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Solid State and Materials Chemistry Highlights

0237664J. ChanLouisiana StateCrystal-Chemical Relationships of Correlated Electronic Materials
0088942aM. Fayer Stanford UniversityUltrafast to Slow Liquid Crystal Dynamics: Experiments and Theory
0088942bM. Fayer Stanford University Bond Rotation Clocked in Picoseconds
0349326P. Feng UC Riverside Porous Sulfides as Visible-Light Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Generation from Water
0509104D. GoiaClarkson UniversityNanosize Particles as Building Blocks for Uniform Colloids of Different Morphologies
0555663 J. GoodenoughTexas-AustinOrbital Ordering and Exchange Interactions in Rmno3 Perovskites
0092054P. HalasyamaniHoustonThe Synthesis and Characterization of New Ferroelectric-Second-Harmonic Generating Oxide Materials
0443785M. KanatzidisMichigan StateNew Very Sensitive Infrared Detector Based on New Form of Pbs
0453121aR. KanerUCLAPeriodic Table of the Toys
0453121bR. KanerUCLAMicrowave-Initiated Metathesis Route to Li2SiN2
0600742aS. KauzlarichUC DavisInvestigation of Zintl Compounds for Thermoelectric and Magnetic Applications-Impacts
0600743bS. KauzlarichUC DavisInvestigation of Zintl Compounds for Thermoelectric and Magnetic Applications-Outreach
0446763A. LachgarWake ForestDesign and Self-Assembly of Cluster-Based Materials
0504516O. LavrentovichKent StateFluorescence Confocal Polarizing Microscopy of Three-Dimensional Director Configurations in Liquid Crystals
0449633T. LiKentuckyTowards Fundamental Understanding and Rational Control of Crystal Growth
0133138L. Macgillivray IowaControlled Solid-State Organic Synthesis
0304019N. Marzari MITCycloadditions Functionalizations to Preserve or Control the Conductance of Carbon Nanotubes
0506279S. OliverUC Santa CruzCationic Inorganic Materials
0452444J. PariseSUNY - Stony BrookElegant Double-Key Mechanism Drives Ion-Exchange Selectivity
0099862N. PeyghambarianArizonaIntegration of New Hybrid Materials Containing Biomolecules for the Fabrication of Optical Sensor Systems
0312136aK. Poeppelmeier NorthwesternSpecific Identification of Bridging or Terminal Ligands in the [Mo2O6F3]3- Anion as Either Oxides or Fluorides Through Combined Experimental and Theoretical Analyses
0312136bK. PoeppelmeierNorthwesternNew Cathode Materials for Internal Cardiac Devices (Icds)
0452579M. SailorUC San Diego"Smart Dust" Chaperones: Silicon-Based Photonic Crystals That Can Manipulate Nanogram Payloads
0545201R. Schaak Texas A&M UniversityLow-Temperature Solution Synthesis of Intermetallic Nanomaterials
0449354R. Seshadri UC Santa BarbaraUnderstanding the Chemical Origins of Half-Metallic Ferromagnetism
0341688Y. R. ShenUC BerkeleyUnderstanding of Induced Liquid Crystal Alignment by a Rubbed Polymer Surface
0314421T. Swager MIT Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorescent Acenequinones as Dyes for Guest-Host Liquid Crystal Displays
0405532S. Tam-ChangNevada-RenoMicro- and Nano-Scale Anisotropic Organic Materials Via Self-Organization of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals
0503383L. Wang Washington StateStannaspherene (Sn12 2-) and Plumbaspherene (Pb12 2-)
0305278M. Ward MinnesotaSolid-State Chemistry, Biology, Biomaterials, and Health
0504925M. Wagner George WashingtonSynthesis of Ternary and Higher Order Phase Nanoparticulate and Nanorod Materials by Alkalide Reduction
0348239S. Wong SUNY - Stony Brook Rational Synthesis and Studies of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
0451788Y. XiaWashington Shape-Controlled Nanostructures of Metals
0447555aY. Yap Michigan TechnologicalSynthesis, Characterization and Discovery of Frontier Carbon Materials-Demonstrating a Phase Selective Growth Mechanism
0447555bY. Yap Michigan TechnologicalSynthesis, Characterization and Discovery of Frontier Carbon Materials-Boron Nitride Nanotubes
0547399E. Zubarev William Marsh RiceAmphiphilicity-Driven Organization of Nanoparticles into Discrete Assemblies
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