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Students during graduation ceremony at Navajo Technical University
Image of a crab walking on a specially built treadmill while its vital signs are monitored.
Photo showing a raging torrent of water overflowing its banks in Puerto Rico.
  • Scientists Endure Deluge to Study Tropical Streams
  • Aspiring ecologist Ashley Golphin, an undergraduate at Kent State, describes the challenges and rewards of conducting research on tropical stream ecosystems in Puerto Rico during the summer rainy season
  • Released October 21, 2010
Photomicrograph of biocompatible, bioactive glass.
  • Reflecting on the Many Uses of Glass
  • The director of NSF's International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass at Lehigh University focuses on glass research and exciting students from underrepresented groups about glass science and engineering
  • Released February 20, 2009
Robyn Hannigan in labcoat with bubbles

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