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mouse brain imaged using photoacoustic microscopy.
graphic representation shows how three active sources cloak an incoming circular wave
  • Hidden from view
  • Mathematicians formulate equations, bend light and figure out how to hide things
  • Released June 19, 2015
ytterbium atoms
Visualizations of future nano-transistors
A humanoid robot from MIT lab
  • A day in the life of Robotina
  • What might daily life be like for a research robot that's training to work closely with humans?
  • Released November 20, 2014
Mark Hersam
A black beetle with water droplets on its back
image of protein strcuture and text photo gallery
  • Computing a cure for HIV
  • Nine ways NSF-supported supercomputers help scientists understand and treat the disease
  • Released June 26, 2014
Dynamic simulation of the structural evolution of hard spheres representing a colloidal gel
  • Helping ideas gel
  • NSF-supported Stampede supercomputer powers innovations in materials science
  • Released June 26, 2014
two stages in the temporal evolution of synthetic DNA nanostructures  imaged through Stampede

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