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OPP Office Advisory Committee


May 18 - 19, 2006 • Stafford I — Room 1235

Thursday, May 18, 2006
Time Topic OAC Lead NSF/OPP Staff

Chair's Welcome
Approval of Minutes

Jim Swift  
divider line
8:45 OPP Director's Report
  • Planning Landscape
    • Cyberinfrastructure
    • Gathering Storm (NAS/NRS report)
    • American Competitiveness Initiative
    • IPY
  • Budget Overview (FY06/FY07)
  • OPP Personnel Changes
  • Antarctic Treaty Actions
  Karl Erb
divider line
9:15 NAS/NRC Study on Arctic Observing Network Hajo Eicken Paul Cutler, Polar Research Board, National Academy of Sciences (NAS/PRB)
divider line
9:30 Arctic Science — Future Directions
A Circum-Arctic Observing Network
Kelly Falkner Simon Stephenson
divider line
10:00 Break    
divider line
10:30 Gathering Storm/ACI Beverly Hartline Anthony Gibson, NSF Office of Legislative and Public Affairs (NSF/OLPA)
divider line

Cyberinfrastructure and Polar Research

Brian Bershad Stephen Meacham, Geosciences Directorate and Office of Cyberinfrastructure
divider line
11:45 New Draft NSF Strategic Plan James Swift Craig Robinson, NSF Office of Budget, Finance, and Award Management
divider line

Lunch with NSF Deputy Director, Dr. Kathie Olsen and discussion of Strategic Plan and planning background

divider line

Further discussion on planning background

divider line
1:30 The NSF ERE Advisory Committee Thomas McGovern  
divider line

IPY (I): FY 2006

  • Update on OPP/EHR Solicitation
Deanna Paniataaq Kingston Marie Bundy
divider line

Antarctic Science — Future Directions
Antarctic System Science

Terry Wilson Scott Borg
divider line
3:00 Break    
divider line
3:30 IPY (II): Agency-wide Planning Edward Brook
  • Developing the FY-07 Solicitation
  Marie Bundy
Valentine Kass
  • International Discussions
  Karl Erb
divider line
4:15 GEO plans for IPY Andrea Lloyd Margaret Leinen, NSF Geosciences Directorate
divider line
4:45 Open Discussion    
divider line
5:00 Adjourn    

Friday, May 19, 2006
Time Topic OAC Lead NSF/OPP Staff

Polar Icebreaking/Research Platforms

James Hollibaugh  
  • Update by NAS on icebreaking committee
  Marie Uhle, NAS/PRB
  • Update on Healy
  Simon Stephenson
  • Update on Polar Sea
  Erick Chiang
divider line

Infrastructure Developments

  • South Pole Station
Sarah Church Erick Chiang
  • Arctic (Barrow)
Paul Shepson Simon Stephenson
divider line
10:00 Break    
divider line
10:30 Arctic Data Kelly Falkner Neil Swanberg
divider line
11:00 Report from the Environment, Safety & Health Section (ES&H) Donal Manahan  
  • Health and Safety Challenges
  Michael Montopoli
  • Non-indigenous species in Antarctica
  Polly Penhale
  • Environmental assessments in the Arctic
  Polly Penhale
divider line
11:45 Committee of Visitors Planning Marilyn Raphael Karl Erb
divider line
12:15 Lunch (IPY web page overview and HDTV video)   Peter West, NSF/OLPA
divider line
1:15 Education and Outreach & the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CRESIS) Marilyn Raphael David Braaten, University of Kansas
divider line
1:45 Milestones for Diversifying the USAP Supply System James Swift Erick Chiang
  • Extra Fuel Storage
  • Traverse and Direct Air Transport to Pole, etc.
  • Icebreaker RFI
divider line
2:30 Committee Wrap-up Discussion    
divider line
2:45 Adjourn    

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