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National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation International Polar Year Awards


Award Investigator Institution IPY $ Title
0649549 Dong, Xiquan University of North Dakota Main Campus $        99,822 Aerosol-cloud-radiation processes and feedbacks in the Alaskan Arctic
0649570 Garrett, Timothy University of Utah $      324,121
0608577 Kelly, John SRI International $    5,000,000 Advanced modular incoherent scatter radar
0730336 Cullenberg, Paula University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus $    2,632,531 Alaska:  people, oceans and climate change
0751291 Bromwich, David Ohio State U. Research Foundation $      390,000 Antarctic climate variability and tropical teleconnections
0703825 Prakash, Anupma University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus $        98,183 Attracting minorities to geosciences through involved digital story telling
0823535 Jennings, Anne University of Colorado at Boulder $      399,402 High northern latitude linkages between Atlantic Water, DSOW formation, and GIS stability during the Holocene
0404790 Killeen, Timothy University Corp. for Atmos. Research $  34,000,000 National Center for Atmospheric Research
0807702 Anastasio, Cort University of California-Davis $      543,432 Physical, chemical, and optical properties of snow: impacts on ocean-atmosphere-sea ice-snowpack interactions
0705363 Johnson, Roberta University Corp. for Atmospheric Res $        59,986 Polar education and outreach leveraging windows to the universe
0752893 Stamnes, Knut Stevens Institute of Technology $      514,273 Properties of mixed phase and ice clouds in the Arctic using a tethered balloon system 
0612568 Brooks, Steven NOAA Air Resources laboratory $        55,105 Radical chemistry over sunlit snow at Summit, Greenland
0612075 Dibb, Jack University of New Hampshire $      299,093
0612136 Lefer, Barry University of Houston $        89,998
0612279 Stutz, Jochen University of California-Los Angeles $      344,596
0612387 Huey, L. Georgia Institute of Technology $      317,355
0612426 Blake, Donald University of California-Irvine $        71,920
0836152 Stromme, Anja SRI International $  10,534,693 Sondrestrom upper atmospheric research facility:  research, operation and coordination
0720114 Anderson, Brian Johns Hopkins University $      299,849 Sustained subauroral storm electric fields:  polarization or minimum dissipation?
0716512 Abramenko, Valentyna New Jersey Institute of Technology $      300,933 Turbulence in the solar photosphere
0732222 Mechoso, Carlos University of California-Los Angeles $      461,978 Waves and circulation studies in the Antarctic stratosphere using VORCORE data
0711471 Spangler, Timothy University Corp. for Atmospheric Res $        70,000 Weather prediction for Antarctica
0602308 Forman, Steven University of Illinois at Chicago $       53,168 Millennial-scale Arctic climate change for the last 3.6 million years: scientific drilling at Lake El'gygytgyn, northeastern Russia
0602435 Snyder, Jeffrey Bowling Green State University $      121,821
0602471 Brigham-Grette, Julie University of Massachusetts Amherst $     1,570,281
0602512 Nolan, Matt University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus $     203,201
$  50,799,267

Last updated: 15 February 2011

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