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OPP Advisory Committee


November 10, 2010 • Stafford I — Room 1235

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
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OAC Lead

NSF Lead

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1:00 pm

Advisory Committee Chair's Welcome

  • Approve Minutes
  • Welcome New Members

Eric Saltzman

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1:05 pm

Comments from NSF Director Subra Suresh

Eric Saltzman

Karl Erb

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1:20 pm

OPP Director's Report [very brief]


Karl Erb

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1:25 pm

USAP Review [very brief.  Don’t know if the NRC will have named the Phase I committee by then]


Karl Erb

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1:35 pm

Update on Arctic and Antarctic Prime Support Contract competitions
[Federal Acquisition Regulations prevent us from discussing details but we can update on timetables and progress.

Eric Saltzman Karl Erb
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1:45 pm

OPP Response to COV Reports
[Please see OPP’s response to COV recommendations posted on the Committee’s website.

OAC liaisons to the COVs

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2:15 pm

Planning for Future Deep Field Facilities: Is there a need for more dialogue during the planning stage
[We look to committee members to comment on the question.  OPP staff can outline how the process currently works if desired but it would be most useful to hear and learn from members’ experiences/comments.

This and the next item could prove to be meaty and might merit taking more than the allotted time.  We could use these discussions as launching pads for intersessional follow up discussions if desired.]
OAC lead Will Colston
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2:45 pm

Planning Toward a Future Polar Research Vessel
[10 min briefing to synergize OAC reaction, comment, feedback]

OAC lead

Alex Isern with John Alberts and Vern Asper, UNOLS

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3:15 pm

OPP Staffing Issues

  • Recruiting Issues — Rotators and Federal employees [5 -10 min outline of NSF process to set the stage for any comments by members]
OAC lead Karl Erb
Scott Borg
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3:45 pm

National Ocean Council
[Just for information.  The Council hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet but the Arctic might be one of its focus areas in due course]

OAC lead

Simon Stephenson with Gayle Pugh GEO/OCE

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4:00 pm

Statutory Assessment Requirements: Alaska Research (5-minute briefing)

OAC lead

Polly Penhale

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4:15 pm

FY2010 CRI and FY 2011 SEES
[Results from 2010 solicitations, planning for 2011]

OAC lead

Roberta Marinelli, Lisa Clough, Erica Key
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4:45 pm

Wrap-up and adjourn and identify future discussion topics and potential meeting dates

Eric Saltzman

Karl Erb
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Last updated: 11/10/2010

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