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Major Research Instumentation

0420304Dhani Elsayed-AliOld Dominion University Research FoundationMRI: Acquisition of an Ultrahigh Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscope
0420674Donald CandelaUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstMRI: Dilution Refrigerator and Magnet System
0420863Tatiana V. TimofeevaNew Mexico Highlands UniversityMRI: Acquisition of New Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction System for Teaching/Research Laboratory
0521043Robert J. LadUniversity of MaineMRI: Multi-User X-ray Diffraction System for Advanced Materials Analysis
0521170Paola BarbaraGeorgetown UniversityMRI: Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for Imaging and Electron-Beam Nanolithography
0618417David M. TanenbaumPomona CollegeMRI: Applications of an Undergraduate FE-SEM facility
0619191Lourdes G. Salamanca-RibaUniversity of Maryland College ParkMRI: SiC-based MOS devices for high temperature high frequency and high power applications
0619215Yanzhang Ma Texas Tech UniversityMRI: Raman Spectroscopy for High P-T by laser-heated Diamond Anvil Cell
0619424Mohammad F. IslamCarnegie-Mellon UniversityMRI: Carbon Nanotubes Reorganize Actin in Cells and ex Vivo
0619458Rafael TadmorLamar University BeaumontMRI: Lateral Adhesion Forces at the Interface between a Liquid Drop and a Substrate
0619599Supapan SeraphinUniversity of ArizonaMRI: Acquisition of Raman Interfaced with a SEM
0619698Susanne StemmerUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraMRI: Molecular beam epitaxy of SrTiO3 with a growth window
0619725James L. MerzUniversity of Notre DameMRI: Acquisition of Ultrafast Spectroscopy Instrumentation for Materials Research and Education
0721324Paul V. BraunUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMRI: X-ray MicroCT Imaging of Self-Healing Polymers
0722631Gregory B. ThompsonUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaMRI: Acquisition of a Fast-Pulse-Laser for a Local Electrode Atom Probe
0722754Yuankun LinUniversity of Texas - Pan AmericanMRI: Towards Photonic Circuits: Fabrication of Desired Defects in Photonic Crystals
0722859Mahesh HosurTuskegee UniversityMRI: Acquisition of a Material Testing System for Research and Educational Training in Static and Dynamic Characterization of Advanced Structural Nanocomposites
0723115Felicia S. ManciuUniversity of Texas at El PasoMRI: Acquisition of a Confocal Raman/AFM Hybrid System
0723118Gang-yu LiuUniversity of California-DavisMRI: Development of a New Paradigm for Apertureless Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope
0723128Frank S. MillerMissouri University of Science and TechnologyMRI: Dual Beam FIB/FESEM at Missouri S&T
0820025Phillip R. BroussardCovenant CollegeMRI: Superconductivity in Mo/Nb layered structures
0821124Tonya CoffeyAppalachian State UniversityMRI: Acquisition of Atomic Force Microscopes for Nanoscience Education. Research. and Outreach
0821168James S. SpeckUniversity of California-Santa BarbaraMRI: Local Electrode Atom Probe - Tomographic Characterization of III-V Semiconductor Structures
0821284Yang LiUniversity of Puerto Rico MayaguezMRI: Synthesis of LiFeAs Superconductor at Room Temperature
0821313Chrys WesdemiotisUniversity of AkronMRI: MALDI Imaging and Traveling Wave Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry in Materials Research
0821704Gary J. MankeyUniversity of Alabama TuscaloosaMRI: Intellectual Merit: New Technology
0922400Lee Y. ParkWilliams CollegeMRI: Defect evolution in diblock copolymer films
0922588Catherine OertelOberlin CollegeMRI: Characterization of Magnetic and Porous Materials Using X-Ray Powder Diffraction
0922680David G. GrierNew York UniversityMRI: Holographic Video Microscopy of Diffusing Nanorods Tracking Nanometer-Scaled Objects with Computational Holography
0922851David C. Van AkenMissouri University of Science and TechnologyMRI: Acquisition of Analytical TEM for Multi-User Materials Research Environment
0922910Andrei V. StanishevskyUniversity of Alabama at BirminghamMRI: Acquisition of Imaging X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy System for Interdisciplinary Research and Education in Multi-Scale Materials
0922994Agnes M. PadovaniUniversity of Puerto Rico MayaguezMRI: Acquisition of Nanoindentation System for the Enhancement of Interdisciplinary Research in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
0923047Marian B. TzolovLock Haven University of PennsylvaniaMRI: All from solution fabrication of OLEDs
0923070William D. MarkiewiczFlorida State UniversityMRI: 32 Tesla All-Superconducting Magnet
0923125Norman MannellaUniversity of Tennessee KnoxvilleMRI: Acquisition of Major Research Instrumentation for Advanced Photoelectron Spectroscopy with Spin, Angle and Spatial Resolution
0923299H. Daniel Ou-YangLehigh UniversityMRI: Development of Spectroscopic Imaging Optical Bottles for Analysis of Nanoparticles in Confinement
0923316Edward Van KeurenGeorgetown UniversityMRI: Light Scattering Instruments for Nanoparticle Characterization
0923461Dale C. TeetersUniversity of TulsaMRI: Stellar-style Nanotubes
0959552Daniel M. BoyeDavidson CollegeMRI-R2: Rare Earths in Sol-Gel Glasses


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