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BE FY 2005 Awards


  SORT RESULTS BY: Principal Investigator |  Institution |  Award Amount
Total Awarded Institution Principal Investigator Title
$5,000.00 Aaron Ellison Collaborative Research: Effects of Nutrient Stress on a Co-evolved Food Web Harvard University
$8,750.00 Daniel Reed LTER: Land/Ocean Interactions and the Dynamics of Kelp Forest Ecosystems University of California at Santa Barbara
$8,750.00 Steward T. A. Pickett LTER: Human Settlements as Ecosystems: Metropolitan Baltimore from 1797 - 2100: PHASE II Institute for Ecosystem Studies
$11,000.00 Richard Reeder EMSI: Stony Brook-BNL Collaboration to Establish a Center for Environmental Molecular Science (CEMS) State University of New York at Stony Brook
$12,499.00 Scott Collins Sevilleta LTER: Long Term Ecological Research in a Biome Transition Zone University of New Mexico
$15,884.00 G. Phillip Robertson The KBS LTER Project: Long-Term Ecological Research in Row-Crop Agriculture Michigan State University
$16,250.00 Eugene Kelly Long Term Ecological Research-Shortgrass Steppe Colorado State University
$17,580.00 Gloria Thomas REU: Chemistry : Chemical Engineering - The Bonds Between Us Mississippi State University
$20,000.00 Francois Morel Center for Environmental BioInorganic Chemistry Princeton University
$20,737.00 Deborah Estrin Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) University of California at Los Angeles
$21,000.00 Michael Pullin Interdisciplinary Science for the Environment: Research Experiences for Undergraduates at New Mexico Tech New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
$21,000.00 Schmitt Christina Doctoral Dissertation Research: Variable Input and the Acquisition of Plurality in Two Varieties of Spanish University of California at Santa Barbara
$21,630.00 Trevor Harding Development of a Course in Environmentally Concious Design and Manufacturing for Undergraduates Kettering University
$24,994.00 G. David Tilman LTER: Biodiversity, Disturbance and Ecosystem Functioning at the Prairie-Forest Border University of Minnesota at Twin Cities
$25,000.00 David Foster Nutrient Analysis Equipment for Community, Ecosystem, Hydrological and Physiological Research at Harvard Forest Harvard University
$29,999.00 John Blair Konza Prairie LTER V: Long-Term Research on Grassland Dynamics and Global Change Kansas State University
$35,500.00 Ellen Kabat Lensch Planning Grant for a Resource Clearinghouse for Sustained Energy Technologies Eastern Iowa Community College District
$37,499.00 Kirk Laflin A National Collaboration to Strengthen the Advanced Environmental Technology Education Programs at Native American Community Colleges Partnership for Environmental Technology Education
$39,082.00 Debra Peters LTER IV: Jornada Basin: Linkages in Semi-arid Landscapes New Mexico State University
$45,000.00 Walter Allan EcoScienceWorks: Exploring and Modeling Ecosystems Using Information Technology Foundation for Blood Research
$50,000.00 William Eaton REU--An Undergraduate Research Program on the Elwha Dam Removal and Restoration Project in Washington St Peninsula College
$51,692.00 Wynn Cudmore Northwest Center for Sustainable Resources (NCSR) Chemeketa Community College
$60,000.00 George Barnett Urban Ecology, Information Technology, and Inquiry Science for Students and Teachers Boston College
$64,354.00 Robert Holmes Student-PARTNERS: A Pan-Arctic Science and Education Collaboration Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
$75,000.00 Harry Helling SeaTech: Underserved Teens Hooked on Ocean Technology! Ocean Institute
$75,000.00 Lois Spence Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence SouthEast: Building on Success South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
$75,000.00 Ira Geer Online Ocean Studies: National Dissemination with Collegial Professional Development Activity for Undergraduate Faculty in Minority-Serving Institutions American Meteorological Society


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