragraphs.

Description of the research activities within the center. One paragraph overview with bullets showing examples of relevant research.

  • Modeling/Simulation - Sample topic with brief explantation of research.
  • Design - Sample topic with brief explantation of research.

Non research related activities similar in design and layout as in the Research Program section.

Description of the facilities and equipment.


Mailing address and contact information.
Center home page(s) URL
Center Director(s)

Other Offices and Multi-University Center Office Information.

*Please Note: All images, including university logos, must come with a completed Multimedia Permission & Use of Copyrighted Material Form (NSF 1515 version 9/09) form. The following should be considered when completing the form:

  • The entire form may be completed electronically and emailed back to the NSF contact or IIP Webmaster.
  • It covers all forms of multimedia, not just images.
  • The form must be signed by the copyright holder, if applicable.
  • A digital signature (typing one's name in the signature field) is acceptable.
  • The top and bottom fields ("For Official NSF Use Only") are for NSF to use for naming the forms, making notes, etc, without having to scan the forms. Centers can disregard that line.
  • The "Multimedia Gallery" refers to NSF's online Multimedia Gallery:

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