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students at computer
James Hewlett holds a black bear cub
At City College of San Francisco, student Daniela Cardenas prepares DNA for analysis
Robotic structure under water
Image of a young woman holding a circuit board and next to table with electronics.
Image of rear computer panel showing wires and USP cords plugged into outlets.
Optical micrograph showing an array of graphene transistors prepared on silicon carbide.
  • Miracle Material
  • Two-dimensional graphene may lead to faster electronics, stronger spacecraft and much more
  • Released May 19, 2011
Photo of President Obama speaking at TechBoston Academy.
Photo of two Long Beach City College ROV Team members launching the ROV in the pool.
  • Engineering Students Build Underwater 'Bot
  • Long Beach City College's Ian Jasper tells what it's like to be a member of a student team participating in an international remotely operated vehicle competition
  • Released September 16, 2009
Photo shows Gretchen Hofmann and Tom Crombia carrying out a "field repair" on the rover.

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