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I/UCRC Annual Report Instructions

Who: I/UCRCs who have existing awards need to submit an Annual Report.

What: The Annual Report contains information on the I/UCRC's

  • Activities and findings.
  • Publications.
  • Contributions.
  • Evaluator report.
  • Membership certification.

When: Technically the report is due 90 days before the award expiration date. However, to assure that your funds are readily available, it is strongly advised that your report be submitted on or before July 1 for the following fiscal year. Processing and other delays could push the process back and delay your receipt of continued funding if not submitted by July 1.

Where: Research.gov must be used to submit your annual report (instructions follow).

Why: To assure that you have timely continued funding on your award.

Essential information: You must submit an annual report if you receive any funds from NSF as a partner institution. Note that you can copy and submit the same information as provided by the lead institution.

How: Follow these directions -

Getting into the system

  1. Log into research.gov
  2. On the research.gov homepage, select NSF User from the Login drop down menu
  3. Click Login
  4. On the NSF User Login page, enter your Last Name, NSF ID, and Password
  5.  Click Login.
  6. Once logged in, you will see your Project Reporting Dashboard.
  7. Click on the Annual, Final and Interim Report Link provided on the Project Reporting Dashboard to prepare reports.
  8. Click the Create/Edit link under the Action column for the award to create or edit a report
  9. Read the Privacy Act and Public Burden Statement, then click Continue. You will be brought to the Report Summary which provides award information and progress/status of your report.
  10. Below the Report Summary, you will see the Report Content.

Preparing the Report

In accordance with the instructions provided in this document, the I/UCRC Annual Project Report must be submitted directly to the I/UCRC Program Office and include the contents as specified in this document. The Annual Report will be reviewed and approved by the Cognizant NSF I/UCRC Program Director within e-Jacket, as was done when the reports were submitted via FastLane. The center/site will use Research.gov in a way as described below.

Submit notification to Research.gov as follows:

  • Cover Tab: Review all the information displayed in the Cover tab within the Annual Project Report section of Research.gov. Please verify the information in the Cover Tab within the Annual Project Report section of Research.gov. If any corrections are required, contact the Research.gov Help Desk 7 AM - 9 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except federal holidays) at rgov@nsf.gov or 1-800-381-1532. Click Next Section or the Accomplishments Section to continue.

  • Accomplishments Tab: Under the Accomplishments section, you will find five questions. Enter "See attachment for each." In accordance with the I/UCRC solicitation, information on Accomplishments must be provided as part of the Director's Report (refer to the solicitation the site/center is currently under, and look under Reporting Requirements to determine what the Director's Report will include). The Director's Report will be uploaded as a .pdf file in the Special Requirements section. Click Save/Next Section or the Products tab to continue.

  • Products Tab: Since answers to all of the questions in the Products section are included in the Director's Report, check "Nothing to report"; for all. Do not insert any text for any of these questions. Click Save/Next Section or the Participants tab to continue.

  • Participants Tab: The category "What individuals have worked on the project?"; will be populated with the names of the PIs and Co-PIs for the I/UCRC. Select "edit" for each person listed, then complete and save the required information. For the "What other organizations have been involved as partners?" question, mark the "nothing to report" checkbox. For the "Have other collaborators or contacts been involved?" question, mark the "No" checkbox. Click Save/Next Section or the Impact tab to continue.

  • Impacts Tab: Mark the "nothing to report" checkbox for all of the questions except for the question "What is the impact on technology transfer?". For this question, please provide information on research projects (and their associated economic impact) that has been transferred to member organizations. If there is no information available, indicate why information is not available at the present time. Click Save/Next Section or the Changes/Problems tab to continue.

  • Changes/Problems Tab: Mark the "nothing to report" checkbox for all of the questions. Click Save/Next Section or the Special Requirements tab to continue.

  • Special Requirements: Mark the "Respond to any special reporting requirements..."; question with "Nothing to report" in the checkbox. In accordance with the I/UCRC solicitation, use this section to upload any supporting documents, including the Director's Report the Center Evaluator Report and the Membership Certification for the reporting period. Please use the Membership Certification Template (doc). There is no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded, but the maximum individual file size is 10 MB.

  • Certify and Submit: Once ALL required fields are completed in ALL tabs, an option will appear to preview and submit your report. Preview your report for completion and accuracy; then select Submit. Complete the "Submission Checklist," then select "Continue" to submit your report. The Program Officer, PI and Co-PI will be notified via email of the report submission A box will pop up informing you that your report has been submitted successfully.

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