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two images of a snowflake
Cornell University researcher Roald Hoffmann
  • After the Lecture
  • Nobel Prize chemist Roald Hoffmann on creating the right balance of art, science
  • Released March 2, 2015
Video of the ignition of pine needles by contact with a hot steel particle
People working under a bridge
  • Warding off failure
  • Tiny, self-powered sensors push the limits of health and usage monitoring
  • Released February 4, 2015
Photo of Bob Bea
Wind turbine on snow
NYU's Bart Kahr
  • After the Lecture...
  • NSF-funded crystallographer Bart Kahr on the beauty, magic and science of crystals
  • Released December 18, 2014
A humanoid robot from MIT lab
  • A day in the life of Robotina
  • What might daily life be like for a research robot that's training to work closely with humans?
  • Released November 20, 2014
illustration showing wall of a wood cell
Mark Hersam

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