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BE FY 2001 Awards


  SORT RESULTS BY: Principal Investigator |  Institution |  Award Amount
Institution Principal Investigator Title Total Awarded
American Museum of Natural History Daniel Brumbaugh BE/CNH: Coupled Natural and Human Dynamics in Coral Reef Ecosystems: The Effect $2,498,000.00
Colorado State University Randall Boone BE/CNH: Biocomplexity, Spatial Scale and Fragmentation: Implications for Arid and Semi-Arid Ecosystems $1,900,000.00
Oregon State University Stanley Gregory BE/CNH: Interactions of Riparian Pattern, Policy, and Biocomplexity in Coupled Human/Riverine Systems $1,950,000.00
University of California, Berkeley Patrick Kirch BE/CNH: Human Ecodynamics in the Hawaiian Ecosystem, 1200 to 200 Years Before $1,399,940.00
University of Michigan Daniel Brown BE/CNH: Project SLUCE: Spatial Land-Use Change and Ecological Effects at the Rural-Urban Interface: Agent-Based Modeling and Evaluation of Alternative Policies and Interventions $1,289,691.00
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Ronald Rindfuss BE/CNH: Simulating Complexity in a Dynamic Landscape: Land-Use and Land-Cover Change in Nang Rong, Thailand $1,310,000.00
University of Washington Marina Alberti BE/CNH: Modeling Interactions Among Urban Development, Land-Cover Change, and Bird Diversity $1,128,818.00
Washington State University Timothy Kohler BE/CNH: Coupled Human/Ecosystems Over Long Periods: Mesa Verde Region Prehispanic Ecodynamics $920,821.00
American Association for the Advancement of Science Marina Ratchford BE/CNH: Ecosystem Dynamics and Essential Human Needs: Developing an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda in the Plata Basin $70,000.00
Arctic Research Henry Huntington BE/CNH: Human Dimensions of the Arctic System: A Workshop to Stimulate Research $50,000.00
Clemson University Stephen Klaine BE/CNH: Systems Approach to Maintaining Natural Capital in Rapidly Developing $100,000.00
Colorado State University Diana Wall Collaborative Research: Identifying Ecosystem Controls on Biodiversity: A U.S. $116,429.00
IATP Dennis Keeney BE/CNH: Alternatives to Crisis: Constructing Models of Resilience in the Red $70,000.00
Idaho State University Herbert Maschner BE/CNH: Agent-Based Modeling of Bering Sea Biocomplexity: Long-Term Ecological Effects of Human Interactions $80,000.00
Michigan State University David Campbell BE/CNH: Climate and Land Use Change Processes in East Africa $65,000.00
Missouri Botanical Garden Jan Salick BE/CNH: Intellectual Imperatives in Ethnobiology: Research, Methodology, Analyses, Education, and Funding for a Rapidly Expanding Field $42,930.00
Montana State University Lisa Graumlich BE/CNH: Global Change, Globalization, and the Vulnerability of Mountain Systems $80,000.00
National Research Council Frances Sharples Facilitating Education in Environmental Research $120,001.00
Oregon State University Andrew Hudak BE/CNH: Exploring the Human-Environmental Interactions Causing Bush Encroachment $50,000.00
Oregon State University Mary Santelmann BE/CNH: Sustaining Multiple Functions For Urban Wetlands $70,000.00
Purdue University Robert Swihart BE/CNH: Predicting the Dynamics of Human-Dominated Landscapes: Metapopulation $50,000.00
University of California, Berkeley Adina Merenlender BE/CNH: Human And Natural Systems Associated With Mediterranean Watersheds: An $55,000.00
University of California, Berkeley Richard Norgaard BE/CNH: Responding to the Challenges of Human-Natural System Complexity: Assuring the Quality of Models, Improving the Presentation of Findings, and Designing New Institutions $99,637.00
University of Iowa David McGinnis BE/CNH: Modeling Biocomplexity and Socio-Economic Decisionmaking Under $46,183.00
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences Donald Boesch BE/CNH: The Estuarine Research Federation Initiative in Biocomplexity: Facilitation of Research on Estuarine Responses to Climate Change and Variability (Workshop Spring 2002) $92,237.00
University of Miami RSMAS Guillermo Podesta BE/CNH: Climate Information and Forecasts in Agricultural Production Systems of $65,000.00
University of Utah Dennis ORourke BE/CNH: A Temporal Perspective on Biocomplexity in the Aleutian Islands $60,000.00
Utah State University Michael White BE/CNH: Biocomplexity in a Coupled Natural and Human System: The Glassy-Winged $55,827.00
Whitman College C. Susan Weiler BE/CNH: Biocomplexity At The Land-Water Interface: Enhancing Interdisciplinary Understanding And Networking Among Recent Graduates $70,000.00


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