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BE FY 2000 Awards

  SORT RESULTS BY: Principal Investigator |  Institution |  Award Amount
Institution Principal Investigator Title Total Awarded
Cornell University Mark B. Bain Physical, Biological, and Human Interactions Shaping the Ecosystems of Freshwater Bays and Lagoons $3,000,000.00
Harvard University Charles R. Marshall The Co-Evolution of Biodiversity and the Environment Through Geologic time $2,836,565.00
Indiana University at Bloomington Elinor Ostrom Agent-Based Models of Land Use Decisions and Emergent Land Use Patterns $2,749,232.00
Johns Hopkins University Pablo A. Iglesias Mathematical and Biological Modeling of Cell Polarization $1,041,073.00
Princeton University Simon A. Levin The Emergence of Ecosystem Pattern $2,999,766.00
Rutgers University New Brunswick Paul G. Falkowski The Evolution and Radiation of Eucaryotic Phytoplankton Taxa (EREUPT) $3,999,995.00
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography Peter G. Verity Bio-Feedback Basis of Self Organization in Planktonic Ecosystems Using Phaeocystis as a Model Complex Adaptive System $2,600,000.00
University of Arizona J. Stephen Lansing Emergence of Cooperation from Human-Environmental Interactions $1,000,000.00
University of California at Davis Alan M. Hastings Dynamics of an Invasive Non-Native Species and its Biological, Physical, and Human Impacts: Spartina Alterniflora on the Pacific Coast $3,799,621.00
University of California at San Diego Herbert Levine From Gene Expression to Morphology and Multicellular Organization and Dictyostelium $2,999,982.00
University of Hawaii at Manoa David C. Duffy Biocomplexity of Introduced Avian Diseases in Hawaii: Threats to Biodiversity of Native Forest Systems $4,188,575.00
University of Minnesota at Twin Cities Claudia M. Neuhauser Evolution and Ecology of Perturned Interactions: Modeling Disequilibria in Time and Space $2,965,346.00
University of New Mexico James H. Brown Scaling Biodiversity: Physical and Biological Foundations of Ecological Principles $2,500,000.00
University of Notre Dame James A. Glazier Multiscale Simulation of Avian Limb Development $2,999,320.00
University of Wisconsin at Madison Stephen R. Carpenter Divergent Dynamics: Complex Interactions of Riparian Land, People, and Lakes $2,998,607.00
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Jesus G. Pineda Marine Benthic Population Dynamics $3,012,432.00
American Academy of Arts and Sciences Morris Goodman Development of the Human Species and Its Adaptation to the Environment $99,493.00
American Museum of Natural History Robert DeSalle Development of an Integrated Research Plan for Analyzing the Viability of a Marine Reserve Netword $99,966.00
Arizona State University Gretchen E. Hofmann Linking Ecology, Physiology, and Climate Change: Influence of Environmental Stress on Community Structure in the Rocky Intertidal $61,896.00
Arizona State University Charles L. Redman Integrating Social Science Into Long-Term Ecological Research $99,251.00
Auburn University Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi Impact of Industrial Products and Processes on Biocomplexity -- A Multidisciplinary Approach with Applications to Fiber Products and Processes $99,992.00
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Patricia A. Matrai Earth System Regulation Through Biogenic Sulfure-Molecular to Global Interactions and Feedbacks $46,302.00
Boston College Stephen P. Borgatti Collaborative Research: Networking the "Invisible Colleges": Application of Network Theory to Biocomplexity $4,422.00
California State Library Foundation Gus Koehler Visualizing Dynamics Resulting from the Political Regulation of Time-Ecologies $99,940.00
Center for Cultural and Technological Interchange Jefferson M. Fox Human Actions and Land-Use/Land-Cover Change $100,000.00
Colby College Philip J. Nyhus Models and Meta-Networks for Interdisciplinary Research in Biodiversity Risk Assessment $96,036.00
Colorado State University Larry Roesner Modeling Urban Aquatic Ecology / Hydrologic / Geomorphologic Relationships on Urbanizing Streams in the West $99,663.00
East Carolina University Jeffrey C. Johnson Collaborative Research: Networking the "Invisible Colleges:" Application of Network Theory to Biocomplexity $49,215.00
Florida State University Thomas E. Miller A Synthetic Approach of Phytotelmata Communities $92,034.00
Indiana University at Bloomington Emilio F. Moran Integration of Spatial, Ecological, and Environmental Social Sciecne Methods for the Study of Biodiversity and Biocomplexity $99,497.00
Michigan Technological University W. Charles Kerfoot Biocomplexity and Aquatic Food Webs: Algal and Zooplankton Diversity Against a Backdrop of Human Stochiometric Disturbances $98,890.00
New Mexico State University Reinhard C. Laubenbacher The Mathematics of Network Dynamics in Biological, Social and Economic Systems $98,904.00
