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inaugural national science board members wearing party hats
animation showing a salamander strolling
earth day infographic
Generic Discovery Image
cosmic dust
France Cordova and Gabriela Gonzalez at LIGO
MSU nuclear astrophysicist Hendrik Schatz
  • After the Lecture: Hendrik Schatz
  • Nuclear astrophysicist Hendrik Schatz on chemistry exploits, chemical 'fossils,' and why fundamental science leads to so many important discoveries
  • Released January 7, 2016
ACEAP participants at sunset
  • Spreading the word
  • 'Educator ambassadors' learn, then share #NSFastronomy
  • Released December 10, 2015
polarization grating and light
  • 4-D laser printing: holograms and beyond
  • Novel tech that manipulates light has applications beyond holograms, from studying alien worlds to making cellphones more energy efficient
  • Released October 21, 2015
White House Astronomy Night

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