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Photo of Peter Lawrence pointing to landcover changes on a computer screen.
  • Scientists Tackle Climate Model Mystery
  • Researchers trace a problem with a key climate model to its hydrology scheme and find a simpler scheme keeps simulations in line with real-world observations
  • Released June 19, 2009
Photo shows group of children with 5000-year-old mud on snowy surface
  • Getting to the Core of Climate Change
  • Graduate student tells how University at Buffalo geologists communicate their research on climatic change and its impact to local people
  • Released October 26, 2007
researcher in lab
  • Arctic Carbon a Potential Wild Card in Climate Change Scenarios
  • An international team of scientists has determined that most of the 28 million tons of carbon that enters the Arctic Ocean each year is young and unlikely to affect the global climate balance. However, Arctic warming trends could change the equation.
  • Released July 30, 2004
Scientists drill into frozen Siberian peat bogs to determine the bogs' impact on climate.
  • Arctic Thaw May Release Greenhouse Gases from Siberian Peat Bogs
  • Siberian peat bogs, the frozen home of untold kilometers of moss and hordes of mosquitoes, are huge repositories for gases that are thought to play an important role in the Earth's climate balance, according to a team of U.S. and Russian scientists.
  • Released July 27, 2004

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