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Visualizations of future nano-transistors
A humanoid robot from MIT lab
  • A day in the life of Robotina
  • What might daily life be like for a research robot that's training to work closely with humans?
  • Released November 20, 2014
Mark Hersam
A black beetle with water droplets on its back
image of protein strcuture and text photo gallery
  • Computing a cure for HIV
  • Nine ways NSF-supported supercomputers help scientists understand and treat the disease
  • Released June 26, 2014
Dynamic simulation of the structural evolution of hard spheres representing a colloidal gel
  • Helping ideas gel
  • NSF-supported Stampede supercomputer powers innovations in materials science
  • Released June 26, 2014
two stages in the temporal evolution of synthetic DNA nanostructures  imaged through Stampede
An illustration of multilayer graphene supported on an amorphous SiO2 substrate.
Generic Discovery Image
Graphic illustration showing a human head, light and waves

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