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BE FY 2001 Awards


  SORT RESULTS BY: Principal Investigator |  Institution |  Award Amount
Principal Investigator Title Institution Total Awarded
Richard Dick Regulation of the Hydrologic and C Cycles by Native Shrubs in Soils of Sub-Sahelian Africa Oregon State University $1,129,259.00
Niall Hanan Biocomplexity in African Savannas Colorado State University $1,424,965.00
Donald Phillips Coupling Rhizosphere Biogeochemical Cycles to Plant Growth under Differing Levels of Carbon Dioxide University of California, Davis $2,273,400.00
Ronald Prinn Biocomplexity: Feedbacks Between Ecosystems & The Climate System Massachusetts Institute of Technology $2,600,000.00
Jack Stanford Biocomplexity-Dynamic Controls on Emergent Properties of River Flood Plains University of Montana $2,600,000.00
Gary Taghon Biocomplexity: The Roles of Resources, Competition, and Predation in Microbial Degradation of Organic Matter Rutgers University, New Brunswick $2,000,000.00
Pedro Verdugo Biogeochemistry and Polymer Physics of Seawater Gels: A New Paradigm for the Microbial Loop and Global Element Cycles University of Washington $2,600,000.00
Donald Walker Biocomplexity associated with biogeochemical cycles in arctic frost-boil ecosystems University of Alaska, Fairbanks $1,725,127.00
James Zachos Consequences of Greenhouse Warming for Biocomplexity and Biogeochemical Cycles: A Multidisciplinary Case Study Across the Paleocene-Ecocene Boundary University of California, Santa Cruz $2,498,392.00
Chuanlun Zhang Biogeochemical Processes and Community Dynamics in Gas Hydrate Systems of the Gulf of Mexico University of Missouri, Columbia $358,341.00
Teofilo Abrajano Biocomplexity:Coupled Biogeochemical Cycling of Sulfur and Carbon in Anoxgenic Acidic Sulfidic Thermal Springs (AASTS)in Relation to Microbial Composition of Phototrophic Mats Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute $99,930.00
Patrick Brezonik Coupled Nutrient, Water, and Salt Cycles in Urban and Agricultural Ecosystems University of Minnesota, Twin Cities $99,520.00
David Feary Geologic Record of Biosphere Dynamics:Assessment National Academy of Sciences $149,000.00
David Furbish An integrated approach towards a quantitative model of salt marsh Florida State University $67,245.00
Eric Gaidos Biogeochemical Cycles of Carbon and Nitrogen in an Ice-Covered Volcanic Crater Lake University of Hawaii, Manoa $98,467.00
Lars Hedin Linking Ecological Biology & Geosciences Workshop Princeton University $83,081.00
William Holben Life in the Pit: Unique Biogeochemical Cycling in Highly Stratified, Metal Rich, Aquatic Environments University of Montana $99,981.00
Michael Levandowsky Development of a Biocomplexity Research Program for the Analysis of Ecosystem Structure and Dynamics in Urban Salt Marshes Pace University $31,755.00
Brent McKee River-dominated Ocean Margins - Workshop Tulane University $131,372.00
Curtis Richardson Understanding the Biocomplexity of Differential Nutrient Limitations Between Trophic Levels: A Comparison Among Biomes Duke University $93,854.00
Daniel Richter Simplification and Recovery of Soil Biocomplexity following Agricultural Cultivation and Forest Logging Duke University $82,000.00
Kelman Wieder RUI: Linking Microbial Diversity to Carbon Metabolism in Peatlands of Canada and Siberia Villanova University $99,438.00


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