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BE FY 2006 Awards


Principal Investigator Title Institution Total Awarded
Dennis Baldocchi Understanding the Coupling of Greenhouse Gases (CH4, CO2, H2O) and Energy Fluxes over a Vulnerable Ecosystem: The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Peatland
University of California at Berkeley $1,291,261
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Inez Fung Collaborative Research: Carbon-Climate Interactions with Increasing Water Demand University of California at Berkeley $785,143
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Steve Frolking Collaborative Research: Identifying Hydroclimatic Regimes of Carbon Stability in Northern Peatlands: Holocene Data Analysis and Process-Based Modeling
University of New Hampshire $720,561
Eric D'Asaro Collaborative Research: Autonomous Measurements of Carbon Fluxes in the North Atlantic Bloom
University of Washington $2,072,812
Galen McKinley Collaborative Research: The carbon balance of Lake Superior: Modeling lake processes and understanding impacts on the regional carbon budget University of Wisconsin at Madison $894,964
Burke Hales Collaborative Research: Net Carbon Transport and Reaction in the bottom Boundary Layer of an Upwelling Margin
Oregon State University $1,893,778
Praveen Kumar Interactions Between Water, Energy and Carbon Dynamics as Predictors of Canopy to Ecosystem Scale Vegetation Pattern and Function in a Changing Environment
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign $1,650,000
Steven Emerson Collaborative Reserach: Mechanisms Controlling Upper Ocean Carbon Fluxes in the North Pacific University of Washington $2,520,015
Ken Buesseler Collaborative Research: Carbon Flux Through the Twilight Zone - New Tools to Measure Change
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute $1,639,361
James Randerson Collaborative Research: Fire at the Intersection of Global Carbon and Water Cycles
University of California at Irvine $595,689
Gabriel Katul De-convolving the effects of rising atmospheric CO2, solar dimming, and afforestation on usable water and carbon sequestration potential in the Southeastern U.S. Duke University $445,475
James Zachos Collaborative Research: Dynamics of carbon release and sequestration: Case studies of two early Eocene hyperthermals
University of California at Santa Cruz $419,500
Mike DeGrandpre Collaborative Research: Autonomous pH and Alkalinity Sensors: in situ Testing and Carbon Cycle Research
University of Montana $550,642


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