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United States Antarctic Program, 2006-2007: Summary and Background
Table of Contents
bullet Principal Investigators, A-C
bullet Principal Investigators, D-G
bullet Principal Investigators, H-I
bullet Principal Investigators, J-M
bullet Principal Investigators, O-S
bullet Principal Investigators, T-Z
U.S. Science Summaries list
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Dear Colleague Letter for the International Polar Year (NSF 07-008)
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U.S. Interagency International Polar Year
U.S. Committee to the International Polar Year, 2007-2008
International Scientific Council (ICSU) International Polar Year Planning Committee

U.S. Antarctic Program research projects, 2006–2007(by Principal Investigator, J–M)

Principal Investigator Project Title
Johns, Bjorn UNAVCO GPS survey support
Web site: http://facility.unavco.org/project_support/polar/polar.html
NSF award: 03-21760
Kanatous, Shane B The molecular signals that regulate the ontogeny of aerobic capacity, lipid metabolism and elevated myoglobin concentrations in the skeletal muscles of Weddell seals
Web site: http://extremephysiology.biology.colostate.edu
NSF award: 04-40713
Keeling, Ralph Changes in atmospheric oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and argon (Ar) concentrations in relation to the carbon cycle and climate
Web site: http://bluemoon.ucsd.edu
NSF award: 00-00923
Kemerait, Robert C Dry Valley seismic project
Web site: http://www.aftac.gov
Kennicutt, Mahlon Temporal variability in natural and anthropogenic distrubance of McMurdo Station
Web site: http://antarctica.tamu.edu
NSF award:
Kyle, Philip R Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory II (MEVO II): Surveillance, models, impacts and outreach
Web site: http://www.ees.nmt.edu/Geop/Erebus/erebus.html
NSF award: 05-38414
LaBelle, James W Direction-finding measurements of LF/MF/HF auroral radio emissions at South Pole
Web site: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~spacephy/
NSF award: 04-42369
Lange, Andrew Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization (BICEP)
Web site: http://bicep.caltech.edu/
NSF award: 02-30438
Lee, Richard Physiological and molecular mechanisms of stress tolerance in a polar insect
Web site: http://www.units.muohio.edu/cryolab/education/antarctic.htm
NSF award: 03-37656
Lyons, W. Berry The role of resource legacy on contemporary linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem processes in a cold desert ecosystem: The McMurdo Dry Valley LTER program
Web site: http://www.mcmlter.org
NSF award: 04-23595
MacAyeal, Douglas R Earth's largest icebergs
Web site: http://ice.ssec.wisc.edu/iceberg.html
NSF award: 02-29546
Marchant, David R Age, origin, and climatic significance of buried ice in the western Dry Valleys
Web site: http://people.bu.edu/marchant/
NSF award: 03-38291
Marsh, Bruce D 3-D dynamics of the Ferrar Magmatic Mush Column, Dry Valleys
Web site: http://silvermagma.eps.jhu.edu
NSF award: 04-40718
Martinson, Douglas G Palmer Long Term Ecological Research (LTER): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment
Web site: http://www.lternet.edu/sites/pal/
NSF award: 02-17282
Mayewski, Paul A Science Management Office for the United States Component of the International Trans Antarctic Expedition (US ITASE SMO): A collaborative program of research from Taylor Dome to South Pole
Web site: http://www2.umaine.edu/USITASE
NSF award: 04-40679
McKnight, Diane The role of resource legacy on contemporary linkages between biodiversity and ecosystem processes in a cold desert ecosystem: The McMurdo Dry Valley LTER program
Web site: http://www.mcmlter.org/
NSF award: 04-23595
Moran, Amy Collaborative Research: Effects of oxygen and temperature on egg mass function of Southern Ocean marine invertebrates.
Web site: http://www.clemson.edu/biosci/faculty/moran/lab/ANTARCTIC RESEARCH page.html
NSF award: 05-51969


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