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BE FY 2004 Awards


  SORT RESULTS BY: Principal Investigator |  Institution |  Award Amount
Principal Investigator Title Institution Total Awarded
Daniel J. Arp BE/GENEN: Global Transcriptional Responses in Nitrogen Cycling and Nutrient Removal Processes and Development of Supplemental Instructional Workshops Oregon State University $1,996,860.00
Amy Charkowski BE/GenEn: Genome-Enabled Analyses of Natural Populations of Pathogens on Natural Hosts University of Wisconsin at Madison $1,964,383.00
Dennis Hedgecock BE/GEN-EN Genomic Approaches to Understanding Variation in Marine Larval Recruitment University of Southern California $1,887,740.00
Scott A. Hodges BE-GenEn: Genomics of Adaptation to the Biotic and Abiotic Environment in Aquilegia University of California at Santa Barbara $1,999,996.00
James H. Marden Functional Genomics of a Metapopulation: An Individual Based Understanding of Population Dynamics, Life History Traits, and Genetic Mechanisms in Time and Space Pennsylvania State University $1,760,000.00
Lutgarde Maria Raskin BE/GEN-EN: Elucidating Mechanisms Responsible for the Persistence of Microorganisms in Drinking Water Distribution Systems via DNA Microarray Technology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign $1,902,111.00
Forest Rohwer BE:GenEn: Solar Saltern Extremophage: Genomics and Population Modeling San Diego State University $1,652,581.00
Terry W. Snell BE/GenEn: A Biochemical, Genetic, and Genomic Investigation of the Evolution and Ecology of Sexual Reproduction Georgia Institute of Technology $99,999.00


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