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polarization grating and light
  • 4-D laser printing: holograms and beyond
  • Novel tech that manipulates light has applications beyond holograms, from studying alien worlds to making cellphones more energy efficient
  • Released October 21, 2015
White House Astronomy Night
man and child look at a rain gauge in a driveway
UK National Physical Laboratory cesium fountain clock
  • Precious time
  • The challenge of building a better atomic clock and why it matters
  • Released June 24, 2015
a clock, laser beems and frequency combs
  • Combing frequencies
  • NSF-funded center provides spectrum of new research, technology
  • Released June 23, 2015
ytterbium atoms
Lisa Randall
sun filtered in blue and red
LIGO advanced TACC
UCLA astrophysicist  Andrea Ghez
  • After the Lecture...
  • NSF-funded UCLA astrophysicist Andrea Ghez on probing our galaxy’s supermassive black hole
  • Released December 5, 2014

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