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Photo of a student observing patterns of flowering and pollinators.
Image of two white starts orbiting one another.
Photo of an NSF-funded ISR radar in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, Canada.
High-resolution image of a sunspot taken at the Sacramento Peak Observatory, New Mexico.
  • How the Sun Gets Its Spots
  • To prevent solar damage to communication, navigation and other high tech systems, scientists are determining the temperatures, composition and movement of materials inside the sun
  • Released January 7, 2011
Kavli Prize logo
Diagram showing gravitational lensing.
Photo of a Blackhawk helicopter lifting off in front of the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope.
Image of the observable surface of a star about 3,000 degrees cooler than our sun.
  • 3-D Images Reveal New Composition of the Sun
  • Improved 3-D simulations carried out at the NSF-supported Texas Advanced Computing Center are leading scientists to reevaluate the sun's composition and theories about the structure and evolution of stars
  • Released August 18, 2010
Image of an interacting galaxy.
Image from a simulated interplanetary disturbance caused by an solar magnetic eruption (SME)

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