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undergraduate student acqu with a gravitometer in a port
image of penguins near the ocean water
Image of Roald Amundsen.
Photo of a student observing patterns of flowering and pollinators.
Model simulation of carbon monoxide in the middle and upper troposphere in March-April 2010.
  • A HIPPO Takes to the Skies to Taste Earth's Atmosphere
  • The HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observation (HIPPO) project generated an extraordinarily detailed mapping of the global distribution of greenhouse gases, black carbon and related chemical species in the atmosphere
  • Released October 25, 2011
Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears logo.
Photo of Gregory Lehn and Matt Knhosh talking with co-principal investigator Jim McClelland.
Photo of Randy Davis discussing his research on Weddell seals.
Eight thumbnail images and 2008 in Review
  • 2008: Year in Review
  • A look back at some of the NSF-supported advances and activities that made news last year
  • Released March 13, 2009
Researchers collect data in Greenland.

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