North Carolina State University David B. Eggleston Interactions Between Life and Environment in the Coastal Zone, North Carolina $71,164.00
North Carolina State University V. Kerry Smith Integrated Modeling of the Complementarities and Conflicts Between Ecological Systems and Economic Activities in North Carolina $99,999.00
Northern Arizona University Catherine A. Gehring The Effects of Global Change on Community Structure, Biodiversity, and Ecosystem-Level Processes in Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands $99,181.00
Ohio State University Joel L. Morrison Biocomplexity Incubation Proposal for Lake Erie $100,000.00
Oregon State University Mark E. Harmon Examining Emergent Behaviors of Landscapes Using an Integrated Process-Based Perspective $94,935.00
San Francisco State University Neo D. Martinez Scaling of Network Complexity with Diversity in Food Webs $100,000.00
State University of New York at Albany Gary S. Kleppel Consequences of Urban Encroachment on Natural Ecosystems $93,409.00
Texas A&M University Paulo Lima-Filho Application of Mathematical Methods and Scientific Computation to Complex Ecological Problems $96,918.00
Tulane University William J. George Exploration of Feedback Mechanisms Influencing Contaminant Flux and the Ecology of the Lower Mississippi River System $98,517.00
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Robert Harriss Understanding the Role of Urbanization as a Driving Force of Global Atmospheric Change (This award is under a Cooperative Agreement with UCAR. Contact UCAR for more information.) $61,896.00
University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa Amelia K. Ward Drought in Mesic and Arid Environments: Climatology, Biotic Responses, and Feedbacks $99,996.00
University of California at Riverside Gail S. Tonnesen Designing a Sustainable Southern California: Exploring Interdisciplinary Studies of Complexity in Natural and Human Systems $99,501.00
University of California at Santa Cruz Karen D. Holl Linking Large-Scale Hydrological and Biological Processes in Restoring Riparian Forest Ecosystems $92,803.00
University of California at Santa Cruz Ingrid M. Parker Addressing the Synergy Between Abiotic and Biotic Agents of Environmental Change $100,000.00
University of Chicago Martin E. Feder Evolutionary and Ecological Functional Genomics: Jumpstarting a Multidisciplinary Field $99,958.00
University of Connecticut Richard C. Rockwell Complex Systems: Cities in Their Environments $99,694.00
University of Delaware S. Craig Cary Origins of Biocomplexity: Colonization and Succession of Microbial Communities in a Dynamic Geochemical Environment $86,954.00
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences Roberta L. Marinelli Multiscale Models of Ecological and Geochemical Interactions in Marine Sedimentary Environments $104,093.00
University of Michigan Daniel G. Brown Exploring Biocomplexity at the Interface of Social and Ecological Systems $99,973.00
University of Michigan James A. Teeri A New Biocomplexity Research Program for the Analysis of Forest Ecosystem Dynamics $100,000.00
University of Montana Jack A. Stanford Dynamic Controls on Emergent Properties of River Flood Plains $100,000.00
University of Nebraska at Lincoln David A. Wedin Spatiotemporal Coupling of Ecological and Geological Dynamics in Nebraska Sand Hills $100,000.00
University of Notre Dame Scott D. Bridgham Biocomplexity in the Peatlands $99,540.00
University of Notre Dame David M. Lodge Risk Assessment of Nonindigenous Species $99,934.00
University of Utah William D. Newmark Large Mammal Movement Through Complex Landscapes in East Africa $79,214.00
University of Virginia Roseanne M. Ford Quantitative Description of the Response of a Complex System to Disturbance: Subsurface Microbial Communities and Chemical Contaminants $61,291.00
University of Washington James H. Morison Workshops on Prediction of the Ecological and Societal Impacts of Environmental Arctic Change $99,972.00
University of Washington Pedro Verdugo The Colloid Gap: Interfacial Phenomena Among Marine Biological, Chemical, and Physical Environmental Systems in Carbon Cycling $108,008.00
University of Wyoming Patricia J. S. Colberg Developing Conceptual and Mathematical Approaches to Model Transport and Transformation of Elements through a Geothermal Landscape $99,984.00
Virginia Polytechnic Institute John J. Tyson A Collaborative Problem Solving Environment for Computational Modelin of Eukaryotic Cell Cycle Controls $99,965.00
Washington State University Michael S. Webster Connectivity of Migratory Populations and its Consequences for Population Dynamics and Microevolutionary Processes $32,976.00
Washington State University Richard Gomilkiewicz Integrated Approaches to Studies of Infinite-Dimensional Trait Evolution in Natural Populations $99,999.00
Washington State University Pamela S. Soltis Genome Evolution and Macroevolutionary Diversification in Green Plants $100,000.00


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