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A black beetle with water droplets on its back
illustration showing air pushed through vocal folds causing them to vibrate
  • The aeroacoustics of jets
  • Simulations helps scientists understand and control turbulence in humans and machines
  • Released June 27, 2014
An illustration of multilayer graphene supported on an amorphous SiO2 substrate.
 the Large Hadron Collider.
  • Catching the Fever
  • Particle Fever discovers the human element to physics
  • Released March 14, 2014
Partha Mitra is contributing to the construction of the first 3-D map of the mouse brain.
sequence of images showing how a dog drinks water
Ana Maria Rey
Marie Curie in her lab
  • Diversity in science
  • Celebrating Marie Curie's birthday means recognizing her courage, commitment and scientific genius
  • Released November 7, 2013
Graphic illustration showing a human head, light and waves
Graphic showing daughter Alfven wave

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