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professor Autar Kaw with students
Photo of curve-crease sculpture called Green Balance, created by Erik and Martin Demaine.
Photo of teacher John Sheridan viewing Geometer's Sketchpad on a laptop.
Image of a young woman holding a circuit board and next to table with electronics.
Photo of a girl using a computer to match shapes to build pictures.
Photo of a young girl using a ruler on a piece of paper.
A 3-D computer model of a stent.
  • Scientists Use Math to Build Better Stents
  • University of Houston mathematician Sunica Canic and her colleagues build computer models to study stents; their simulations could lead to better designs and also help doctors select the right stents for specific procedures
  • Released August 26, 2010
Photo of Amy Barnes making phosphorus-rich phosphate glass to use with her doctoral research work.
Illustration showing optical beam splitter method and new method of controlling electron spin.
Graphical representation of seven test molecule structures.
  • Video Game Technology and Science?
  • Chemists use the computer technology behind today’s video games to rapidly calculate the structure of molecules
  • Released July 15, 2009

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