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National Facilities

0603042Mark D. BirdFlorida State UniversityCharacterization of Nb3Sn Wire
0603042Mark D. BirdFlorida State UniversityTesting of Cable-In-Conduit Conductors
0603042Mark D. BirdFlorida State UniversityDesign of Cable-in-Conduit Coils
0603042Mark D. BirdFlorida State UniversityMechanical Design of Cable-in-Conduit Coils
0603042Mark D. BirdFlorida State UniversityThermo-Hydraulic Design of Cable-in-Conduit Coils
0603042Mark D. BirdFlorida State UniversityDesign of a Cryogenic System for a Series-Connected Hybrid
0603042Mark D. BirdFlorida State UniversityBroader Impacts of CICC Magnet Development
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityStructure of Nanomole Quantities of Marine Chemicals
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityDo Grain Boundaries in Pnictide Superconductors Transmit Supercurrent?
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityBreaking the 30 T Superconducting Magnet Barrier
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityEducational Outreach at the Magnet Lab
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityFermi Surface of a Uranium at Ambient Pressure
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityLight Harvesting in Cyanobacteria
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityQuantum Dynamics in Solid Helium
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityChemistry of Petroleum Crude Oil Deposits: Sodium Naphthenates
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityCan a Truncated Domain Truly Represent a Whole Enzyme?
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityHigh Strength Composite Conductors
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityEnhancing Resolution of HETCOR Spectra at 900 MHz
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityDielectric Resonators for MR Microscopy at 21.1 T
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityMagnetic Quantum Oscillations in SrFe2As2
0654118Gregory S. BoebingerFlorida State UniversityNearly Isotropic Superconductivity in (Ba,K)Fe2As2
0520547Brent T. FultzCalifornia Institute of TechnologyNeutron characterization of polymer solar cells
0520547Brent T. FultzCalifornia Institute of TechnologyNeutron characterization of polymer solar cells
0225180Sol M. GrunerCornell UniversityBreast Cancer Target Enzyme Structure Unraveled
0225180Sol M. GrunerCornell UniversityEffective anti-HIV Drugs Must Master the "Wiggle" and "Jiggle"
0225180Sol M. GrunerCornell UniversityUnderstanding the Physical Properties of Water
0225180Sol M. GrunerCornell UniversityA Bicontinuous Double Gyroid Hybrid Solar Cell
0225180Sol M. GrunerCornell UniversityPhase Transitions at a Million Degrees per Second
0225180Sol M. GrunerCornell UniversityX-ray Dendrochemical Analysis of a Tree-ring Growth Anomaly
0225180Sol M. GrunerCornell UniversityStructure of hepatitis E virus-like particle suggests mechanisms
0225180Sol M. GrunerCornell UniversityTeachers Connect Scientific Research to Student Curriculum
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyEducation and Outreach
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologySummer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologySummer Institute for Middle School Science Teachers
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyActivities for students and faculty
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyNSF-supported NCNR spectrometers
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyDetermining Pore Geometry in Rocks with Neutrons
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyMyosin Binding Protein-C Decorates F-actin: A Small-Angle Neutron Scattering study
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyControl of protein structure and function by hydrodynamic shear
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyToward an Improved Understanding of Hydrogen Interactions with Coordinated Metals
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyDynamics and Structure of Semiflexible, Self-Assembled Peptide Chain Networks
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyDynamics of Water in Hydrophobic Confinement
0454672Dan NeumannNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyMolecular mobility and ion transport in solid polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries
0800415John B. PariseSUNY at Stony BrookUltra-Light Metal - Organic Frameworks (ULMOFs)
0800415John B. PariseSUNY at Stony BrookIn the Aqueous Neighborhood of Hydrophobic Materials: Research at ChemMatCARS
0800415John B. PariseSUNY at Stony BrookUltra-Light Metal - Organic Frameworks (ULMOFs)
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityHydrodynamic Metamaterials: Nanofabricated Arrays to Steer, Refract and Focus Streams of Biomaterials
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityProbing Vortex Dynamics in Superconductors with Nanoscale Weak-Pinning Channels
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityCantilevers with Integrated Mesoscopic Samples
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityFerromagnetic Electrodes for High-Frequency Studies of Spin Dynamics in Quantum Dots and Single Molecules
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityUltra-Sensitive, Nickel and Cobalt Magnet-Tipped Cantilevers for Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityDevelopment of Nano Electromechanical Devices for Quantum Ground State Cooling Microscopy
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityImpermeable Atomic Membranes from Graphene Sheets
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityBallistic Electron Devices
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversitySilicon Nanowire Sensors for Specific Proteins
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityZero-mode Waveguides for Single Molecule Real Time DNA Sequencing
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityFabrication of Silicon Single Electron (SET) Tunneling Transistors for Metrology and Ultra-sensitive Electrometry
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityCapillarity-Based Reversible Super-Adhesion
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityThe One-Dimensional Wigner Crystal in Carbon Nanotubes
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityGeneration & Storage of Individual Photons in a Superconducting Integrated Circuit
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityAn All Optical Method for Positioning Single Quantum Dots in Photonic Crystal Nanocavities
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityRoom Temperature Terahertz (THz) Detection with GaAs MESFET
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityPt, Mo or Cr doped a-Fe2O3 as Photoanodes for Photocatalytic Water Splitting
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityTunnel Junctions with Functional Barriers
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityGMR Spin Valve Sensors
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityPd/Ag Alloy Nano-Membranes for Hydrogen Separation
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityPlasmonic nanoparticle arrays: Sensing and Plasmonic Beam Optics
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityNano-Optical Superlenses with Negative-Index Metamaterials
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityTension Propagation along a Single Molecule of DNA
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityUse of SETE by the Sandia Quantum Computing Effort
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversitySelf-Assembly of Spider Silk Block Copolymers
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityElectroluminescence from Nanocrystals in an Electromigrated Gap Composed of two Different Metals
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityFabrication of Polarimetric Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetector and Focal Plane Array
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityApplication for Paper Diagnostics in the High School Biology Classroom
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversitySmall Divergence Edge-Emitting Semiconductor Lasers with Two-Dimensional Plasmonic Collimators
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityFabrication of Ordered Semiconductor Quantum Dots
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityFabrication of Closely-Spaced Au Nanoparticle Chemiresistors for Gas Chromatography
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityEnhanced Light Outcoupling of Organic Light Emitting Devices using Embedded Low-Index Grids
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityHemispherical Focal Plane Arrays
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityMicromachined Si/Glass Heat Exchangers for Joule-Thomson Coolers
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityMulti-Stage Micromachined Thermoelectric Cooler
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityHybrid Plasmonic-Photonic NanoDevice for Label-Free Detection of a Few Molecules
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell UniversityOrganic Synthesis in H2O Using Novel Surfactant "PTS"
0335765Sandip TiwariCornell University600 psec Mechanical Switches


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