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Phone: (703) 292-8840
Fax: (703) 292-9037
Room: 1055 S

Division Director
David B. Berkowitz, (703) 292-2170
Room 1055 S

Deputy Division Director (Acting)
Carol Bessel, (703) 292-4906
Room 1055 S

Robert L. Kuczkowski,

Program Support Manager
Gloria D. Yancey,
Room 1055 N

Operations Specialist
Debbie C. Khalid, (703) 292-7852
Room 1055 S

Program Analyst
C. Renee Wilkerson, (703) 292-4948
Room 1055 S

Program Assistant (Student Trainee)
Eric Pfeiffer, (703) 292-2977
Room 1055 S

Program Director
Kelsey D. Cook, (703) 292-7490
Room 1055.29 S

Administrative Unit
Phone: (703) 292-8840

Chemical Synthesis Program

Chemical Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms Program - A

Chemical Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms Program - B

Chemical Measurement and Imaging Program

Chemical Theory, Models and Computational Methods Program

Environmental Chemical Sciences Program

Chemistry of Life Processes Program

Chemical Catalysis Program

Macromolecular/Supramolecular/Nanochemistry Program

Integrative Chemistry Activities (ICA)

  • Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities (CRIF) 
  • American Competitiveness in Chemistry-Fellowship (ACC-F) 
  • Chemistry Centers 
  • Chemistry Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) 
  • Collaborative Research in Chemistry (CRC) 
  • Discovery Corps Fellowships (DCF) 

Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) Program