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Opportunities for Small Business Phase II Partnerships with an Engineering Research Center (ERC)  Crosscutting Programs

Name Dir/Div Name Dir/Div
Rathindra  DasGupta   Barbara  H. Kenny ENG/IIP 
Glenn  H. Larsen ENG/IIP    
For FastLane user support, call the FastLane Help Desk at 1-800-673-6188 or e-mail The FastLane Help Desk answers general technical questions related to the use of the FastLane system. When contacting FastLane, inform the technician that you are required to apply for this opportunity as a supplement


NSF invites supplemental funding requests from current Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Phase II grantees to perform collaborative research with an Engineering Research Center (ERC). This supplemental funding opportunity aims to open the doors for current SBIR/STTR grantees to benefit from the innovative and leading-edge research performed at ERCs and for the ERCs to benefit from the role of small firms in carrying out research to speed research results into commercial products. The goals of this effort are to provide a mutually beneficial research and commercialization platform where SBIR/STTR Phase II grantees can perform collaborative research with ERC faculty, researchers, and graduate students, to strengthen the capacity of their firms, and speed the transition of ERC advances to the marketplace.


SBIR/STTR Eligibility: Only companies with current NSF SBIR/STTR Phase II and Phase IIB awards are eligible to directly apply for this supplemental funding opportunity. Eligible companies may request supplements to partner with eligible ERCs. Contact an ERC listed at for more information on a specific center and their activities. This website lists all eligible ERCs that can participate in the SBIR/STTR partnership.

An eligible company may submit more than one request for supplemental funding. However, multiple requests for supplemental funding from an SBIR/STTR grantee with the same ERC will be returned without review. Likewise, supplemental funding requests will be returned without review if the SBIR/STTR grantee submits a proposal for the same NSF-funded project to partner with multiple ERCs. Examples of acceptable partnerships are:

  • SBIR/STTR-A partnering with ERC-A on project X.
  • SBIR/STTR-A also partnering with ERC-B on project Y.
Please see DCL NSF 09-009 for additional information.

Supplement requests must be made using FastLane and include the following information:

Format and page limits:

  • Project Summary including the Intellectual Merit and Broader Impact (one page limit)
  • Description of the Innovation and Objectives (two page limit)
  • Rationale for Collaboration including tasks to be performed (three page limit)
  • Plan for Student Involvement (one page limit)
  • Future Commercialization Plan (one page limit)

Include the following in supplementary documentations:

  • Endorsement letter from the ERC center director.
  • Biographies of the SBIR PI and senior staff. (Not to exceed four pages total.)

Additionally, a proposed budget must be provided that includes the subawardee.

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NSF 09-009: Opportunities for Small Business Phase II Partnerships with an Engineering Research Center (ERC)