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Cross section view of a whispering gallery mode
team of scientists collecting hives
mouse brain imaged using photoacoustic microscopy.
  • Tiny brains, but shared smarts
  • Unlike humans and other vertebrates, the brains of wasps shrink when they're socialized--but they might 'share' brainpower
  • Released June 17, 2015
dried trees in a forest
a school of bigeye travellies fish
Collage of images showing algae in alakes and researcher
Nurses next to a robotic patient in a hospital bed
Image showing a neuron with a ray of light and the text photo gallery
  • Exploring the unknown frontier of the brain
  • James L. Olds, head of NSF's Directorate for Biological Sciences and the Shelley Krasnow University Professor of Molecular Neuroscience at George Mason University describes why and how NSF-funded researchers are working to understand the healthy brain
  • Released April 2, 2015

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