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Photo of bioengineer Rafael Davalos in his laboratory at Virginia Tech.
Graphic simulation of electron cloud in layer of copper oxide in a cuprate superconductor.
Artistic visualization of the atomic and magnetic moment structure of chromia.
Video showing gecko feet.
  • Following in the Footsteps of Nature
  • Researchers move one step closer to nature with the development of polymers and directional adhesion that follow the workings of a gecko's foot
  • Released February 9, 2010
Illustration showing H. pylori liquefying stomach mucin to cross over to the epithelium cells.
  • How Bacteria Get Past Our Defenses
  • Research team uncovers how the bacterium that causes ulcers travels through the sticky gels of stomach mucus
  • Released November 4, 2009
Photo of Sudipta Seal holding a bottle containing billions of ultra-small, engineered nanoceria.
Photo of Ryan Miyakawa warming up the orchestra before recording The Nano Song.
  • Nanotechnology Video Wins Competition, Scores Big Hit on YouTube
  • While nanotechnology is a field that is generally not well understood by the public, Ryan Miyakawa and fellow graduate students at the University of California Berkeley found a way to both enlighten and entertain non-scientists with this topic
  • Released May 11, 2009
Photo showing bright red-orange photoluminescence from porous silicon nanoparticles.
Eight thumbnail images and 2008 in Review
  • 2008: Year in Review
  • A look back at some of the NSF-supported advances and activities that made news last year
  • Released March 13, 2009
Image showing the red and blue letters retrieved from a data cube.

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