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CNH FY 2007 Awards


Principal Investigator Title Institution Total Awarded
Arun Agrawal CNH: Environmental Governance, Forests, and Logging Concessions: The Effects of Institutional Complexity on Forest Systems, Cover, and Change in Central Africa
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor $1,497,108
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T. Mitchell Aide CNH: The Impact of Economic Globalization on Human Demography, Land Use, and Natural Systems in Latin Americ and the Caribbean (Collaborative Research) University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras $1,500,000
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  David Carr
University of California at Santa Barbara
Matthew Clark
Sonoma State University
Marc Levy Columbia University
Lawrence Baker CNH: Integration of Human Choice into Models of Biogeochemical Cycling in Urban Ecosystems University of Minnesota, Twin Cities $550,000
Nicholas Brozovic CNH: Coupling Hydrologic, Economic, and Social Network Models to Improve Understanding of Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions for Protection of Instream Flows University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign $998,977
David Campbell CNH: Dynamic Interactions Among People, Livestock, and Savanna Ecosystems Under Climate Change Michigan State University $1,497,621
Daniel Holland CNH: Direct and Indirect Coupling of Fisheries Through Economic, Regulatory, Environmental, and Ecological Linkages (Collaborative Research) Gulf of Maine Research Institute $1,497,621
  Andrew Pershing
University of Maine
Guillermo Herrara Bowdoin College
Lewis Incze
University of South Maine
Nicholas Jordan CNH: Understanding the Importance of Weak-Tie Networks in Complex Human-Environment Systems University of Minnesota, Twin Cities $924,273
Jianguo Liu CNH: Effects of Cross-Boundary Processes on Human-Nature Dynamics in Wolong Nature Reserve for Giant Pandas Michigan State University $1,493,879
Guillermo Podesta CNH: Interactions Between Changing Climate and Technological Innovations in Agricultural Decision Making: Implications for Land Use and Sustainability (Collaborative Research) University of Miami-Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science $1,499,539
  Elke Weber Columbia University
Rajagopalan Balaji University of Colorado at Boulder
Colin Polsky CNH: Suburbanization, Water Use, Nitrogen Cycling, and Eutrophication in the 21st Century: Interactions, Feedbacks, and Uncertainties in a Massachusetts Coastal Zone Clark University $1,442,930
Peter Vitousek CNH: Pre-Contact Intensive Agriculture and Society in Kohala, Hawai'i (Collaborative Research) Stanford University $809,368
  Sara Hotchkiss University of Wisconsin at Madison
  Oliver Chadwick University of California at Santa Barbara
  William Steiner University of Hawaii at Hilo
  Kenneth Classman University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Claire Welty CNH: Dynamics Coupling of the Water Cycle and Patterns of Urban Growth (Collaborative Research) University of Maryland at $1,410,034
  Claire Jantz Shippensburg State University
  Gary Fisher U.S. Geological Survey
  James Smith Princeton University


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