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Lisa Randall
sun filtered in blue and red
LIGO advanced TACC
UCLA astrophysicist  Andrea Ghez
  • After the Lecture...
  • NSF-funded UCLA astrophysicist Andrea Ghez on probing our galaxy’s supermassive black hole
  • Released December 5, 2014
gradute students , Francois Hebert, Andy Bohn and William Throwe standing in a classroom
  • 'Blockbuster' science images
  • NSF-funded grad students, scientists publish research, play role in Interstellar's black hole imagery
  • Released November 20, 2014
Jaquelin Erazo
  • Making stars
  • Astronomy program provides tools, support to enhance diversity
  • Released October 7, 2014
Alison Coil
Visualization of a rotating and highly magnetized progenitor star
color-composite image of red dwarf stars
montage of images shows the evolution of a white dwarf star
  • Cosmic slurp
  • Georgia Tech researchers use supercomputers to understand and predict signs of black holes swallowing stars
  • Released April 14, 2014

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