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United States Antarctic Program, 2006-2007: Summary and Background
Table of Contents
bullet Principal Investigators, A-C
bullet Principal Investigators, D-G
bullet Principal Investigators, H-I
bullet Principal Investigators, J-M
bullet Principal Investigators, O-S
bullet Principal Investigators, T-Z
U.S. Science Summaries list
OPP Information
OPP Home
Division of Antarctic Sciences
Division of Antarctic Infrastructure and Logisitics
Office of Polar Environment, Safety and Health
U.S. Antarctic Program Annual Antarctic Treaty Exchange of Information
OPP Site Map
NSF International Polar Year information
NSF IPY program information
NSF IPY funding opportunities
Dear Colleague Letter for the International Polar Year (NSF 07-008)
International Polar Year solicitation, 2007 (NSF 07-536)
NSF IPY Program Contacts
International Polar Year sites
U.S. Interagency International Polar Year
U.S. Committee to the International Polar Year, 2007-2008
International Scientific Council (ICSU) International Polar Year Planning Committee

U.S. Antarctic Program research projects, 2006–2007(by Principal Investigator, A–C)

Principal Investigator Project Title
Aghion, Anne Works and days: An antarctic chronicle
Web site: http://www.anneaghionfilms.com
NSF award: 05-37954
Ainley, David G Geographic structure of Adelie Penguin populations: Demography of population change
Web site: http://www.penguinscience.com
NSF award: 04-40643
Albuquerque, Lita Stellar axis: Antarctica
Web site: http://www.stellaraxis.com/
NSF award: 05-37948
Amsler, Charles D The chemical ecology of shallow water marine macroalgae and invertebrates on the Antarctic Peninsula
Web site: http://www.uab.edu/uabbio/s022/
NSF award: 04-42769
Besson, Dave Radio Ice Cherenkov Experiment (RICE)
Web site: http://kuhep4.phsx.ku.edu/~iceman
NSF award: 03-38219
Bieber, John Solar and heliospheric studies with antarctic cosmic ray observations
Web site: http://www.bartol.udel.edu/~neutronm/
NSF award: 05-27878
Blanchette, Robert A Studies of antarctic fungi: Adaptive stratigies for survival and protecting Antarctica's historic structures
Web site:http://forestpathology.coafes.umn.edu/antarctica.htm
NSF award: 05-37143
Booth, Charles R National Science Foundation Polar Programs Ultraviolet Spectroradiometer Network
Web site: http://www.biospherical.com/nsf
NSF award: NSF/Biospherical Instruments, Inc. agreement
Bowser, Samuel S Evolution of morphology and trophic strategies in antarctic agglutinated foraminifera
Web site: http://www.bowserlab.org
NSF award: 04-40769
Cande, Steven C The connection between mid-Cenozoic seafloor spreading and the western Ross Sea Embayment
Web site: http://www.gps.caltech.edu/~jstock/Palmerres.html
NSF award: 04-40959
Carlstrom, John E South Pole observations to test cosmological models
Web site: http://spt.uchicago.edu
NSF award: 01-30612
Carlstrom, John E Science Coordination Office for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica (SCOARA)
Web site: http://astro.uchicago.edu/scoara/
NSF award: 04-43177
Catania, Ginny Grounding line forensics: The history of grounding line retreat in the Kamb Ice Stream outlet region
Web site: http://www.ig.utexas.edu/research/projects/glf/
NSF award: 05-38120
Chereskin, Teresa K Southern Ocean current observations from the U. S. antarctic research vessels
Web site: http://tryfan.ucsd.edu/antarctic/
NSF award: 03-38103
Church, Sarah E Next generation CMB polarization measurements with the QUEST experiment on DASI
Web site: http://www.stanford.edu/group/quest_telescope/
NSF award: 03-38138
Cortada, Xavier I Antarctic art message mural
Web site: http://www.cortada.com/antarctica
NSF award: 05-38105

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