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One of the Rochester Institute of Technology's educational co-robots roams the hallways.
Photo of Andrew Williams instructing girls using the Choreographe visual programming environment
Students sell produce at farmers market
  • Soil-free farming prepares next generation for Green Energy future
  • In a cramped city, growing a garden is a luxury. For some Boston teens, two square feet of space is all they need to grow up to 40 plants--without any soil. Boston College, with funding from NSF, is teaching teens the power of hydroponics
  • Released November 6, 2014
Young museum visitors use a paint set of acids and bases to learn about pH.
  • Learning through making
  • Active tinkering can engage people of all ages in learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
  • Released June 17, 2014
Children in a Sea Perch team with a remotely operated vehicle.
Robotic structure under water
students with 3-D printer
Photo of teacher John Sheridan viewing Geometer's Sketchpad on a laptop.
Photo of President Obama speaking at TechBoston Academy.
Photo of young man with his invention and the words Photo Gallery

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