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Illustration of the T. aurantiacus LPMO (gray) with cellulose
  • Converting biomass to fuels
  • Researchers use NSF-supported Stampede supercomputer to improve catalysts for conversion
  • Released June 30, 2014
a sample of charged iron in a recipient
Dynamic simulation of the structural evolution of hard spheres representing a colloidal gel
  • Helping ideas gel
  • NSF-supported Stampede supercomputer powers innovations in materials science
  • Released June 26, 2014
An illustration of multilayer graphene supported on an amorphous SiO2 substrate.
crystalline motif
Daniel Sheehy
image of Chulsung Bae
Illustration of simulations of a free energy perturbation study of phosphate hydrolysis in water
Lara Estroff
Illustration of brain cancer

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