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BE FY 2003 Awards


  SORT RESULTS BY: Principal Investigator |  Institution |  Award Amount
Institution Principal Investigator Title Total Awarded
American Geological Institute Michael J. Smith High School Environmental Science: Understanding our Changing Earth $50,000.00
College of the Albemarle Patricia L. Bernard Albemarle AquaTech Project: A Proposal for a Marine and Estuarine Technician Education Program $60,000.00
Environmental Literacy Council F. James Rutherford Resources for Environmental Literacy: Professional Development for Middle and High School Teachers $60,000.00
Florida International University Daniel L. Childers LTER COERCE-Coastal Oligotrophic Ecosystems Research, the Everglades. Regional Controls of Population and Ecosystem Dynamics in an Oligotrophic Wetland-dominated Coastal Landscape $25,000.00
Marine Biological Laboratory Charles S. Hopkinson LTER: Plum Island Sound Comparative Ecosystem Study (Pisces) Effects of Changing land Cover, Climate and Sea Level on Estuarine Trophic Dynamics $32,729.00
Michigan State University G. Philip Robertson LTER: Long-Term Ecological Research in Field Crop Ecosystems $18,808.00
Northern Arizona University Paul G. Flikkema IDEA: Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks for In Situ Observation of Ecosystem Processes $17,074.00
Northwestern University Daniel C. Edelson The WorldWatcher Curriculum: Integration Visualization into Inquiry-Based Science Learning $55,349.00
Oglala Lakota College Michael Fredenberg Sustained Economic Growth of the Oglala Lakota Nation through Development of the Technological Infrastructure $75,000.00
Pennsylvania State University Tanya Furman Building a Pipeline for Diversity $25,443.00
Princeton University Francois M. Morel Center for Environmental BioInorganic Chemisty $20,000.00
San Jose State University Foundation Simona Bartl Inquiry-based Marine Biotechnology and Bioinformatics for Teachers and Students $60,000.00
San Jose State University Foundation Ellen P. Metzger OEDG: South Bay Geo-Diversity Project $70,000.00
University of Alaska at Fairbanks Martin O. Jeffries The Alaska Lake Ice and Snow Observatory Network (ALISON): A Statewide K-12 and University Science Education and Research Partnership $70,000.00
University of Arizona Andrew S. Cohen REU Site: The Nyanza Project--Interdisciplinary Tropical Lake Studies Associated with the International Decade of East Africal Lakes (IDEAL) $10,000.00
University of California at Santa Barbara Daniel C. Reed LTER: Land/Ocean Interactions and the Dynamics of Kelp Forest Ecosystems $20,000.00
University of Delaware S. Craig Cary Biocomplexity: A Meta-Genome Level Analysis of an Extreme Microbial Symbiosis $3,808.00
University of Delaware S. Craig Cary Biocomplexity: A Meta-Genome Level Analysis of an Extreme Microbial Symbiosis $26,192.00
University of Massachusetts at Amherst Julian F. Tyson Integrating Research and Education: Tracking Arsenic from Pressure-treated Wood $40,000.00
University of Tennessee at Knoxville Sally P. Horn Lake-Sediment Records of Holocene Droughts, Indigenous Agriculture, and Prehispanic Vegetation and Fire Regimes in Northwestern Costa Rica $2,682.00
WKU Research Foundation Erik D. Conte Surfactant Immobilized Sorbent Material for Solid Phase Extraction $20,000.00


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