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citizen scientist with rain gauge in Rocky Mountains
undergraduate student acqu with a gravitometer in a port
NYU's Bart Kahr
  • After the Lecture...
  • NSF-funded crystallographer Bart Kahr on the beauty, magic and science of crystals
  • Released December 18, 2014
health worker with biohazard gear on
image of numerically simulated three-dimensional and isotropic fluid turbulence.
Starfish with sea star wasting disease
cherry-sized fruits of a tree species in Thailand
The endangered Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog sitting on a rock
globe map showing models of orbiting satellites in the thermosphere
cropping patterns over north Texas
  • Selling and buying water rights
  • NSF Innovation Corps awardees founded the company Mammoth Trading to provide a neutral, centralized resource
  • Released October 29, 2014

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